VALORANT Sprays and their Meme Origins


VALORANT Meme SprayCollecting VALORANT sprays is fun but I bet you’ll like it more if you know the deeper meanings behind them! Here are 8 VALORANT sprays and their meme inspirations. 

Besides the fast-paced, exhilarating gameplay, another thing that sets VALORANT apart from other FPS games is the effort its team puts into engaging its players: the rich and distinct character backstories that players can learn about and relate to, the equally beautiful and challenging maps that represent the players’ cultures, and then there’s the recently opened Premier tournaments, aimed to stir the pot and introduce new talent into the main stage.

VALORANT also interacts with its players by adding another layer of relevance and relatability through its meme-inspired sprays. 

Sprays are images that players can put on walls and surfaces within the game world. They are used to communicate messages, taunt opponents, or add humour to the game. In this article, we will have a look at some VALORANT sprays and their meme origins.  

Take my creds!” spray – Episode 3, Act 3

AB_battlepass 3-3_static spray_Take_My_Creds!_fina_PNG








Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

This spray is inspired by a scene in the TV show “Futurama”. In the scene, we see Fry approaching a store clerk, asking to buy a product called an “eyePhone”. The store clerk took one out and ran him through the device’s long list of specs before being cut off with, “Shut up and take my money!”

The meme is often used to express excitement or enthusiasm for a product or service, implying that the person is willing to pay any price. The “Take My Money” meme has gained popularity in the gaming community, where players often use it to express their excitement for upcoming game releases or new gaming hardware. I wonder what caused Skye to spend this eagerly, though. Flash-resistant shades, maybe?

Hide the pain, Brimstone” spray – Episode 5, Act 2


Battlepass 5-2_static spray_Hide_the_Pain_Brimstone







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

This is how I imagine Brim would look like when the VALORANT Protocol operations go into shambles. Here, we see him smiling awkwardly, giving off the appearance of someone trying to hide their pain. It references the “Hide the Pain, Harold” meme, which features a Hungarian man named Andras Arato and is often used to express sadness or discomfort.

This is also fine” spray – Episode 2, Act 3







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

Being in a 1v5 situation already sounds like a stressful situation. Now, imagine that the enemy team is filled with Line-up Larries. That’s exactly how Raze feels in this VALORANT spray, which is the game’s version of the “This Is Fine” meme.

Originating from a webcomic called “Gunshow” by artist KC Green, the meme features a dog saying, “This is fine.” while sitting in a room engulfed in flames. The comic gained popularity on social media and was later used as a humorous way to express a sense of resignation or acceptance in the face of a difficult or uncomfortable situation. If you ever find yourself in these situations again, don’t punish yourself and remember that even the brave and playful Raze loses her nerves in it. 

Am I clear?” – Episode 6, Act 3


Am I Clear_







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

Inspired by the “Pepe Silvia” meme from the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, the “Am I Clear” spray shows a frantic Fade and a map riddled with notes. 

In VALORANT, Fade is known as a Radiant from Turkey, who interprets her nightmare-visions for clues on the whereabouts of her close friend. This is fitting because the “Pepe Silvia” meme shows the character Charlie Kelly losing his mind following a conspiracy about a guy named “Pepe Silvia”. What conspiracy theories do you think Fade will believe if she lives in our world? It’s safe to say she won’t be a flat-earther because she can easily debunk that with Prowler! 

Oh yes” and “Oh no” sprays – Episode 6, Act 1


Oh No

Oh Yes







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

The “Drakeposting” meme taken from Drake’s Hotline Bling music video is probably the most recognizable meme today. The meme features two panels with captions below them, with Drake appearing to disfavour one option in the first panel, then showing approval of the idea in the second panel. The meme is often used to express disdain for a topic or other people’s opinions. 

Let me in!” spray – Episode 5, Act 2


Battlepass 5-2_static spray_Let_Me_In







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

Needy duelists are every Sage main’s biggest pet peeve. And this spray inspired by the “Let Me In” meme confirms it. 

The “Let Me In” meme originated from a sketch on The Eric Andre Show special “Near the DNC”. The sketch features Andre repeatedly shaking a steel fence while shouting, “Let me in!” in a comedic and exaggerated manner. This meme is often used to express a sense of urgency or persistence in gaining access to something.

Revive me, Jett” spray – Episode 2, Act 2


Revive Me, Jett!







Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

VALORANT has had a lot of memorable moments since it launched in 2020, and these moments are immortalized in clips floating around YouTube and Tiktok. One particular moment features an Omen player named “Finest” repeatedly requesting Jett to revive him, which is weird because Jett can’t revive teammates. The phrase has since become a meme on social media, with players using it to express frustration or a desire for help in various situations outside of the game. 

Peace out” spray – Episode 6, Act 3









Image credit (Spray): Riot Games / VALORANT

There’s no better way to end this list than with the “Peace Out” spray featured in the latest VALORANT act. The spray shows a personified image of a brain doing the peace sign before fading out of existence. This spray, which perfectly depicts my critical-thinking skills during team fights, is based on a Vine video by the comedian named Nileseyy Niles. The meme is used as a cool way to say goodbye or to suggest that you are unaffected by a situation and therefore choose to maintain emotional distance. Now, if you’ll excuse me… *fades out*

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