Best VALORANT Agents to Play in Split


VALORANT has been around long enough to have had its fair share of ups and downs. The ever-changing meta and fresh content releases keep the game from becoming dull. With these changes come some elements that need to be modified in order to maintain the game fair, hence agent and map adjustments are important in the game.

With that said come the new changes of Split, and here are the best VALORANT agents to use in this revamped map.

Best Duelist Agent in Split: Raze


Raze is one of the greatest agents overall; she can create space with her satchels like no one else and is the ideal agent for this map. Her Paint Shells (E) can get her several frags, block enemy pushes, and punish adversaries like no other Duelist. 

Split’s verticality also allows her to make use of her satchel moves with the Blast Pack (Q), and the best Raze players know just how to jump around the map like maniacs. Not to mention, her Boom Bot (C) may be utilized to properly clean up confined places.

A special mention would be Jett; her maneuverability with Tailwind (E) also gives her the opportunity to push into site and catch Defenders off guard. Her Cloudburst (C) is are also quite useful when your team is looking for a quick smoke.

Best Controller Agent in Split: Omen


Although Viper has pretty interesting smoke and post-plant lineups, we recommend using Omen as your Controller for this map. His renewable Dark Cover (E) smokes may assist in holding the site on Defense and feigning attacks when attacking. Furthermore, the little passages and entrance ports also allow his smokes to flourish more.

His Shrouded Step (C), paired with the map’s verticality, allows him to perform like a duelist by taking his opponents by surprise with an advantageous and awkward angle. Not to mention, his Paranoia (Q) is also particularly beneficial for team executions for both entrance and site retakes.

Generally, he is the best smoker agent on this map, and it adds that he has more chances of getting his own kills.

Best Initiator Agent in Split: Breach


Breach is the best Initiator pick since his utility works best on a compact map like Split. There are several places where he may use his flash ability to help your squad push unto site. 

Because Split is a tiny map with numerous tight corners, making Aftershock (C) one of the most useful skills for clearing them. His Faultline (E) is also great in clearing tight corners or stopping pushes, rendering the enemies concussed and giving you easy kills.

This skill, along with Rolling Thunder (X) is what makes him the strongest Initiator in Split. His ultimate has a large area of influence, it makes Breach rather deadly when pushing and retaking sites.

Best Sentinel Agent in Split: Killjoy


Sentinels as an agent type are a must-pick for Split. This map is known to feature minor entryways that can be completely closed by sentinel utility, and we picked Killjoy as the best Sentinel for this map.

Don’t be mistaken, the other Sentinels also work brilliantly on this map. However, KJ’s kit allows her to have complete control over B site, especially if the player behind her has some sneaky setups under their sleeves.

She is also a great pick for retaking site on Defenders side and for post-plant lineups on Attackers side.


Although we see a ton of other Agents being used in Split, these are the ones we recommend as the best picks. Who do you think are the best Agents to use in Split? More importantly, who do you love using on this map? Share it with us in the comments below!

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