5 MLBB Couples to play with your Significant Other


There are many couple activities to try out there, but if you’ve been together for a long-time, coming up with new things to do can be pretty challenging. Good thing you’re both gamers, and the virtual world presents an endless amount of things to do. 

If you’ve been to the Land of Dawn, you’d know by now that it does not only house the most formidable warriors but also the loveliest Legend couples ever created. In this article, we’ll list 5 Mobile Legends couples for you and your significant other to play!

Kagura and Hayabusa

MLBB Hayabusa and Kagura
Image credit: Gagaya, MLBB Facebook page

Kagura, the Onmyouji Master, and Hayabusa, the Shadow of Iga, bring an intriguing dynamic to the game with their intertwined stories and playstyles. Kagura, known for her graceful and deadly umbrella skills, showcases elegance and control on the battlefield, while Hayabusa, a swift and stealthy assassin, epitomizes agility and precision. 

Their connection goes beyond their skill synergies as the two Legends started as close childhood friends from the Cadia Riverlands. Today, they fight together in the Land of Dawn, looking for Hayabusa’s brother, Hanzo.

Tips for playing as Kagura and Hayabusa

  • Slow the enemies down with Kagura’s skills to make them easy targets for Hayabusa’s skill shots. 
  • Knock enemies back with Kagura’s Yin Yang Overturn ultimate to put them in range of Hayabusa’s Ougi: Shadow Kill burst. 
  • With Hayabusa’s burst skills depending highly on his positioning, Kagura’s crowd-control skills will be highly advantageous. 

Lancelot and Odette

MLBB Lancelot Xmas skin
Image credit: mobile-legends.fandom.com
MLBB Odette Xmas skin
Image credit: mobile-legends.fandom.com

Lancelot and Odette, a captivating couple of Mobile Legends, bring a touch of romance and elegance to the game. Lancelot, the Blade of Roses, and Odette, the Swan Princess, embody a love story that transcends boundaries and showcases their devotion to one another. With his swift swordplay and dashing style, Lancelot perfectly complements Odette’s mesmerizing beauty and powerful magic. 

The couple’s story started when Lancelott was caught in a brawl in an Azure Lake tavern and ended up severely wounded. The kind and beautiful Odette rushed to his rescue, and the two had been inseparable since then. 

Tips for playing as Lancelott and Odette

  • Use Odette’s Avian Authority slow and Blue Nova crowd-control to help Lancelott secure kills. 
  • Odette’s Swan Song Blink often puts her at risk. Use this to bait opponents into overextending. Burst them down with Lancelott’s full arsenal once they’re gathered. 

Lesley and Gusion

MLBB Lesley and Gusion
Image credit: mobile-legends.fandom.com

Our next couple brings a deadly combo of stealth, agility, and precision to any team composition. Lesley, known for her long-ranged and True Damage strikes, pairs exceptionally well with Gusion’s swift and devastating burst damage.

In battles, Lesley’s ability to provide vision and deal heavy damage from a distance allows Gusion to manoeuvre and assassinate targets with precision swiftly. Their stealthy skills and coordinated attacks can catch enemies off guard, securing kills and turning the tide of battles in their favour. In addition to their gameplay dynamics, Lesley and Gusion captivate players with their sleek designs and edgy aesthetics. 

Tips for playing as Lesley and Gusion

  • Exploit Lesley’s 2-second cooldown on Master of Camouflage and scout enemies as much as possible. Once you catch them in your crosshairs, call on Gusion to finish them off. 
  • Lesley’s True Damage strikes can deplete an enemy’s HP pretty quickly. This furthers Gusion’s potential as his damage scales based on the target’s missing HP.
  • Without his core items, Gusion can have a hard time securing kills. Use Lesley’s Ultimate Snipe to prevent enemies from escaping. 

Natalia and Tigreal

Natalia and Tigreal’s partnership was forged on the battlefield and with a shared commitment to justice. Her ability to snuff out key targets pairs well with Tigreal’s crowd control, allowing them to create opportunities and dominate team fights with their synchronized attacks. 

Mobile Legends lore also reveals that the two were once sent on a mission to eliminate a corrupt noble. But due to fake intel, the team failed miserably, causing the demise of their team members. Since then, the duo formed a stronger bond and never left each other’s side.  

Tips for playing as Natalia and Tigreal

  • Natalia’s Smoke Bomb fits Tigreal’s Implosion AOE perfectly. Use these skills simultaneously to create a pool of death for the enemies. 
  • Tigreal has solid crowd-control skills. Pair this well with Natalia’s burst damage to delete enemies in seconds. 
  • Clump enemies together with Tigreal’s ultimate for faster Assassin’s Instinct procs by Natalia.

Carmilla and Cecilion 

MLBB Carmilla and Cecilion
Image credit: mobile-legends.fandom.com

This next one is perhaps the deadliest duo out of all the couples on this list. When Carmilla decided to be a blood demon, she and Cecilion caught the ire of both humans and Abyssal demons. They spent most of their lives running from savage hunters before finding a place in the Land of Dawn. 

Tips for playing as Carmilla and Cecilion

  • Build up Carmilla’s Vampire Pact stacks to decrease enemies’ Physical and Magical DEF. Bombard them with Cecilion’s high-damage, low-cooldown skills to keep them at bay. 
  • Take advantage of Moonlit Waltz and Vermeil Shadow’s shield and mobility to prolong their reign of terror. 
  • Poke enemies with Carmilla’s long-ranged skills and wear them down before the clash begins.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s their captivating lore, complementary gameplay styles, or the emotional connection they share, these pairs stand as some of the most beloved couples in gaming. As players pick these Legends and witness their synergy and chemistry, they become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, forging their own tales of victory in Mobile Legends.

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