MLBB: Bruno’s Halo Striker Epic Skin Back For a Limited Time


If you’re a Bruno main looking for a new kick-ass skin to expand your collection, today’s your lucky day! Moonton’s collaboration skin with one of modern football’s biggest icons, Neymar Jr., is back for a limited time. 

The Epic “Halo Striker” Bruno skin will be available in the Shop during its Last Encore run from August 25 to October 13, 2023. Players can score this new skin for only 899 Diamonds or take advantage of a massive 30% discount, which lasts until September 7, 2023. The discount brings the Halo Striker skin price down to 629 Diamonds. 

MLBB Bruno Halo Striker Skin Showcase

For an Epic limited-time skin priced at 899 Diamonds, the Last Encore is an epic deal for both Bruno mains and hardcore football fans as it brings Neymar Jr.’s fiery samba-inspired moves to the Land of Dawn (and that huge 30% discount is not something to miss!). The epic skin also cranks Bruno’s flashiness up to eleven with its custom effects that feature a mesmerizing, futuristic theme with a holographic color palette. 

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