From Strange to Surreal: Honkai Star Rail’s Most Bizarre Weapons


Honkai Star Rail Weapons (1)In the realm of gaming, creativity knows no bounds, and the creative team behind the design of Honkai: Star Rail is perhaps one of the best examples of this. HoYoverse really took its time to create a vibrant world that’s designed very well with some interesting stories behind them. The development team certainly pushed the limits when it comes to weapon design. From transforming briefcases to baseball bats, this game has it all. Let’s dive right in and explore some of the most bizarre weapons you can find in Honkai: Star Rail.

Baseball Bat

Trailblazer Bat HSR

Of course, let’s start off with our very own Trailblazer’s signature weapon. For the first half of the game, your Main Character is relegated to using a mere baseball bat as their primary weapon. You’ll be fighting interdimensional enemies, automatons, cursed soldiers, and mythical creatures with a good old-fashioned swing of a baseball bat. It’s definitely an unconventional choice for a weapon, but it adds a unique charm to the gameplay. Talk about resourcefulness!

Electric Guitar

Serval Guitar 2 HSR

Serval, one of the free characters you get just by playing the story, is a scientist and inventor who also likes to rock out. She creates a weapon that combines her two passions – an electric guitar that doubles as a deadly weapon. Not only can she strum some killer riffs, but she can also unleash powerful sound waves that emit lightning capable of dealing damage over time. Plus, she can use the guitar itself to come up to enemies and whack them over the head. It’s a weapon that’s as cool as it is deadly.

Guitar Case

Gepard Guitar Case HSR

If you can build a guitar that’s durable enough to be a deadly weapon, then you probably won’t need a guitar case anymore. But instead of ditching the case, Serval repurposed it into a defensive weapon for her brother, Gepard. With her tech ingenuity and engineering skills, Serval turned her guitar case into Earthwork, a heavy force field device that can protect Gepard and anyone around him from incoming attacks. It’s the perfect tool for a captain of the Silverman Guards to have in battle, providing both offence and defence.

Box of Chocolates

Sampo Chocolate HSR

Daggers are the weapon of choice of a sketchy and mischievous character like Sampo. However, whenever he unleashes his ultimate attack, he surprises his opponents by pulling out a seemingly harmless box of chocolates instead. Little do they know, this box of chocolates is not filled with sweet treats but with a flash-bang explosive. Sampo has modified the box to conceal a small explosive device. When he opens the box, it releases a blinding flash of light and a deafening bang, disorienting his enemies and giving him the advantage in combat. He can then use his daggers to swiftly take them down while they are disoriented. It’s a clever and unexpected weapon that catches his opponents off guard.

Pizza Cutter

Himeko Pizza Cutter HSR

Pizza cutters are not typically associated with deadly weapons, but in the hands of Himeko, the leader of the Astral Express crew, it becomes a deadly tool of destruction. Her main weapon looks like an ordinary briefcase, but it can then transform into a pizza cutter with razor-sharp blades. While it does look a lot like a pizza cutter, it’s also actually a drone that she can deploy to fly around and attack her enemies. While her weapon may seem unconventional, Himeko’s pizza cutter is a deadly and versatile tool that perfectly complements her ingenuity and her status as the leader of the Astral Express crew.


Luocha Coffin HSR

Now, things are getting weirder as we delve into Luocha’s weapon of choice – a coffin. Luocha is a wandering healer and merchant that we meet in the Xianzhou Luofu that seemingly carries around a coffin wherever he goes. However, this is no ordinary coffin. He uses it for his ultimate attack, unleashing a wave of Imaginary energy that can obliterate his enemies. Luocha mainly uses a sword when he fights, but his coffin serves as a powerful and unexpected weapon. The mystery behind the coffin is yet to be fully revealed, but it adds to Luocha’s enigmatic and unpredictable nature as a character.


Sushang Chicken HSR

And now we come to the most bizarre weapon of them all by far – a chicken. Yes, you read that right, a chicken. Sushang, a new member of the Cloud Knights who favours using a two-handed sword, likes to summon a chicken when unleashing her ultimate attack. This chicken, which she calls “Phoenix”, is a gigantic bird that attacks by jumping high and crushing down on her enemies with its massive weight. It may sound absurd, but Sushang has trained the chicken to follow her commands and use its unique abilities to her advantage in battle. Nobody expects a chicken to be a deadly weapon, but in Sushang’s hands, it becomes just that. It adds an element of humour and unpredictability to her character, making her an entertaining and memorable fighter.

Those are just some of the weirdest and most bizarre weapons you can find in Honkai: Star Rail. There are obviously other weapons out there that are equally strange and unconventional, but these are some of the standout ones that caught our attention. The creativity and imagination of the design team truly shine through in these unique and unconventional weapons. Whether it’s a weapon disguised as a household object or a weapon that defies the laws of physics, Honkai: Star Rail definitely delivers on the strange and surreal. So, if you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s out of the ordinary, give Honkai: Star Rail a try and see how these bizarre weapons can enhance your gameplay.

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