New Features We’d Like to See in the Next Major Genshin Impact Update


Genshin Impact New Mechanics & FeaturesWith masterful world-building and exhilarating combat, Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG that’s so easy to love. 

HoYoverse has wowed us in the past three years by adding exciting features like the Serenitea Pot and Genius Invokation TCG, and I can’t help but feel excited about Genshin Impact’s future. Now that Fontaine is almost here, here are some features I’d like to see in the next major update! 

New modes of transport

New regions bring several more days of thorough exploration. Although it’s guaranteed that the sights we’ll see will be a delight, it can still get exhausting, especially if you’re a returning player who has mountains of backlogs. A mount system that can help Travellers explore vast, intricate landscapes and multi-level underground maps quickly can be of great help as it will bring a fresh new twist to exploration and give players more time to appreciate the other aspects of the game. 

Raising these mounts also sounds like a fun progression system to participate in, whether it’s a galloping Sumpter Beast or a majestic Red Vulture. 

Genshin Red Vulture

Character loadouts

Now and then, Genshin Impact introduces new artifact sets and weapons that either shift the meta or give birth to new builds. Pair that with the complex Elemental Reaction system, and you get flexible characters with varying builds. Switching through builds and reassembling an artifact set can get troublesome with today’s interface, as players must attach the artifacts individually. Giving us the option to create loadouts with artifact sets, weapons, and even cosmetics (costumes and gliders), will be a welcome addition, as it can help us convert to the most optimal builds more conveniently. 

Genshin Artifacts

More Co-op content

The wacky and friendly community is one of the many reasons why I keep playing this game. While there’s no need to play Genshin Impact in multiplayer, having more co-op activities to share with friends would be fun. Adding daily or weekly battle pass quests can liven up the co-op experience and encourage more Travellers to play with new friends. Imagine they go all out, remove the co-op limitations, and release a 20-man raid boss! 

Bringing back recurring game modes like Theatre Mechanicus, Windtrace, and Divine Ingenuity more often will also add to the fun and give players more things to look forward to.

Genshin Chongyun

More resin

With an expanding character roster and limited daily resin, Travellers may need help managing this precious resource when building multiple characters. Adding more resin for artifact and talent book farming can go a long way in helping players build stronger teams for the overworld. More resin also means more game time for those who are hungry for more action. To balance this, HoYoverse can add five more Condensed Resin for the casual players. 

Genshin Resin

Genshin Impact’s stellar run has gotten Travellers around the world excited for its future. While the game continues to evolve, these anticipated features have the potential to elevate the gameplay experience and further solidify the game’s place as the best open-world action RPG. Do you have features in mind that you’d want to see in-game? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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