Defying Death: How to Defeat Phantylia the Undying in Honkai Star Rail


Honkai Star Rail Powerful Enemy (1)Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2 has been quite a blast since its release with the arrival of Blade and now Kafka, two of the most highly anticipated character drops in the game. With their arrival also comes the continuation of the Xianzhou Luofu storyline, which introduces a couple of new characters, one of which is the new weekly boss. Phantylia the Undying, as her name suggests, is no easy foe to bring down. With her own unique attack patterns and mechanics, many players have been struggling to defeat her. If you’ve been losing sleep, pulling your hair out, or screaming into the void, trying to figure out how to put an end to this eternal nightmare, then this guide is your saving grace. Let’s dare to defy death and show Phantylia who the real boss is, shall we?

Understanding Phantylia the Undying

Phantylia Revealed 2

Phantylia is the newest weekly boss added in the Echo of War game mode of Honkai: Star Rail. Her ‘undying’ moniker stems from the fact that she can utilise both Abundance and Destruction skills, making her a highly resilient and dangerous opponent. Aside from her Wind, Imaginary, and Lightning-Based attacks, she can also summon Abundance and Destruction Lotuses that can aid her in battle.

Abundance Lotuses, in particular, can be quite an annoying set of enemies as they can heal themselves and reduce your team’s Skill Point by 1 for every turn. That doesn’t sound so bad at first, but it can limit your team’s ability to use their powerful skills, making the fight much more difficult. However, killing the Abundance Lotuses will restore all the Skill Points your team has lost, so it’s vital to take them out as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Destruction Lotuses will cast Prana-Siphon, a debuff that reduces the target character’s maximum health by 40%. They can also deal a devastating lightning attack that ignores your character’s DEF.

Finally, Phantylia’s AoE attacks are the most devastating part of her arsenal. Getting hit by Starfall Mooncry or Arbor Apotheosis, which are both AoE attacks, can easily wipe your whole team.

Preparing for the Battle

Phantylia Attack HSR

During the story mission where you first fight Phantylia, you can easily kill her with some help from a fully built Jing Yuan. But once you defeat her there and you unlock her as a weekly boss, you can no longer depend on Jing Yuan and can only use the characters that you have in your roster.

First and foremost, you need to look at her weaknesses and resistances. Phantylia is weak against Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary elements but is quite resistant against all the other elements. So make sure you bring characters that can utilise those three elements she’s weak against.

Healers and shielders are crucial in this fight. It’s impossible to defeat Phantylia with just purely DPS characters. Make sure your healers or shielders can provide enough support for your team. Ideally, your healer should be able to heal all characters at once, especially when Phantylia uses her AoE attacks, as they can easily wipe out your entire team if you’re not careful.

Shielders like Gepard, March 7th, and Fire Trailblazer can provide sturdy shields to your team, protecting them from Phantylia’s powerful attacks. Phantylia is capable of dealing massive damage, so it’s important to have someone who can mitigate that.

Phantylia isn’t like the previous bosses, where an under-levelled character can still survive and provide great utility to the team. Her attacks are too powerful and can easily take out under-levelled characters in one hit. So make sure to level up and gear up your characters properly before facing her.

It’s also best to use your stat-boosting consumables like those that enhance your ATK, HP, and DEF. This will significantly increase your team’s survivability during the fight. Also, don’t forget to utilise your character’s ultimate abilities. They can turn the tide of the battle in your favour.

Studying Phantylia’s Attack Patterns

Phantylia AoE Attack HSR

Phantylia’s attacks are pretty simple, but the damage and the effects that they cause can be quite devastating if not handled properly. Here’s an overview of her attack patterns that you need to watch out for:

First Phase – During Phantylia’s first phase, she has a limited number of attacks which include a basic single-target attack that deals Wind DMG and an AoE attack that deals only minor Wind DMG to your team. However, you need to watch out for her Burgeoning Bloom skill, where she summons Abundance Lotuses.

Second Phase – Once you reduce her health to 0, Phantylia switches to her second phase, where she employs attacks that are enhanced by the Destruction path. They’re pretty similar to the first set of attacks, but they instead deal Lightning DMG. When she summons her Destruction Lotuses, and it goes into Bloom status, she will then use her Havoc skill on the next turn. This deals a massive amount of Lightning DMG as it ignores your character’s DEF, so make sure to have your team’s health topped off before this happens. This is also the phase where she starts to use Prana-Siphon, which reduces your character’s max HP by 40%.

Final Phase – Lastly, the third phase switches her attacks into Imaginary DMG while amping up her damage potential significantly. She will utilise all of her past mechanics, including the ability to summon both types of Lotuses at the same time. She can also Lock On certain characters while initiating the Bloom status on her Lotuses. Since her attacks now deal Imaginary DMG, she can easily delay your characters’ actions, so it’s crucial to have cleansers in your team to counteract this. Her Arbor Apotheosis AoE ATK deals significantly higher damage, and you’ll want to make sure your team is healed up and ready for it.

Building an Effective Strategy Against Phantylia

Phantylia Explosion

Despite Phantylia being a difficult boss battle, there are several strategies you can use to counter her attack patterns and phases.

  1. Know When to Attack or Not Attack the Lotuses – Phantylia’s Abundance Lotuses are vulnerable against Wind and Imaginary DMG. However, her Destruction Lotuses will most likely be in a protected state where no elemental weaknesses apply. Make sure to attack only the Abundance Lotuses when they’re present, and focus all your attacks on Phantylia herself. It’s best to ignore her Destruction Lotuses since you won’t be dealing that much damage against them due to their protected state.
  2. Invest in Wind and Lightning Characters – There’s a reason why we’re getting Kafka and Blade in Version 1.2. That’s because they’re two of your best options against Phantylia. If you don’t have them, you’ll have plenty of options, including free Wind units like Dan Heng and Lightning units like Serval. Make sure to build these characters up to maximise your damage output.
  3. Bring Characters Who Can Counter Debuffs – Characters like Natasha, Luocha, and Bronya can easily dispel Phantylia’s debuffs like Prana-Siphon, which significantly lowers your team’s max HP. Having these characters in your team can help you maintain your HP and ensure your survival during the fight.
  4. Multi-Target Characters Provide Great Value – Focusing your attacks on the Lotuses first before attacking Phantylia can do you more harm than good. Instead, bring characters that can deal multi-target damage, such as Serval, Kafka, Sampo, or Welt. These characters can also deal considerable damage to Phantylia while attacking the Lotuses at the same time, making your fight more efficient.
  5. Use Abundance Lotuses to Your Advantage – Abundance Lotuses can take away Skill Points from your team every turn, but they will also give them all back once they’re defeated. With that knowledge, you can strategically plan your attacks. Use powerful skills when you have an abundance of Skill Points, and aim to defeat the Lotuses when your Skill Points are running low. This way, you can regain your Skill Points and continue using your powerful skills.
  6. Managing HP – Given the use of Prana-Siphon and the high damage from her Arbor Apotheosis ATK, maintaining your team’s HP is crucial. You’ll need to make sure you have characters who can heal and also keep an eye on your characters’ max HP. Shielders can offer additional protection, which can be especially helpful during her final phase.
    Imbibitor Lunae Attack
  7. Don’t Waste Imbibitor Lunae’s Attack – Imbibitor Lunae acts as a support character that can dish out big damage numbers against Phantylia once you’ve filled up his energy. Make sure to use this whenever possible. However, don’t use it right before the end of a phase. To maximise damage, use it as an opening attack once Phantylia’s next phase starts.
  8. Control the Battlefield – Finally, controlling the battlefield is a key part of this fight. This means knowing when to top up your team’s HP, when to use your special abilities, and knowing which targets to prioritise. Use your team’s buffs and debuffs wisely to maximise your damage output and minimise the damage you take. If you can control the battlefield well, you can significantly reduce the difficulty of the fight against Phantylia.

The HoYoverse team really knows when to step up their game. The fight against Phantylia is an excellent example of their creativity and dedication to creating engaging and challenging content for players. Defeating Phantylia may be a bit difficult at first, but with the right strategies and a good sense of character building, you’ll be able to overcome this challenge and reap the rewards. With each failure comes a new opportunity to learn and improve. So, keep your head up and continue to strive for victory.

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