Mastering MLBB’s Kadita: The Ultimate Hero Guide!


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Kadita Introduction MLaBBEnter the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and witness the awe-inspiring might of Kadita, the hero drawn from Indonesian Mythology. With her lethal abilities and unparalleled mobility, Kadita is a formidable battlefield force. However, mastering her unique playstyle can prove challenging, particularly for newcomers. This all-encompassing guide aims to equip players with the essential knowledge and strategies to dominate with Kadita. From optimal emblems and spells to expertly crafted builds and invaluable tips and tricks, get ready to harness Kadita’s true potential and reign supreme as the Queen of the South Coast!


 To truly become a master of Kadita, it is crucial to employ advanced strategies that optimize her performance on the battlefield. These techniques cover effective laning, jungle control, roaming, team communication, and adapting to specific matchups. 


How to win MLBB using Kadita

Countering Kadita

Unleasing Kadita's Abilities

Kadita boasts a repertoire of abilities that make her a formidable force on the battleground. Each facet of her kit contributes to her lethal playstyle, from her empowering passive skill to her devastating active skills. By understanding the mechanics and synergy behind these abilities, you can harness Kadita’s true potential and make a splash in combat. Let’s dive deeper into each ability and discover how to wield them effectively for maximum impact:


Kadita receives a Blessing from the Mighty of the Ocean every 30 seconds. Within 4 seconds after taking damage, she regenerates 65% of her lost HP during the skill’s duration. This innate ability enhances Kadita’s survivability, granting her the resilience to withstand enemy assaults. Timing is vital when engaging foes to make the most of this restorative blessing and turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Astral Meteor

Immersing herself in her mermaid form, Kadita summons awe-inspiring ocean waves. Riding these waves, she inflicts Magic Damage and slows enemies by 30%. Furthermore, she becomes immune to Crowd Control skills and reduces incoming damage by 70% while riding the wave. Activating the skill again allows Kadita to swiftly exit the wave, causing it to surge toward her position. Notably, this skill ignores barriers, making it a potent tool against defensive tactics.

Astral Recall


With the power of the sea at her command, Kadita conjures surging ocean waves that mark a designated area. After a brief delay, a towering wave emerges, dealing significant Magic Damage and causing enemies to be knocked up for 1.5 seconds. Notably, Kadita can cast skills while in her Ocean Oddity state, allowing her to release the Breath of the Ocean from her current position, intensifying the speed of the waves.


Astral Echo

Harnessing the power of the Mighty of the Ocean, Kadita summons a cataclysmic tsunami to obliterate nearby opponents. Each wave inflicts Magic Damage and slows enemies, escalating damage for subsequent waves that hit the same target. The tsunami then surges back towards Kadita, dealing additional damage to enemies in its path (damage decays with multiple hits on the same enemy Hero).


Kadita’s Build and Itemization

Building Kadita’s itemization is vital to maximize her potential on the battlefield. Tailoring her build to different game stages and adapting to the enemy composition will give you the edge needed to dominate. In this section, we present recommended item builds and delve into the rationale behind each choice, enhancing Kadita’s strengths and amplifying her destructive power. Let’s explore the carefully curated selection of items for Kadita:

Early Game:

  • Demon Shoes: Mana management is crucial for Kadita, making Demon Shoes an ideal choice. The periodic mana regeneration ensures you can unleash your skills consistently without running out of resources.
  • Clock of Destiny: As the game progresses, Clock of Destiny becomes a core item for Kadita. Its passive effect significantly boosts her damage output over time, making her burst even more formidable.

Mid Game: 

Lightning Truncheon: This item synergizes perfectly with Kadita’s kit, amplifying her burst potential. The passive effect grants bonus magic damage on her next skill after dealing damage, allowing her to unleash devastating combos on multiple enemies.

  • Holy Crystal: To further elevate Kadita’s magical prowess, Holy Crystal is a must-have. The increased magic power translates to heightened damage output, ensuring her skills hit harder and decimate opponents swiftly.

Late Game: 

Fleeting Time: Cooldown reduction is crucial for Kadita’s ultimate ability, making Fleeting Time an invaluable choice. Reducing the cooldown enables more frequent usage of Rough Waves, tipping team fights in your favor and catching enemies off guard.

Blood Wings: To bolster Kadita’s survivability and overall damage output, Blood Wings substantially boosts her magic power and HP. This ensures she can withstand prolonged battles and dish out devastating blows.

Situational Items: 

  • Necklace of Durance: Against teams with strong healing capabilities, Necklace of Durance is a strategic pick. It significantly reduces enemy healing effects, granting Kadita and her team an advantage in sustained fights.
  • Divine Glaive: When faced with enemies sporting high magic defense, Divine Glaive becomes necessary. Its magic penetration properties allow Kadita’s abilities to deal significant damage, even against tanker foes.
  • Immortality: If you find yourself being focused and eliminated quickly, Immortality provides a lifeline. Its revival effect upon death grants Kadita a second chance to continue wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

Remember, adaptability is vital when selecting items for Kadita. Assess the enemy composition, analyze the game’s flow, and make informed decisions to optimize your build. 

Emblem and Battle Spell Selection

Kadita Emblem MLBB

Mage Emblem Set Selection: 

For Kadita, the Custom Mage Emblem is the optimal choice. It offers valuable bonuses that align with her role and playstyle. Here’s a breakdown of the emblem set and recommended talents for Kadita:

  • Talent (Mastery) – Cooldown Reduction: Prioritize reducing the cooldown of Kadita’s skills. This allows her to unleash her abilities more frequently, increasing her overall damage output and control in battles.
  • Talent (Catastrophe) – Magic Power: Enhance Kadita’s damage potential with a boost to her magic power. This talent significantly increases damage output, enabling her to obliterate enemies with her devastating skills.
  • Talent (Magic Worship) – Damage Amplification: Inflict continuous damage on enemies after using skills. This talent synergizes well with Kadita’s skill rotation, further amplifying her burst damage and ensuring opponents feel the weight of her abilities.

Battle Spell Selection: 

Regarding battle spells, Kadita benefits from spells that provide tactical advantages and complement her abilities. Here are two recommended battle spells for Kadita:

  • Execute: This spell is highly effective for players aiming to secure instant kills. Execute allows Kadita to finish off low-health enemies swiftly, providing the element of surprise and eliminating key targets in team fights.
  • Petrify: Petrify can be a valuable choice for Kadita as well. It offers crowd control capabilities, allowing her to immobilize enemies and set up devastating combos with her skills. Petrify provides additional control and disruption in team fights, making it a strategic spell choice.

Consider the playstyle and team composition when selecting the battle spell. Execute is ideal for aggressive assassinations, while Petrify offers more utility and control in team-oriented strategies.

Kadita New Skin Hydromancer

Kadita HydromancerKadita mains will surely rejoice as Moonton is set to release the newest MPL skin – Hydromancer! This look turns the Ocean Goddess into a futuristic mage with a mech-like suit. Riding the wave of violet tides, Kadita Hydromancer turns the energy on the battlefield with her unique skills! Make sure to grab Hydromancer in the Shop starting August 8, 2023.

We have delved into the depths of Kadita’s abilities, provided insights into her optimal builds, and shared advanced strategies to master her play style. Kadita’s strength lies in her formidable burst damage, crowd control immunity, and healing capabilities. With the right combination of items, emblems, and battle spells, Kadita can become a force reckoned with on the battlefield.

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