Unleashing Shadows: Mastering MLBB’s Helcurt

MLBB Helcurt Hero Guide (1)

In the ever-evolving realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), where heroes clash in epic battles, one enigmatic figure stands out amidst the chaos – Helcurt. With an aura of darkness and a mastery of stealth, Helcurt brings a unique playstyle that can turn the tide of any match. This comprehensive guide delves into the shadows to unravel the secrets of mastering Helcurt’s abilities, tactics, and strategies. Join us on a journey to harness the power of darkness and carve your name into the ways of victory.

The Shadowbringer

MLBB Helcurt

Helcurt, “The Shadowbringer” in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, emerges from the enigmatic realm of the Abyss, where he was marked by darkness and granted unique shadow-controlling abilities. Driven by a deep-seated vengeance stemming from his traumatic past, Helcurt wields his skills to swiftly navigate battles and silence foes with his ultimate, Dark Night Falls. His brooding persona and disconnected alliances reflect his complex personality, making him a captivating character for players drawn to his aggressive playstyle and enigmatic backstory.

How to Win Matches Using Helcurt

Understanding Helcurt’s Abilities

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When Helcurt is subjected to crowd control effects by enemy heroes, they will experience a 1.5-second silence. This particular effect comes with a cooldown period of 4 seconds.

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Helcurt instantly transports himself to a chosen destination, causing 150–300 (+70% of his Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to adversaries within the region while also imposing a 90% decaying slow effect over 1.5 seconds. Successful hits on foes and creeps using this ability bestow Helcurt with a Deadly Poison Stinger, a beneficial effect.


Moreover, in the presence of Dark Night Falls, enemies struck by this maneuver will encounter a 1.5-second silence as an additional outcome.

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Passive: Helcurt acquires a collection of Deadly Poison Stingers with every Basic Attack, capped at 5. After 8 seconds, the stored stingers begin to diminish.


Active: Helcurt propels his accumulated Deadly Poison Stingers ahead, with each stinger inflicting 180–330 (+80% of Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage upon impact with targeted adversaries (capable of activating attack effects but exempt from critical strikes). This also initiates an 8% gradual stacking slow on the affected enemies, lasting 3 seconds. Notably, minions and creeps are subject to 70% damage from the stingers.

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Passive: Helcurt secures a lasting boost of 10%-20% increased Attack Speed. 


Active: Helcurt beckons the night to envelop the battlefield, causing the vision radius of opposing heroes to dwindle and rendering them incapable of observing their allies for a span of 3.5 seconds. Concurrently, Helcurt garners an additional 10%-20% Attack Speed and an enhanced 65%-75% Movement Speed, enduring for a duration of 8 seconds. Notably, during this nocturnal phase, the tally of amassed stingers remains unaltered. However, it’s important to note that Dark Night Falls holds no sway over adversary Helcurts.


Recommended Emblem

Helcurt Emblem

The Assassin emblem works really well for Helcurt. It gives him extra penetration damage, attack speed, and movement speed. For Helcurt, it’s suggested to use certain talents. Rapture is good for more physical attack and penetration. Weapons Master helps with physical attack and magic power. Lethal Ignition gives extra damage when hitting multiple times.

Recommended Item for Helcurt

Helcurt Item Build

Here’s a suggested equipment build for Helcurt to further enhance his burst ability and sustain in Mobile Legends:

  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Swift Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Hunter Strike
  • Immortality
  • Blade of Despair

Tips and Tricks When Using Helcurt

During team battles, strategically prioritize taking down enemy support heroes, particularly healers like Rafaela, Estes, or Angela, to disrupt their healing capabilities and gain an upper hand. Maintain vigilance over their positioning, employing your mobility to swiftly engage and catch them off guard. Effective communication with your team about your target choice can result in coordinated efforts and successful takedowns. Time your engagement prudently, selecting moments when the support is isolated, or their key abilities are unavailable. Utilize Helcurt’s stealth to approach the backline surreptitiously, and combine your efforts with allies who possess crowd control abilities. Enhance your diving and burst potential through suitable itemization, like “Blade of Despair,” while remembering to retreat safely after achieving your objective. By strategically neutralizing enemy support, especially healers, you can significantly impact team fights and pave the way for victory.

Helcurt, renowned as one of the most elusive and stealthy characters in MLBB, offers players an unparalleled opportunity to harness his formidable power on the battlefield. Are you aiming to add Helcurt to your hero pool? This comprehensive guide is perfect for you. By adhering to the comprehensive guide presented within this piece, you can unveil the intricate tactics that transform Helcurt into a true shadow master, altering the course of battles and seizing victory from the depths of darkness.  

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