Unravelling the Mysteries of Radianite in VALORANT


VALORANT Radianite

The world of VALORANT is filled with mystery and intrigue, and at the centre of it all is a substance known as Radianite. To most players of the game, this is simply another in-game currency you can use to buy cosmetics, but it actually has great significance in the game’s storyline. Radianite is a powerful and enigmatic substance that is at the core of the game’s lore, as well as the driving force behind many of its high-tech weapons and abilities. Understanding Radianite and its role in VALORANT is crucial for players who want to improve their gameplay and delve deeper into the game’s story. So, sit back, relax, and together let’s unravel the mysteries of Radianite in VALORANT.

The First Light and the Origin of Radianite

To understand the origin of Radianite, we must first take a look at the event known as the “First Light.” The First Light was a cataclysmic event that occurred in the year 2039 when a series of strange light storms appeared all over the world that forever changed the course of history. This event not only caused significant destruction but also led to the discovery of Radianite on Earth.

Now, the backstory of Radianite is still largely unknown, as Riot Games has not yet fully revealed the entirety of VALORANT’s lore. Some theories in the VALORANT gaming community point to Radianite’s origin being from another planet or plane of existence. 

Other theories point to Radianite existing for millennia on Earth but were only discovered due to the destruction caused by The First Light. This is evident in the Icebox map, where Kingdom has a cold research facility situated near a crashed ancient Japanese ship. The ship in question came from the 17th century, but it seems to contain some Radianite-infused Samurai armour that can be seen by anyone playing on the map. If you look at the Ancient Secrets Player Card, you’ll see Kingdom extracting these artefacts from the ship, which could be evidence of Radianite existing in the past.

Ancient Secrets VALORANT

While there’s still no definitive answer to the origin of Radianite, it’s clear that the people of Earth were only made aware of its existence after the First Light event. The substance itself caused many irreversible changes on Earth and all of its inhabitants. It also caused a significant shift in global power dynamics as nations and organizations scrambled to secure and control this valuable resource.

Kingdom and the Development of Radianite

Kingdom Refinery VALORANTIn-game representation of Kingdom’s Radianite refinery operations. Radianite is extracted and sent to refineries like the one in Bind.

Kingdom Corporation is a global conglomerate that quickly rose to power after the First Light event due to their successful efforts in harnessing and controlling Radianite. The corporation quickly gained control over a large portion of the world’s Radianite resources and used it to develop advanced technology and weaponry, which has allowed them to become a dominant force in the world. Kingdom is often seen as the antagonist in the game, as they exploit Radianite for their own gain and oppress those who stand against them.

Since Radianite has shown almost limitless potential, it has become the most sought-after resource on the planet. Its energy has been used to power cities, create advanced weapons and armour, and even manipulate and enhance human abilities. This has led to the emergence of a new class of individuals known as Radiants – humans who have been altered and empowered by Radianite exposure.

The Rise of Radiants and the Formation of VALORANT

Prolonged exposure to Radianite seems to cause some individuals to develop extraordinary abilities, which can vary greatly from person to person. These individuals, known as Radiants, have become both a source of fascination and fear for the general population. Some Radiants have chosen to use their newfound powers for good, while others have turned to more nefarious purposes.

The presence of Radiants has also created a new dynamic in global security and warfare. As the number of Radiants increased, conflicts and tensions between them and the general population began to rise. These individuals with extraordinary abilities can single-handedly turn the tide of battles and create chaos in the world. In response to the growing unrest and potential threats posed by Radiants, a shadow organization created the VALORANT Protocol. This elite, multinational task force, comprised of both Radiants and non-Radiants, are dedicated to maintaining global stability and combating those who would misuse Radianite and their powers for malicious purposes.

Raw Radianite VALORANTRaw Radianite crystal suspended in midair.

VALORANT agents come from various backgrounds and possess a wide range of skills and abilities, making them a formidable force against any threat. Their primary goal is to protect the world from the dangers of Radianite, Radiants who pose a threat to global security, and powerful entities that seek to exploit Radianite for their own gain.

Currently, there are ten known Radiants that are also a member of the VALORANT Protocol. Each of these Radiants has a unique set of abilities that they bring to the team, making them invaluable assets in the fight against global threats. Some of these agents include:

VALORANT Agent Abilities
Astra Power of the Cosmos
Fade Nightmare Entity
Jett Wind Manipulation
Neon Channeling Bio-Electric Energy
Omen Shadow and Darkness
Phoenix Flame Manipulation
Reyna Soul Harvesting
Sage Healing and Production of Crystallized Radianite
Skye Energy Transference to Objects
Yoru Duplication and Access to an Alternate Dimension


Gekko, the latest agent to join VALORANT, seems to be a non-Radiant character that uses Radianite-enhanced creatures to help him in battle. However, it’s worth noting that his tattoos glow when interacting with his Radiant creatures, so it’s possible that Gekko may have some level of Radiant abilities or is somehow connected to the Radiant energy through his creatures.

The Dangers of Radianite

Refined Radianite VALORANTA box of refined Radianite

One of the main concerns about Radianite is its potential to cause harm to both the environment and the people who come into contact with it. The substance is known to be highly volatile and reactive, which can lead to devastating consequences if not handled properly. This is evident in the various abilities displayed by the Radiant characters, which can range from healing and creating gravity wells to fire manipulation or harvesting the souls of the dead.

Additionally, the long-term effects of Radianite exposure on both Radiant and non-Radiant individuals are still unknown. It is unclear whether prolonged exposure could have detrimental effects on a person’s health or if it could potentially lead to the development of new, uncontrollable abilities.

The combination of these factors makes Radianite an incredibly valuable yet dangerous resource to the point that it opens up the world to threats that belong to a reality other than our own. As more individuals and organizations seek to harness the power of Radianite for their own purposes, it will be crucial for the agents of VALORANT to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Final Thoughts

Radianite sits at the centre of the VALORANT universe, driving the storyline, the abilities of Radiant agents, and the technological advancements within the game’s world. As the story of VALORANT continues to unfold, the role of Radianite and its impact on the world and its inhabitants will undoubtedly evolve. The agents of VALORANT must remain vigilant in their efforts to protect and understand this mysterious resource, ensuring that its power is harnessed for the greater good and not to bring destruction or chaos.

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