PUBG Mobile Goes Super Saiyan with New Dragon Ball Collab


PUBG Mobile x DragonballJust when you thought PUBG Mobile couldn’t get any better, they go Super Saiyan on us! PUBG Mobile has always been known for some of the most insane and out-of-this-world collabs in the past years. But who would’ve thought that they’d team up with one of the most beloved anime franchises in the world? The PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball hype train is finally here with new skins, weapons, and game modes inspired by the iconic series. Gather your Ki, and let’s dive deep into what this collaboration has to offer.

Anime Themed Game Modes

DBZ New Game Mode PUBG

Leading the collab are two new and exciting game modes that put the world of PUBG Mobile into an anime art-style world reminiscent of the many iconic locations in the Dragon Ball series. From July 13 – September 4, players have the opportunity to engage in the first of two innovative modes in Dragon Ball Super that combine the usual PUBG Mobile battle royale with elements from Dragon Ball. The second themed game mode was introduced on July 15, where you get to actually play as some of the characters in Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super Themed

image courtesy of PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter account

When you play Ranked, you have the option to play Dragon Ball Super Themed mode, where select areas in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok have new Dragon Ball-themed areas that are exact replicas from the anime and manga. You’ll find the typical house and building design in Dragon Ball Village or the iconic Kame House and Tenkaichi Budokai in certain areas of the maps. Here are several new items and mechanics to watch out for in this game mode:

  • Ki Meter – You’ll notice a blue bar above your health, which indicates your Ki levels. This regenerates over time and allows you to use a couple of new tricks and abilities.
  • Kamehameha – Watch out for this blue ball on the map to gain the ability to shoot a powerful Kamehameha wave in place of your pistol. This attack consumes Ki.
  • Ki Energy Unleash – By consuming Ki, you can give your character a movement speed boost and dash ability.
  • Buku-Jutsu – This goes into your throwables slot. When used, it consumes Ki and gives you the power of flight and levitation.
  • Senzu Bean – A valuable item that instantly restores your Ki levels to maximum.
  • Dragon Radar – This is available to you by default, and it reveals the locations of all the hidden Dragon Balls throughout the map.
  • Air Car – A new vehicle that can carry three players and can travel across bodies of water.


Aside from your main objective of being the last survivor in the game, you can also participate in finding the seven legendary Dragon Balls scattered throughout the map so that you can summon the mighty Shenron in a Summoning Altar. Once Shenron appears, he will grant you one wish out of three that are available:

  • Get Supplies – Grants four special crates that contain weapons and upgrades for your team.
  • Strengthen Ki – This doubles your Ki meter and boosts your Ki regeneration, allowing you to use your abilities more often.
  • Strengthen Kamehameha – Boosts your Kamehameha beam’s range and damage output, making it more powerful and effective against enemies.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super


In this new Battle Royale mode, you’ll be transported into a new map that looks and feels like the world of Dragon Ball, where you’ll find no guns of any kind. Instead, you get to play as Son Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, or Frieza and use each of their unique abilities to outwit, outplay, and outlive your opponents. Your guns are replaced with three unique abilities: a Normal Attack, a Charged Attack, and a Special Skill. These abilities can be upgraded by collecting Spirit Crystals scattered throughout the map. Once you find enough crystals, you can upgrade your attacks up to four times, allowing you to deal more damage to your enemies. You can also collect armour, potions, and accessories to further boost your Dragon Ball character into becoming the ultimate fighter. Watch out for teleportation portals and those blue circles that give you the power of flight for a short duration.

New Weapon, Special Outfits, Events, and More

DBZ Character Skins PUBG

Right now, players have more than enough on their hands with the two new game modes available for a limited time. However, there’s more to look forward to in this collab. PUBG Mobile will be releasing special Dragon Ball-themed outfits, accessories, and companions for players to customize their characters with. You get to make your character look exactly like Goku and the other Dragon Ball characters, as well as a special Super Saiyan transition animation. More character skins will be released this coming August, so stay tuned for that!

We also have a new weapon called the ACE32. This is a new assault rifle that packs a powerful punch and has a high rate of fire. What makes this weapon special is the six attachment slots that allow you to fully customize your weapon to your preferred playstyle. You can attach scopes, grips, magazines, and more to enhance your weapon’s performance on the battlefield.

There you have it, the latest and perhaps one of the greatest collaborations to date! The PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball collaboration is sure to bring a whole new level of excitement to the game. The addition of new skins, weapons, and game modes inspired by the beloved anime franchise will surely excite fans of both PUBG and Dragon Ball. This collaboration proves once again that PUBG Mobile is always finding ways to keep their game fresh and exciting. So, get ready to channel your inner Saiyan for this epic crossover event!

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