Mastering MLBB’s Roaming Heroes: Expert Tips & Top Picks


Best Roaming Heroes
Dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends with our unparalleled guide to the ultimate roaming heroes! Embark on an electrifying journey to dominance, leaving your opponents in awe. Let’s dive into this guide and unlock the path to victory!

What are roaming heroes in MLBB?

In the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the roamer holds a significant position among the five-player roles. Known by various names like roam or roaming, this role stands apart due to its unique characteristics and responsibilities that we will discuss in this article. Compared to other positions, the roamer has the least priority when acquiring crucial in-game resources like gold and experience. This is because the roamer’s effectiveness lies not in amassing items or levels but in precisely fulfilling their duties.

What are roaming heroes?

The main role of a roaming hero is to open the map to provide information to players on other lanes. These heroes usually do not stay in one lane. They roam around the map, setting up ganks or disturbing the enemy’s core from farming to delay their items. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when roaming, as it can also harm you or your teammate.

Before leaving a lane, ensure your ally can handle it alone. Also, roamers should watch for missing enemies on the mini-map and assess your available skills before making a move. However, it’s important to be careful when roaming in Mobile Legends, as it can have positive and negative effects. Keep an eye on the mini-map for missing enemies, and consider your abilities before moving.

Top roaming heroes in MLBB

Here are five most picked roaming heroes in MLBB that you might want to try.

  • Mathilda

Mathilda possesses a range of advantageous qualities as a roaming hero. With easy control and low cooldown, she proves to be a formidable force on the battlefield. Not only can she harass enemies with her ancestral guidance, but also provide buffs to teammates with her guiding wind. As the game progresses, Mathilda’s role shifts to supporting allies in farming and initiating successful ganks. During team fights in the late game, precision becomes crucial, especially when targeting enemies with her ultimate skill. Her third skill allows instant landing, providing strategic opportunities to knock down foes. With Mathilda’s versatile toolkit and supportive damage output, she is a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends.

  • Johnson 

Johnson, the powerful tank hero, boasts an array of exceptional attributes. He excels as a roamer with no mana requirements and high armor stats, particularly due to his swift ultimate ability. Alongside Gatotkaca, he is a solid counter pick against marksman heroes. Johnson’s versatility shines through his easy initiation, teamfight participation, enemy pursuit, and roaming capabilities. His arsenal includes potent crowd control effects, remarkable nuking ability, and substantial damage output from his second skill and ultimate. As the game progresses, Johnson emerges as one of the strongest tanks, delivering significant impact in late-game scenarios. In the early game, focus on harassing enemies with Missile Tackle, assisting allies with jungle creeps, and using territorial pressure against melee foes. Mid-game calls for strategic coordination with allies, staying close to them, and providing support during clashes. In late-game team fights, prioritize spamming Missile Tackle, followed by Iron Sack, to slow and stun enemies respectively, amplifying your team’s damage output.

  • Tigreal 

Tigreal possesses exceptional qualities, such as being a great initiator and offering a wide array of crowd-control tools. His skills are easy to use and exhibit fast mobility towards the late game. This hero is a valuable asset with high durability and the ability to effectively zone off enemies. In the early game, consider purchasing a Leather Jerkin if you are the sole tank. Prioritize opening skill 2 and assist your carry in acquiring buffs. Keep an eye on the minimap for opportunities to invade the enemies’ jungle, ensuring proper usage of skill 2 to deter enemies. Instead of solely focusing on one lane, roam and hide in bushes to surprise and gank enemies. In the mid to late game, your role shifts to protecting your squishy heroes and maintaining a frontline position. Utilize skill 2 to push back enemies who attempt to gank your carry, provide vision to your teammates, and secure objectives such as the turtle. Exercise patience with your ultimate, waiting for the perfect moment to initiate. Once you successfully engage with your ultimate, the enemy team will face devastation.

  • Rafaela

Rafaela possesses remarkable qualities, including heal and speed-up, decent mobility, and effective crowd control, making her a valuable asset during team fights. She also excels at sustaining damage, and becomes virtually untouchable during the mid to late game. In the early game, prioritize leveling up the healing ability and utilize Light of Retribution for poking while providing healing support to allies in need. During the mid game, leverage the power of the ultimate skill for engaging or disengaging in various situations. Utilize the light of retribution to slow and chase down enemies while employing healing abilities to aid wounded allies. In the late game, focus on staying close to the carries of your team, constantly healing them and preventing them from retreating to base. Utilize the ultimate skill to stun multiple enemies, as it can be a game-changing move.

  • Estes

Estes, a formidable roaming hero, can provide sustained healing for his entire team, turning the tides of team fights in their favor. With his unparalleled sustain and ability to slow enemies by up to 90% for 1.5 seconds, Estes proves to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. As a support, Estes should focus on roaming the map during the laning phase and staying closely connected with his team during intense team fights. Communicating with teammates about the immense healing power Estes brings is crucial, ensuring they understand the advantage it provides in challenging situations.

Tips for playing roaming heroes

  • Rotate around the map. Rotations may involve assisting your jungler for quicker acquisition of buffs, ambushing enemies or aiding allies in specific lanes, or venturing into the enemy jungle to disrupt their resources. Nevertheless, it is crucial to approach roaming cautiously, as it risks potential harm to yourself and your teammate. 
  • Set up ganks/kills. To excel in this role, it is essential to have a deep understanding of your hero’s skill set and how to effectively utilize it in various scenarios. Knowing when to initiate team fights and how to assist teammates are critical factors in setting up kills successfully. Many tank heroes possess excellent initiation abilities, while support heroes often offer healing and to shield spells to aid allies in times of danger. Mastering these strategies will greatly enhance your effectiveness as a roamer in Mobile Legends.
  • As a roamer, one of your primary responsibilities is to act as a mobile source of vision for your team. This involves positioning yourself near the enemy while maintaining caution and checking bushes through skill usage or direct approach. By providing valuable vision, you empower your teammates to make well-informed decisions regarding when to engage in attacks or strategically retreat to safety. This ability to gather information and provide vision can significantly influence the game’s outcome.

How to counter roaming heroes

One crucial aspect to remember when dealing with roaming heroes is to avoid being alone. Collaboration with other heroes is vital, as individual heroes are often targeted. Roaming assassins typically rely on ambushes and traps, making caution crucial. Consider placing a trap at strategic locations such as choke points and common ganking areas in your lane. Additionally, clear and consistent communication with your team is vital. Alert your teammates whenever the roaming hero goes missing, providing them with a warning to exercise caution in their respective lanes. Furthermore, exerting dominance in your own lane can be a powerful deterrent. By establishing lane control and forcing the roaming hero to address a losing lane, their ability to execute successful ganks will be hindered, ultimately slowing down their impact on the game.


Embracing the role of a roamer is a highly impactful way to contribute to your team’s victory. By following the guides above, you can elevate your skills and become an exceptional roaming player in Mobile Legends. Take command of the battlefield and share your valuable roaming experiences in the comments section below, fostering a community of knowledge exchange and growth.


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