Hitting Trailblaze Level 65 in Honkai Star Rail: What to Do Next?


Honkai Star Rail Trail Blazer 65 (1)It’s only been a couple of months since Honkai: Star Rail’s official launch, and players have been hitting Trailblaze Level (TL) 65-70 already without even breaking a sweat. This is essentially endgame territory already, meaning you’ll be facing significantly stronger enemies and challenges. 

If you’re one of those players who’ve hit this level and are preparing to grind through the last five levels in the game, congratulations! You’ve reached an impressive milestone by reaching the endgame content. So what should you do next after hitting Trailblaze Level 65 in Honkai: Star Rail? In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the things that change at this level and what you can focus on while waiting for further updates from the HoYoverse team. Let’s dive in!

What Does Hitting Trailblaze 65 Mean?

TL65 Upgrade Mission HSR

As you may know, the highest Trailblaze Level you can achieve currently in the game is TL70, and that’s locked behind Equilibrium 6, which is only available to players who have hit TL65 and have successfully passed the final Trial of Equilibrium. Beyond this point are the last five Trailblaze levels, which all require a ton of Trailblaze EXP and Trailblaze Power that you need to grind through. Before you complete the Trial of Equilibrium 6, you better be ready for some serious challenges and battles.

For the most part, Equilibrium 6 will give you access to unlock the last Difficulty levels in the Simulated Universe, Caverns of Corrosion, Echo of War, and Stagnant Shadow. These are your typical farming dungeons. However, unlocking Equilibrium 6 gives you access to Level 80 enemies as well as Level 90 bosses. They all pack quite a punch and can easily wipe out your entire team if you’re under-levelled or undergeared. 

However, with a sharp increase in difficulty, comes an increase in rewards. You can expect to earn more EXP and other valuable resources from these higher-level dungeons. To better give you an idea of what to expect when reaching Trailblaze Level 65, here’s a quick rundown:

Challenges Unlocked at TL65:

  • Level 80 mobs and up to Level 90 bosses
  • Caverns of Corrosion Difficulty 6 no longer drops 3-star Relics
  • Unlock Difficulty 5 for Worlds 3 and 4 in Simulated Universe
  • Unlock Difficulty 4 for Worlds 5, 6, and 7 in Simulated Universe
  • Enemies have higher health, stronger attacks, and increased resistance to status effects.

Echo of War TL65 HSR

Rewards Unlocked at TL 65:

  • More unique boss drops, credits, and Lucent Afterglow in Echo of War
  • Guaranteed two 5-star Relics and a low chance of getting three 5-star Relics in Caverns of Corrosion, Echo of War, and Simulated Universe
  • Receive 5 Star Rail Passes, 6 Fuel, 1 Tracks of Destiny, 100 Stellar Jades, and 410,000 Credits upon completing Trailblaze Levels 65-70.

Tips for Players Hitting TL65

Simulated Universe HSR

TL65 is truly reserved for players who have reached a high level of skill and mastery in the game. It’s not for the faint of heart or those who are just starting out. Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate your way around TL65:

Optimise Your Builds

If there’s really anything you should focus on before attempting TL65, it’s optimising your builds. Make sure you have strong and upgraded Traces, Relics, and Light Cones. This is the right time to finally perfect your builds and make sure you have the best gear available to you. Remember, enemies can go as high as Level 90, while your characters only have a maximum level of 80. That means you’ll need every advantage you can get if you want to survive and beat your opponents.

Team Composition Matters

Having a well-balanced team is crucial in TL65. Make sure you have a mix of DPS, support, and flex units that will complete your team composition. Make sure you have good elemental coverage, enough survivability, and hard-hitting damage dealers. Clearing out the Forgotten Hall requires you to have two teams that are capable of taking on different challenges, so make sure to have a strong roster of characters to choose from.

Farm Relics as Much as You Can

If you’ve been holding out on farming Relics, now is the time to start. Relics play a significant role in TL65, as they provide additional stats and bonuses to your characters. While optimising your Relics and builds, pay attention to each piece of gear’s substats and try to get the best ones possible. For instance, if you’re trying to beef up March 7th or Gepard’s shielding capabilities, you’ll need every little DEF or HP substats you can get from your Relics.

Make Your Daily Routine More Efficient

Since you’ll be using up more of your Trailblaze Power on farming gear and materials, you need to be efficient with your daily routine. Make sure to prioritise your activities and focus on what will give you the most benefits. This includes completing your daily missions and participating in events that offer valuable rewards. Watch out for Planar Fissure, Garden of Plenty, and Realm of the Strange events, which give out double rewards for certain activities. Additionally, make use of the Auto Battle function to speed up your farming and grinding process. This will allow you to save time and energy while still progressing in the game.

Use Your Fuel for Farming

Progressing through Trailblaze Levels, events, and missions gives you some Fuel that you can then transform into Trailblaze Power. If you’ve saved up a lot of them, then TL65 would be the perfect time to use them for farming. Use your Fuel to replenish your Trailblaze Power and use that power to farm for gear, materials, and Relics. You can also use your spare Stellar Jades to replenish your Trailblaze Power for additional farming runs.

Finish Your Trailblaze and Companion Missions

If you’ve been focusing on farming and you’ve exhausted all your Trailblaze Power, this is the perfect opportunity to complete your Trailblaze and Companion Missions. These missions provide valuable rewards and will give you some good story missions about your favourite characters. There are also new side missions added for time-limited events, so make sure to check those out as well. 

Reaching TL65 in Honkai: Star Rail can be an accomplishment and a turning point in your progress in the game. It opens up new opportunities for farming, allowing you to further strengthen your characters and acquire valuable resources. Although it comes with a huge power boost and new challenges, it is important to be strategic in how you use your resources and prioritise your goals. By following these tips, you can make the most out of your journey through TL65 and continue to thrive in the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

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