PUBG Mobile M16A4 vs. Scar-L: Shooter Showdown!


PUBG Mobile - M16A4 VS Scar-l (1)Battle royale games like PUBG Mobile are known for their nail-biting stand-offs and cut-through competition. And if you’re one of the many vying to be the last man standing, you must ensure you always put your best foot forward. And you should always pick the best gear to maximise your chances of winning.

Different weapons fit different situations and play styles, but out of the many weapon types PUBG Mobile offers, the assault rifle (AR) is perhaps the most common and sought-after gun pick. With high fire rates, accuracy, damage, and medium to high ammo capacity, assault rifles are well-rounded weapons that perform exceptionally in any situation. In this article, we’ll examine two of the most popular ARs in the game to help you make the most of your matches.

M16A4 vs. Scar-L: Which is the greater gun?

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When it comes down to efficiency, M16A4 and Scar-L are the first two ARs that come to mind. Besides doing good damage, the two ARs also have single and auto or burst firing modes that allow them to cover short to mid-range shootouts without sacrificing accuracy. Let’s delve into some of their stats to find out which really is the better gun!

With 43 Hit Damage and a 0.075s Fire Rate, the M16A4 takes the lead in the firepower department when compared with Scar-L’s 41 and 0.096s. However, lesser power means better manoeuvrability and a slightly quieter firing sound, which gives the Scar-L better recoil and stability with its base spread of 4 compared to M16A4’s 5.

Firing modes are a deal breaker for some Survivors as they can make or break their play style. In this case, the M16A4’s single and burst modes give it a slight edge in killing power and accuracy in the mid to long-range, while Scar-L’s single and auto-firing modes make it an ideal pick for short to mid-range fights.

The verdict

For experienced players who have established play styles and workarounds on each gun’s flaws, it all comes down to preference. But for newer players, the M16A4 covers more fronts. If we consider skill level and mobile gaming’s limited manoeuvrability, new players will do better picking mid to long range fights and the added kill potential and accuracy they get from M16A4’s 3-bullet burst complements this playstyle beautifully.


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