MLBB Transformers: 5 Heroes we’d like to see in a Transformers skin


MLBB Transformers Skins Encore Event

The Cybertronians have arrived, and once again, the Land of Dawn is brimming with fierce battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The MLBB x Transformers event encore brings back the same six skins featured in its May 2022 run, along with exclusive avatar borders, emotes, and other cosmetics. Now is a great time to try your luck because the prize pool includes many Collector Skins, Lightborn Skins, and Epic Skins.

The MLBB Transformers 2023 draw event runs from March 22 to May 1, 2023. To join, tap the icon in the main lobby and use Mobile Legends Diamonds or Transformers Passes to make draws. The Roger “Grimlock” Skin is guaranteed to drop within your first ten draws, so don’t miss it!

MLBB x Transformers 1

Current MLBB x Transformers skins

Johnson as Optimus Prime

MLBB x Transformers Optimus

As a dedicated Eruditio guard and protector of peace, Johnson the Mustang rightly wears his Optimus Prime skin to fight the forces of evil. He wields Prime’s Energon Axe and Shield and transforms into truck form during his Ultimate, Rapid Touchdown.

X.Borg as Bumblebee

MLBB x Transformers Bumblebee

The fiery X.Borg also enters the battlefield as Bumblebee with his plasma cannon and stinger sword. His Ultimate, Last Insanity, is now an electrifying stunt that transforms him into a drifting Camaro that detonates after 3 seconds.

Granger as Megatron

MLBB x Transformers Megatron

Granger takes the helm as the supreme leader of the Decepticons with his formidable Megatron skin. He now wields the Cybertronian’s fusion cannon and transforms into a battle tank to chase down his opponents during his Ultimate.

Aldous as Starscream

MLBB x Transformers Starscream

This Aldous skin looks precisely like the Starscream version in Transformers: Cyberverse, and it’s one of the hottest items in this skin set. With its gray, red, and blue Seeker body, Aldous rushes into battle to deliver the killer blows.

Roger as Grimlock

MLBB x Transformers Grimlock

The legendary Dinobot Grimlock enters the Land of Dawn as a persona for Roger, the Dire Wolf Hunter. He uses a black double-barrel gun to beat his opponents and unleashes his beastly T-Rex form for greater threats.

Popol and Kupa as Soundwave and Ravage

MLBB Transformers Soundwave

Soundwave and his minion, Ravage, complete the MLBB x Transformers skin line as Popol and Kupa.

More MLBB Heroes we’d like to see in the Transformers skin line

The current MLBB x Transformers skin line sure packs some serious Cybertronian firepower, but who doesn’t want more? Since Transformers: Rise of the Beast is right around the corner, here are some Maximal and Predacon picks we’d like to see in the next phase:

Tigreal as Rhinox

MLBB Tigreal

Besides liking to face their challenges head-on, Tigreal and Rhinox are also both selfless, strong, and intelligent warriors who can lead. Seeing Rhinox raging into a team fight with Tigreal’s Sacred Hammer skill would be fun.

Masha as Cheetor

MLBB Masha

Cheetor the Maximal’s quickness and exuberance seamlessly fit Masha’s fast and flashy playstyle. They’re both fighters who have strong links to the animal kingdom and use their speed to gain the upper paw.

Freya as Airazor

MLBB Freya

As a calm, confident, and brave Maximal who fights for a good cause, Airazor would be the perfect Transformers skin for Freya the Valkyrie.

Hayabusa as Nightbird

MLBB hayabusa

Hayabusa and Nightbird are terrifying ninja warriors who use both brains and brawn to finish their missions. They are also weapon masters who own a vast arsenal.

Alpha as Scourge

MLBB Alpha

There’s no escaping when Alpha is hunting you down, and the same can be said for targets of the Predacon Scourge. These expert huntsmen are the most fearsome characters to have on your tail, and their rich fighting styles would make them a great addition to the skin line.

Which Transformers characters do you want to see in the Land of Dawn? Leave a comment below, and let’s all hope for more skins! In the meantime, enjoy the current encore and remember to top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds at Codashop for the safest and most convenient deals.



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