New Maps, Weapons, and Rewards: CODM Season 8 Has it All!


CODM-Season-8-Error-404It’s time to reboot and refresh as Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 brings us Error 404, a brand-new season packed with new content and features. With a new map to explore, a new weapon to master, and new challenges to conquer, this season is set to be the most exciting yet. Call of Duty remains one of the most popular multiplayer shooting games, and Season 8 aims to take it to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at what players can expect in this action-packed season.

Original Multiplayer Map – Enter the Metropolis

Kurohana Metropolis Season 8 CODM
Image Credit: Call Of Duty: Mobile

Kurohana Metropolis is an original multiplayer map added to the game that features a sci-fi futuristic cityscape. The map is the perfect blend of urban and futuristic elements, offering players a fresh and exciting environment to battle it out. With its towering skyscrapers, neon lights, and advanced technology, Kurohana Metropolis provides a visually stunning backdrop for intense multiplayer matches. Whether you prefer close-quarter combat or long-range sniping, this map has something for everyone.

New Weapon – Argus and The Sai

Argus Season 8 CODM
Image Credit: Call Of Duty: Mobile

To complete the cyberpunk aesthetic, a new weapon called the Argus has been introduced. The Argus is a lever-action shotgun perfect for taking down enemies in close-quarters combat. It features a sleek design with a futuristic twist and can be used effectively when hip-firing or aiming down sights, making it a powerful and stylish addition to any arsenal. The Argus is a season-exclusive weapon that can only be obtained by playing through the Season 8 Battle Pass. Don’t worry, you can easily get it at Tier 21 of the Battle Pass’ free track.

The Sai is a dual-wield melee weapon that grants a faster attack speed to the user. You’ll also benefit from enhanced jumps and slides. It’s the ultimate tool for quick and stealthy kills, but with some drawbacks. The Sai deals quick attacks but reduced damage, making it more suitable for hit-and-run tactics rather than prolonged engagements. Participate in the Seasonal Events and challenges to unlock this powerful melee weapon and add a new dimension to your gameplay.

Season 8 Battle Pass Additions

Battle Pass Season 8 CODM
Image Credit: Call Of Duty: Mobile

If you want to take your cyberpunk gameplay to the next level, the Season 8 Battle Pass has plenty of exciting additions for you. Alongside the new Argus weapon, you can unlock a variety of exclusive themed skins, emotes, sprays and more. For the free track, you can unlock the new weapon and grenade as well as other cosmetic items, such as Poltergeist – Glitch skin and the Webs blueprint for the ICR-1.

For players subscribed to the Premium Pass and Ground Forces, you’ll get a whole bunch of additional rewards. This includes exclusive operator skins, weapon blueprints, vehicle skins, calling cards, and more. Some of the notable rewards you should look forward to include:

  • Satsumebachi — Deadly Hornet
  • Sims — Martial Arts
  • Domino — Killer Koi
  • Fennec — Midas’ Claw
  • SKS — Ignited Rage
  • Argus — Death Branch

Game Mode Updates

In Season 8, Headquarters (HQ) has been added to the featured game modes, which were previously only available in private matches. Headquarters is a game mode where Teams must compete to capture the HQ once it appears on the map. The defending team is unable to respawn while maintaining control of the HQ. Keep an eye out for the HQ Indicator, which shows where the next Headquarters will appear and when it will become active. This is the perfect opportunity for players to showcase their teamwork and strategy skills, as capturing and defending the HQ requires coordination and communication.

Super Slide is a new Playlist added that allows longer slides for Operators across several game modes. If you want to slide around the map with style and speed, this is the game mode for you. It adds an extra element of mobility to your gameplay, allowing you to quickly navigate the battlefield and surprise your opponents.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

Of course, the season will not be complete without new seasonal challenges and featured events designed to keep players engaged and rewarded. Watch out for the launch of the Phantom Conquest themed event to get some exclusive rewards like the KN44- Geisha’s Gaze and Blackjack- Bloody Fortune. All you have to do is collect some Phantom Tokens that you can get by playing MP and BP mode.

There are also some amazing Daily Mission rewards and Monthly login incentives that players can look forward to. Daily Missions will offer various tasks and objectives that can be completed for rewards, such as weapon skins, character skins, and in-game currency. Monthly login incentives will reward players for logging in to the game consistently throughout the month, with exclusive items and bonuses.

Legendary Character Draw and Store Updates

Hidora Kai Season 8 CODM
Image Credit: Call Of Duty: Mobile

The in-game shop is never short of updates and new items. In the new season, players can get a chance to get some rare Operator skins like Tiangu – Porcelain Warrior and Sparrowhawk – Severed Fate. Hidora Kai – Cruel Night is the featured Legendary character draw for this season, where players have a chance to obtain this enigmatic character. Additionally, there will be new weapon skins, bundles, and crates available for purchase in the store.

The Battle Pass Vault brings back the Season 1: Heist Battle Pass, which is perfect for players who missed out on the rewards from the first season. Players can unlock exclusive Operators like Yuri – Bratok, Ajax – Bouncer, and Iskra – Whitechapel. For weapon blueprints, the Man-O-War — Sterling Ace is a must for those who own this exotic assault rifle.

CODM Season 8: Error 404 is a dream come true for many players with its futuristic theme and exciting new content. It’s truly one of the most unique and immersive seasons yet, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience it. With new challenges, rewards and cosmetics, there are plenty of options to customize and enhance your gameplay. So grab your weapons, gear up, and dive into the sci-fi shooter world of CODM Season 8.

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