Get Enticing Esmeralda NEW Startlight Member Skin – “Cleopatra” NOW



As usual, when it comes to the end of the month, Moonton is releasing new Starlight skin for Mobile Legends. You can get the skin if you are one of the Starlight members!

Before Esmeralda, Moonton has released new Starlight skin for one of the Heroes from Marksmen who is Wanwan. And this time around, it’s Esmeralda! She is one of the Meta heroes in Mobile Legends. You can use Esmeralda in the side lane or as a Hyper Carry.

“Cleopatra” is named after an Egyptian queen who rules Egypt and is known for her mesmerizing beauty. Since Esmeralda has a strong relationship and bond with the whole desert theme, we can say that Cleopatra and Esmeralda are similar in their own unique ways. For the new Esmeralda Starlight skin, Cleopatra has a pair of ears that resemble Anubis who is an Egyptian God of the afterlife.

Check out this preview from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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