Predict the Future and Win Battles: HSR Fu Xuan Build Guide


HSR Fu XuanFor many people, the future is always unclear and unpredictable. But with the help of a sage like Fu Xuan, predicting the future is not only possible but also essential for success in any endeavour. That’s exactly what the newest featured character in Honkai Star Rail is all about. Fu Xuan, the Master Diviner of the Luofu’s Divination Commission, takes the spotlight in the second phase of Version 1.3 of Honkai: Star Rail and is here to predict the future for a more favourable outcome. If you want to stay ahead of the game and win against any opponent, then this guide is for you. Let’s take a deep dive into Fu Xuan’s kit and what makes her one of the most sought-after characters in the game.

Who is Fu Xuan?

The Xianzhou Alliance relies heavily on the power of divination when it comes to governing all of the ships and the residents under its command. The diviners under the Divination Commission are highly respected and play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the Alliance. Fu Xuan plays an integral part as the Master Diviner of the Commission and works hand-in-hand with Xianzhou Luofu’s Arbiter-General, Jing Yuan, in maintaining order and balance within the Alliance. During the Astral Express Crew’s stay in the Luofu, Fu Xuan’s diviner abilities were crucial in discovering Kafka’s and Blade’s motives in infiltrating the Luofu and revealing the mastermind behind the attacks on its citizens. 

Fu Xuan’s Abilities and Playstyle

Fu Xuan Ult HSR

Fu Xuan is a Quantum character following the path of Preservation. Unlike previous Preservation characters, however, she doesn’t provide a shield as part of her core kit. Instead, Fu Xuan provides a beefy DMG reduction buff to all allies, as well as distributing 65% of the DMG received by her teammates to herself. This allows her to tank heavy hits and keep her team alive, which is essentially what Preservation characters specialise in. She’s considered an all-around sustain unit that can heal, reduce incoming DMG, buff allies, and protect her teammates from debuffs. Let’s take a closer look at each of her skills:

Novaburst (Basic ATK) – Fu Xuan fires an energy blast that deals Quantum DMG equal to 25%-55% of her max HP.

Bleak Breeds Bliss (Talent) – The entire team gains Misfortune Avoidance as long as Fu Xuan is active, reducing damage taken by 10%—19.6%. When Fu Xuan’s HP drops to 50% or below, her HP Restore effect triggers, restoring 80%—92% of her missing health. However, it won’t activate if she receives a killing blow. This effect defaults to 1 trigger count but can go up to 2.

Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts (Skill) – Fu Xuan’s Matrix of Prescience enables other team members to share 65% of their taken damage (before any shields) with her for three turns. It also grants a Knowledge effect, boosting Max HP by 3%—6.6% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP and CRIT Rate by 6%—13.2%. However, when Fu Xuan is knocked down, the Matrix is dispelled. The Matrix’s duration is based on Fu Xuan’s turn and not any of her targeted allies. Also, this effect doesn’t regenerate energy for her.

Woes of Many Morphed to One (Ultimate) – Inflicts Quantum DMG on all enemies equal to 60%—108% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP and triggers one count for the HP Restore effect from Fu Xuan’s Talent.

Of Fortune Comes Fate (Technique) – Using this technique grants the team a 20-second Barrier that can block all enemy attacks and prevent battle initiation. If the Barrier is active and the team enters battle, Fu Xuan activates the Matrix of Prescience automatically, lasting two turns.

What Makes Fu Xuan Unique?

Fu Xuan Skill HSR

As mentioned before, Fu Xuan is quite different from any of the previous Preservation characters introduced in the game. She doesn’t protect her teammates by means of a Shield. She instead uses the power of the Matrix of Prescience to reduce incoming DMG and absorb damage for her team. This makes her stand out and requires a much different way of approaching battles compared to other Preservation characters.

Eidolons and Trace Priority

Fu Xuan Traces HSR

For Fu Xuan, prioritising her Skill and Talent should be at the top of your list when building her as your main tank and support unit. It’s best to max out those two Traces first as well as unlocking her Ascension Traces to make her more effective in battle. Her Basic ATK and Ultimate comes only second as she doesn’t rely on them too much when supporting her team.

Fu Xuan Eidolon HSR

Fu Xuan’s Eidolons make her quite a formidable and well-rounded character. However, they’re not entirely necessary as you can still make use of her skills even with no Eidolons unlocked. However, if your goal is to make your team practically unkillable, then going for at least her E2 is highly recommended. Her second Eidolon grants your team another chance at life by negating a killing blow and restoring 70% of their max HP. While the effect can only be triggered once per battle, it’s quite a game-changer and can turn the tides in a difficult battle.

Building Fu Xuan: Light Cones and Relics

Light Cones

Fu Xuan Light Cone HSR

Fu Xuan’s signature Light Cone, She Already Shut Her Eyes is more than enough to bring her entire kit together. It provides some high-base stats and an HP bonus to further boost her sustainability. This 5-Star Light Cone also provides a handy DMG buff for the entire team and even some bonus healing. While it’s the best option for Fu Xuan, going for an F2P-friendly 5-Star Light Cone like Texture of Memories isn’t so bad either. This is your second-best option as it provides Effect RES and grants a Shield to the user. Whenever Fu Xuan is attacked, she also gains a DMG Reduction buff when equipped with this Light Cone. You can easily obtain this by purchasing it from Herta’s Store. Some 3-Star and 4-Star options to consider include:

  • Day One of My New Life (4-Star) – Grants a boost in DEF and DMG Resistance for all allies
  • Landau’s Choice (4-Star) – DMG Reduction, Increased Aggro
  • Defense (3-Star) – Restore 18% of HP when using Ultimate


Fu Xuan Relic HSR

Fu Xuan scales from HP, which makes it your top priority when looking for Relics. Since she’ll be absorbing a whole lot of damage, you need to build your Fu Xuan with as much HP as you can. When looking at substats, prioritise DEF, Energy Regeneration Rate (ERR), and Effect RES. You can also consider SPD, but only up to the breakpoint you need to make Fu Xuan effective in your team composition. Consider the following when choosing Relic pieces:

  • Body – HP
  • Boots – HP/SPD
  • Sphere – HP
  • Link Rope – ERR/HP

For Relic sets, your best bet is to go for a 2-piece mixed combo for better stat flexibility and to maximise Fu Xuan’s sustainability. 

  • Full Sustain Build = 4-piece Guard of Wuthering Snow
  • Break Effect/Quantum DMG Build = 4-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars
  • Mixed Build = 2-piece Longevous Disciple + 2-piece Messenger Traversing Hackerspace / 2-piece Guard of Wuthering Snow + 2-piece Knight of Purity Palace

Lastly, for Planar Ornaments, you really only have two choices for a support build for Fu Xuan, which is Fleet of the Ageless and Broken Keel. The former provides HP and bonus ATK, while the latter focuses on Effect RES and Crit DMG. Both options work quite well with Fu Xuan’s kit.

Team Comp Recommendations

Fu Xuan Team Comp HSR

Perhaps the best thing about Fu Xuan is how universal her kit is and can be pretty much viable for any team composition. However, some characters just seem to benefit more from her unorthodox “shielding” capability, like Blade, who revels in getting damaged by enemies. Since Blade’s mechanic of boosting his damage as he gets hit doesn’t really work well with traditional shielders like Gepard and March 7th, Fu Xuan’s kit makes her the only Preservation character that has great synergy with Blade and with any other character with a similar mechanic as him. 

Mono Quantum teams are now more viable since you now have a good sustain and support unit for characters like Silver Wolf, Seele, and Qingque. Previously, you could only make a Duo Quantum team consisting of Silver Wolf, some Quantum DPS, and a healer with a different element like Luocha or Bailu. With the arrival of Fu Xuan, a truly Mono Quantum is more possible than ever.

You can pretty much replace any of your shielders or even healers with Fu Xuan since she provides a well-rounded kit consisting of healing, DMG reduction, buffing and even debuff resistance. She can work well in teams that focus on sustain and survivability, such as a tanky team with characters like Clara and Blade or a more DPS-focused team consisting of Sushang, Jing Yuan, or even Kafka.

As the Master Diviner, Fu Xuan brings a unique playstyle to the game with her Preservation abilities. She excels at tanking heavy hits and keeping her team alive, making her a valuable support character. With her all-around sustain capabilities, Fu Xuan is a versatile and reliable asset to any team, and you should definitely save some of your Stellar Jades so you can add her to your roster.

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