Mobile Legends: New Valentine skins for Claude and Fanny


Mobile Legends Valentine Box Event

Preparing something sweet and cheesy this Valentine’s Day? If you’re an MLBB player, feel the love in-game with new Valentine-themed skins for Claude and Fanny. And the passion does not there! There is also an ongoing limited-time encore of previous V-Day skins if you want you and your duo to flex that couple goal in the Land of Dawn. Here’s what you need to know about these exclusive skins.

MLBB Valentines Day Couple Skins

MLBB Valentines Day Couple Skins

Headling the love month celebration are the new skins for Claude and Fanny. Our dashing marksman now adds to his name the Heart Aflame skins, which see the Master Thief donning an ultramodern techwear and a pair of fancy kicks! And not to be outdone, Dexter comes with a cool kitsune mask to complement his master.

The Blade Dancer, for her part, is dressed in a foxy ensemble and a white hairdo in her Heart Afloat skin. Completing her futuristic assassin look are a pair of bunny ears!

These Valentine Skins will be available in the shop starting February 14. So, if you are looking for that special gift to make your special someone swoon, don’t forget to snag these fabulous cosmetics!

Skill Effects

Fanny is a protagonist assassin turned modern fashionista with her white, black, red, and blue color scheme. The new look perfectly emphasizes Fanny’s ability effects as she dominates the battlefield with her agile movements. Claude looks cool and colorful when he goes for the savage using a barrage of skills, including his ultimate. Watch in awe as both heroes spread love across the map while wiping out enemies minus the hurt. 

Valentine Skin Encore

Valentine Skin Encore

For Layla, Clint, Alucard, and Miya mains, you also get the chance to get their lovely couple skins this Valentine’s season. The Sweet and Romantic skins of Miya and Alucard, as well as Layla’s Cannon and Roses and Clint’s Guns and Roses, are now back in the shop.

MLBB Skin Shop

Aside from that, playing with these skins gives your favorite hero additional attack attributes, making them more dominating and not just pretty during the battle. Show your love teams, and score these matching skins before time runs out.

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