Honkai Star Rail Currency Explained: Beginner’s Guide


HSR Currency GuideLike most Gacha games, Honkai Star Rail utilizes a complex array of currencies that can be used for a variety of purposes, including summoning new characters, upgrading equipment, and purchasing items in the shop. Are you just starting your journey in Honkai Star Rail and feeling a bit overwhelmed by its in-game currency system? Fear not, as we have crafted this comprehensive guide to help you understand the intricacies of this game’s currency. This beginner’s guide will shed light on various currencies in Honkai Star Rail, their functions, acquisition methods, and optimal usage. After reading this, you’ll be fully equipped to navigate the economic landscape of this popular game like a pro. Let’s dive in.

Currency HSR


The most common and easily obtainable currency in Honkai Star Rail is Credits. Credits are primarily used to purchase basic items from the NPC shops and upgrade your characters’ Traces and equipment. You can earn Credits by participating in battles, completing missions, and through daily mission rewards. You can also farm credits from golden Calyxes called Bud of Treasures or send out your characters to an assignment. While it’s easy enough to obtain Credits, it’s important to manage them wisely since they’re needed for a variety of essential upgrades and purchases. If you’re aiming to build a new character from the ground up and make them a formidable fighter, expect to spend millions of Credits in the process.

Stellar Jades

Honkai: Star Rail employs a form of a premium currency called Stellar Jades, which can be used to procure Star Rail Passes or Star Rail Special Passes at the store or Warp Menu for 160 Stellar Jades apiece. You can also use them to top up your Traiblaze Power if you want to farm more Calyxes and dungeons. They’re quite a precious resource that can be obtained through in-app purchases or occasionally as rewards in events and promotions. Story missions and side missions also reward Stellar Jades, so make sure to complete them to earn more of this valuable currency. It’s important to note that Stellar Jades are a limited resource since there are also a limited number of missions in the game that award them. Therefore, it’s recommended to use them wisely and prioritize the items or passes that are most beneficial to your gameplay. You can either wait for new updates or events, or better yet top-up your Stellar Jades through in-app purchases if you’re in need of more.

One economical way of getting Stellar Jades is to buy an Express Supply Pass, which is a 30-day subscription that grants you daily Stellar Jades and other rewards. This can be a cost-effective way to accumulate Stellar Jades over time without having to make one-time purchases. 

Oneiric Shards

If Stellar Jades are a premium form of currency, then Oneiric Shards are the premium special currency in the game that can only be bought using real money. You can buy Oneiric Shards then convert those shards into Stellar Jades on a one-to-one ratio. Oneiric Shards can also be used to buy resource bundles in the Contract Shop, which will give you Credits, level-up materials, and Fuel.

Getting Oneiric is easy enough through Codashop or in-app purchases, but it is important to consider the cost and value before making these purchases. If you’re not that much of a big spender, you can also get 300 free Oneiric Shards whenever you buy an Express Supply Pass.

Star Rail Pass

A Star Rail Pass is a consumable item mainly used for Stellar Warp and Departure Warp. If you want to get new characters from the game’s standard banner (Stellar Warp), then this is the pass that you use. The Departure Warp is a limited novice banner that also uses Star Rail Passes, but it’s only available to new players for a total of 50 warps. Star Rail Passes can be obtained by exchanging Stellar Jades in the Store or buying them with your Undying Embers or Undying Starlights. They can also be obtained from Herta’s Store in the Simulated Universe, certain quests and events, and whenever you level up your characters.

Star Rail Special Pass

For limited-time event Warps, the Star Rail Special Pass is used. This pass allows players to access special event banners and obtain exclusive characters or Light Cones. Like regular Star Rail Passes, Star Rail Special Passes can be obtained in the Store through exchanging Stellar Jades, Undying Embers, and Undying Starlights. Watch out for limited-time events like the Gift of Odyssey since they grant free Star Rail Special Passes when you login for seven days.

Undying Embers and Undying Starlight

Embers Exchange HSR

In the Store’s Ember Exchange tabs, you’ll see a couple of exclusive items that can be bought by Undying Embers. This is another form of currency in the Store that you can use to purchase Star Rail Passes, Star Rail Special Passes, Tracks of Destiny, and various enhancement materials.

On the other hand, Undying Starlight is a rarer form of currency that works similarly to Undying Embers. They are mainly used to purchase Passes along with the added benefit of being able to buy certain 5-star Light Cones and 4-star Characters.

Right now, there’s no direct way of obtaining both Undying Starlight and Undying Embers in the game. Instead, you can get them as a byproduct of initiating Warps. The more Warps you initiate, the more Embers and Starlights you get. However, the amount of currency you can obtain depends on the Light Cone or character you were able to get from the Warp. Here’s a table of the number of Undying Embers and Undying Starlights you can obtain from Warps:

Reward from Warp Undying Embers Undying Starlight
New Character
Duplicate 5-star Character (Eidolons Maxed) 100
Duplicate 5-star Character 40
Duplicate 4-star Character (Eidolons Maxed) 20
Duplicate 4-star Character 8
5-star Light Cone 40
4-star Light Cone 8
3-star Light Cone 20


Hertareum is a store currency used only on the World Shop in the Herta Space Station. Look for the NPC Wen Shiqi to open the store and buy Credits, recipes, enhancement materials, and even Relics. The rarest item you can buy with Hertareum is perhaps the Shadow of Destruction, which unlocks the Eidolon of Destruction Trailblazer. Hertareum can be obtained by exploring the Herta Space Station and completing Adventure Missions.


Jarilo-VI also has its own World Shop and its own currency in the form of Shield. Located in the Underground Shop in Boulder Town, Lauder, the NPC will let you purchase a similar set of items as Wen Shiqi’s store, with some changes. You can buy the usual enhancement materials and Credits, but a different set of Relics and Recipes can be bought from him. You can also get more Shadow of Destruction here by exchanging 1000 Shields. Obtain Shield by exploring Belobog and the surrounding areas, as well as completing Adventure Missions.


World Shop HSR

Aboard the Xianzhou Luofu, you’ll find Strale as the main currency used in their World Shop. Right by the Central Starskiff Haven, you’ll find Pawnbroker Handian, who is the NPC in charge of the Jewelelr’s Pagoda store. By gathering up Strale from exploring the Luofu and completing Adventure Missions, you can get enough Strale to buy some useful items. Most notably, you can get Shadow of Preservation from this store, which can be used to unlock the Preservation Trailblazer’s Eidolons.

Herta Bond

Whenever you complete a Simulated Universe world for the first time, you’ll be awarded Herta Bonds, which is a currency used to purchase items from the Herta Store. You can also complete the weekly clearance points in the Simulated Universe to get more Herta Bonds. Exchanging them can give you 5-star Light Cones, Star Rail Passes, and Superimposers.

Lucent Afterglow

Completing the three weekly runs of Echo of War gives you a certain currency called Lucent Afterglow. You can also get this currency by completing stages in the Forgotten Hall located in the Astral Express. This currency only has one use, which is to buy 4-Star Light cones from the Light Cone Manifest store.

Those are the main types of currency in Honkai Star Rail. Each currency serves its own purpose and can be acquired through different methods. It’s important to understand the functions and acquisition methods of each currency in order to make the most efficient use of them. Remember to prioritize your spending and make strategic choices to progress in the game effectively. Good luck on your journey in Honkai Star Rail!

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