Mobile Legends Yve Guide: Best build and counter against Zhask’s mortal enemy


The latest mage hero in Mobile Legends, Yve, is all about some serious real-world manipulation. And by that we mean she can generate an insane amount of damage and harass enemies to render them ineffective. Yve’s ultimate is also a revolutionary addition to the game. She creates a grid, where players can tap or slide over within the tile to deal damage. It’s like playing minigame on a game!

Yve can be overwhelming with the scope of her burst ultimate skill, but that doesn’t mean that she’s unstoppable on the battlefield. If you’re having trouble going up against this Astrowarden, read on how you can counter her (calling on all Zhask mains out there!).

How to win in MLBB using Yve

Best Build

When building your items for Yve, you can focus on maximizing damage to obliterate your enemies. Demon Shoes will give you quick mana regen early in the game plus extra movement speed. Clock of Destiny is very important as it will increase your HP and Magic Attack every 30 seconds, up to 10 times. Lighting Truncheon will serve as your main damage source, giving additional damage based on your mana. Ice Queen Wand for that additional slow effect, will also complement your ultimate. Glowing Wand is also good to burn your targets. Finally, get Blood Wings for extra HP and Magic Power.

Item Recommendation - MLBB

Of course, you can still focus on other areas to work your build depending on enemy team composition.

Best Hero to Counter Yve

Yve is undeniably dominating when you complete her build and know how to position well when using her ultimate. However, there are a bunch of heroes who can effectively counter Yve’s unique skill and interrupt her insane damage. Suppressed effects will easily throw Yve out of her comfort zone.

MLBB - Franco

Franco. If you need a strong and striking suppressed effect against Yve, call on Franco! Channel his ultimate while Yve’s skill is active. Franco’s suppressed effect will stun and stop Yve from attacking for a couple of seconds, therefore, cancelling her destructive attack.

MLBB - Kaja

Kaja. This winged fighter has got what it takes to cancel out Yve. Kaja’s Divine Judgment ultimate is powered with Magic Damage that can bind and pull her, all while suppressing her own ultimate in the process. This is not surprising at all since Kaja is one of the heroes in MLBB with the best counter abilities.

MLBB - Nana

Nana. Do not underestimate the power of cute! It may not be as optimal as that of the first two heroes but Nana can be a perfect alternative to annoy Yve. Nana is gifted with extremely disruptive crowd control abilities. Cast Molina Smooch and transform Yve into a cat to pester her attack. You can also use Molina Blitz to counter Yve with its outstanding AOE.

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