PUBG Mobile: Easy Tips to Help You Reach Conqueror


PUBG Mobile Conqueror

PUBG Mobile’s Season 18 has recently opened, and as expected, players have their eyes on the target – reach the Conqueror rank. As the battle royale supremacy heats up every season, getting the most elite title in the league is not a walk in the park. In this post, we’ll share some secrets to effectively rank up to Conqueror tier and optimize your daily grind.

There is no fixed point ranking where a player will get to conqueror in PUBG Mobile as a quick recap. Instead, players who reach the top 500 of any server get to the conqueror tier. A player can become a conqueror once he reaches the ace tier (4200 points), given his rank is among the top 500, and by the following day, his rank will be converted to conqueror.

Play with a complete squad

Play with a complete (and permanent) squad

Perhaps one of the more often overlooked things in PUBG when ranking up is playing with a full team. But believe it or not, going in battle with a full squad helps. It makes communicating and adjusting roles/objectives much more manageable. If you’re gunning to reach the upper class, try not to go solo vs. squad or solo vs. duo. If possible, get yourself a permanent team (instead of randoms) as familiarity with each other will help in better coordination.

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Focus more on getting chicken dinners and not kills

While racking up more kills gives a significant euphoria, winning more matches has the more considerable bearing to help you push up the rank. Do your best to be more careful, survive longer and finish among the top three in every match to get better ranking points. Again, winning is everything.

Play safe and choose your (gun) fight

This does not automatically equate to being a coward. Playing safe is playing smart, and it will help you to survive longer. In rank pushing, try to avoid hot-drop locations and instead pick safer zones so you can gather better loot and equipment. This will help you facilitate a strong start and have better chances to commit to fights. Also, with proper team communication, assess if you can manage a gunfight. If it’s imperative to retreat or take cover, then do so to avoid getting wiped out.

Use vehicles to your advantage

PUBG Mobile vehicles

Vehicles are life-savers but only when you know how to use them properly. They are an essential component in every rank pushing. Vehicles help you to reach the safe zone quickly. Use them to run over enemies and also as an instant and decent cover in the final zone. Of course, it will still depend on your set-up but try to always go for 4-wheelers instead of 2 (or 3) wheeled vehicles.

Loot Loot Loot!

PUBG Mobile Equipments

This one is a must. Keep in mind that you’re going in a warzone, so you should always come prepared! Focus on getting essential loot first, from vest, helmet, backpack, and medkits. Of course, don’t forget to take weapons (the best ones you can get!). PUBG is all about survival, and all these items will help you big time!

Secure your kills

In the world of battle royale, where the last man (or team) standing gets the victory, making sure that your enemies are completely out cold is crucial. Always finish enemies that are knocked down. It’s better to snag kills made by other teams as this can contribute to your K/D ratio and improve your kill ratings. Showing no mercy is allowed, and it will be a factor in your rank push. 


PUBG Mobile View

Survival rating plays a major chunk to help you earn Rank Points in PUBG. Simply put, you just have to survive, easier said than done right? Well, not really if you are the type who loves to rush straight into the action. On the contrary, playing carefully and surviving longer until you reach the last zone will help you land better points. You can even do camping if it enables you to live longer.

*Special mention: Good weapon combination greatly helps in rank pushing. Choose your weapons wisely; use more Assault Rifles if you love to rush and assault. A good combo can be one AR and one Sniper. For team matches, get someone to have a decent sniper rifle to secure long-distance kills.

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