Mobile Legends Debuff: Sources and effects to annoy your enemies


MLBB Debuff Guide

When you’re playing Mobile Legends, there are instances when your hero’s power is decreased momentarily. This effect is commonly known as a ‘debuff.’ In contrast, its opposite is called a ‘buff.’ Several heroes can negatively affect their enemies – causing attack and speed reduction, stun, and knockback – to name a few. In this post, let’s discuss the sources and effects of these debuffs to help you during battles.

Different Types of Debuffs in ML

Casting a debuff against enemies at the right time is a significant game-changer. Generally speaking, crowd control abilities that hinder a hero’s potential to fight fall under a debuff. Debuffs are temporary or conditional – their effects fade away as soon as the target enemy is eliminated.

Slow (Movement)

MLBB Benedetta

Slow may well be the most undervalued yet most effective debuff in Mobile Legends. The effect is plain and straightforward; the movement speed of a target is slowed down. This situation makes it difficult for a player to flee or pursue a target. Slow also makes it hard to dodge enemy skills as your movement is hampered once the skill has been cast. This debuff is a nightmare for heroes who don’t have any dash or blink skills to help them escape.

Heroes with this debuff: Odette, Benedetta, Angela, Yve, Nana

Attack Slow


Another type of debuff is the Attack Slow which slows down the attack speed of a target. This debuff is an excellent counter during the late game against Marksman heroes who rely on speed to deal severe damage. Claude’s second skill, Art of Thievery, is a perfect example of this debuff as it reduces both the attack and movement speed of the target when hit.

Heroes with this debuff: Claude, Bane, Atlas


MLBB Belerick

Immobilized is a debuff that disables movement and blink/charge skills. This crowd control effect restrains an enemy from moving, locking them in place for a specific duration. Several mages, marksmen, and tank heroes have this ability in their arsenal. Immobilizing targets is a great way to land skills more accurately and chase enemies.

Heroes with this debuff: Alice, Angela, Belerick, Gloo, Odette


MLBB Eudora
Stun is perhaps the most essential and commonly used debuff in Mobile Legends. Many heroes can trigger Stun to disable movement and basic attacks. It can also interrupt specific skills momentarily. This debuff can affect a single or a group of targets, leaving them helpless for a few seconds.

Heroes with this debuff: Selena, Eudora, Kagura, Nana, Johnson, Tigreal, Rafaela



Another type of debuff is knockback. This crowd control move displaces enemies by knocking or pushing them away from the caster. This effect can disable skills, movement, and basic attacks for a brief period. Knockback can work both ways as a defensive and offensive maneuver by creating a distance between the hero and the target and forcing enemies to retarget. Also, some heroes can knock their targets in the air (known as knocked up or airborne).

Heroes with this debuff: Lesley, Akai, Chou, Tigreal


MLBB Natalia

Silenced is a unique debuff possessed only by a very few heroes. Silenced restrains a target from using their skills for a brief duration, though it does not hamper their movement or basic attacks.

Heroes with this debuff: Natalia, Helcurt


MLBB Franco

Suppressed is a debuff considered the most powerful stun effect in Mobile Legends. It can dominate even the most potent crowd control effect in the game. Suppressed can interrupt skills, disable movement and basic attacks, and ignore Resilience. If you wish to escape the clutches of a hero with Suppress, the only way to do it is to kill them.

Heroes with this debuff: Franco, Kaja


MLBB Tigreal

The pull effect is a displacement CC that forces out a target by pulling them towards the caster or a specified location. Skills, movement, and basic attacks are disabled when a target is pulled. Use a pull to dismay your enemies to make hasty decisions.

Heroes with this debuff: Tigreal, Atlas, Kagura, Cecilion, Diggie, Gloo

*All image credits to Moonton / Mobile Legends

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