VALORANT’s Mysterious Voicelines and Their Hidden Lore


VALORANT Cryptic Voicelines (1)VALORANT is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game published by Riot Games. It provides tactical team-based gameplay by combining precision gunplay with distinct character skills. Players compete to place or defuse explosives in matches, demonstrating strategic prowess and perfect plan executions. However, have you wondered about VALORANT’s mysterious voice lines and their hidden lore? Today we are going to discover the meaning behind some of the most mysterious voice lines and their hidden lore in VALORANT.

Voice lines bring a character to life in any game; they reveal the character’s backstory and upbringing! Join us as we discover the mystery behind VALORANT’S agent voice lines. 

List of VALORANT Voicelines. 

Without further ado, here is my list of the most interesting voice lines in VALORANT.

  • Cypher – “I must survive to protect my family, I can’t lose them. I can’t feel that pain again”

While this voice line doesn’t add much to the lore of VALORANT, I want to include it since it shows that Cypher has a family and that something awful occurred to them. We can hear the sadness in his words and his desire to ensure that his new family, “VALORANT protocol,” does not suffer the same fate as his previous family.

  • Reyna – “I remember the machines Killjoy made. What did they do to-… nevermind it does not matter”

This phrase from Reyan is particularly intriguing since it raises more questions than answers. The story behind this is that Reyna most certainly battled Killjoy in the past, and the machine Killjoy created fought brilliantly, causing Reyna anguish she doesn’t want to recall. Reyna, as we all know, steals the souls of those she defeats, yet robots do not have souls, which might explain Reyna’s terror of Killjoy’s machines.

  • Omen – “Ugh, how many must I kill before I am restored? More, always more!

Omen’s sorrowful voice line expresses a longing for his lost humanity. A catastrophic catastrophe shrouds his change, leaving us with enigmatic clues. Viper was the only witness to the tragedy, while Sage attempted to resurrect him, resulting in Omen’s present appearance. Omen, desperate to restore his previous self, believes murdering is the only way to achieve his elusive objective. His unyielding determination causes him to take great measures to regain his natural state.

  • Kayo – “Another Reyna, I killed her in the war, I’ll kill her again”

Kayo is a robot designed to seek down Radiants that desire to govern mankind the way Reyna once did. This voice line adds so much about the lore of VALORANT, and it refers to Reyna and Kayon’s previous encounter. Kayo fought up against Reyna and won, defeating and killing her. This enthralling story shows the intertwined fates of these two warriors, emphasizing their involvement in a battle that altered their futures. 

  • Viper – “A – I mean Omen. Keep yourself together, you’re still needed”

Viper’s intriguing voice line suggests that she knows who Omen really is, but she doesn’t want him to remember. This raises questions: Is Viper somehow involved in Omen’s tragedy? Does she fear what might happen if he recalls his past? Maybe they used to be close friends but had a falling out, what do you guys think? In any case, Viper’s mysterious words confirm her awareness of Omen’s true identity, adding to the enigmatic nature of their connection.’’

So there you have it, my five picks for the most fascinating voice lines in VALORANT. What do you think about it? If you have any favorite voice lines that you believe are important to the lore of VALORANT, please leave them in the comments section!

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