Wild Rift Guide: Best Champions to Use for Solo Ranking


Wild Rift Best Champions for Solo RankingSolo queue rated games in Wild Rift can be described in one word: stressful. Why, you ask? Because you are paired and partnered up with four random people to work with in every game, and you never know who they are. You can have the best teammates in the first game and the worst in the second.

As a result, we can readily conclude that solo-queue in Wild Rift, or in MOBA games in general, is not a place where you can always rely on your friends and will have to carry the games on your own. In this post, we’ll talk about the greatest solo carry champions to climb in Wild Rift, as well as why they’re the best at it.

Baron Lane


camille_skin01Camille is deadly with her hookshots and massive leg blades. Camille is a difficult top lane choice because she is very bothersome, and her ultimate may influence the game’s tempo. Her ability to knock down sluggish carries is also a huge asset. She has exceptional mobility and can sprint through barriers, which she employs to pursue down foes and cut them down to size. Emphasize offensive goods such as Ravenous Hydra to increase your damage output and make you more unstoppable.


Darius_Skin01Darius is perhaps one of the most popular champions in Baron Lane right now, second only to Camille. He is extremely dominant in the early game and during the laning phase. Furthermore, because to the true damage of his ultimate, he is equally effective against soft targets as he is against tanks. Besides his strong laning phase, he is also a threat to team fights. Players will flee from him after he receives an ultimate reset out of fear. Yet, Darius’ greatest strength is his ability to construct protective equipment while still dealing so much damage.

Jungle Lane


Wukong_Skin01Wukong is a fast-moving attack-damage jungler. He has a tremendously powerful early game in terms of clearing and 1 against 1 potential against the opposing jungler, as well as great early game ganks that you can use to snowball your lanes. He’s also a fantastic champion in the middle and late game. His ultimate Cyclone can crowd control an entire team, allowing you to be a true game changer.

Lee Sin

leesin_skin01Lee Sin is an efficient solo-queue champion and one of the most popular champions in the game, especially at high elo. He can do massive amounts of damage, is extremely mobile, and can create plays for his squad. Despite his deterioration in the late game, he is a beast in the early game, especially if he snowballs into the mid-game. He has the potential to lead his team from a strong early game, gaining buffs and objectives, into a better mid-game, making major plays for his teammates with his ult, and securing objectives.

Mid Lane


kaisa_skin01Kai’Sa has a very strong source of DPS from her abilities and passive, a total of two abilities that can be used to protect herself, which are her Ability 3, which is even stronger when upgraded, and her Ultimate, which can be used to dodge abilities, finish up chunked targets, reposition, and so on. She can operate alone, but she is significantly more lethal when coupled with utility assistance, like as Lulu and Janna. Lastly, she performs well with any sort of team composition, which is one of the drawbacks with solo-queue.


Katarina_Skin01Katarina, the Pentakill Machine, is likely one of the best champions on this list if not for her weakness to CC. She is still one of the most hotly contested high elo selections owing to her ability to clean up and provide heavy damage in team battles. Her key strengths are her ability to deliver massive AOE damage and penalize disorganized players, which will be quite prevalent in solo-queue games. But, in order to play her to her full potential, awareness and posture are crucial.

Dragon Lane


jinx_skin01Jinx, like Kai’Sa, is a highly strong solo-queue champion in a different way. Jinx is a worthy addition to this list despite having just one self-peel ability, Ability 3, and no mobility ability at all. Because of her Ability 1, she possesses one of the most constant sources of damage in the game. She may be safe even without self-peel abilities if she has the correct gear, such as Quicksilver and Statis enchant. Her range is very long, and it becomes more wild when combined with Rapidfire Cannon.



blitzcrank_skin01Blitzcrank is a resilient support champion. Because of his Rocket Grab, he is one of the strongest playmaking champions in Wild Rift. He may patrol the battlefield to assist the rest of his team, or he can pull out a squishy carry before a large late-game teamfight. As a result, Blitzcrank is an excellent champion at all phases of the game. He has the power to annihilate the other squad with a single ability tap before the combat even begins.


alistar_skin01Alistar is a champion of support. He excels at engaging with his strong crowd management abilities and serving as your team’s front-line tank. Alistar has a critical combination that you must understand before playing him. This combo is called Headbutt, Pulverize. This combines his second and first abilities, allowing you to effortlessly knock someone out!

The easiest method to practice this combination is to use Wild Rift’s practice mode. Practice pushing Alistar’s second ability and then pressing his first ability as soon as he is set to headbutt the adversary!


Lulu_Skin01Lulu is an enchanter Support Champion. She is skilled in shielding and healing in order to assist her squad and keep them alive. She has a rather good laning phase; just be cautious and make sure the opponent bot lane does not engage onto you because you do not have much health and can die quickly. Lulu improves as the game progresses. Her shields and utility become more more powerful, and you have a lot more options for keeping your squad alive.


Champions, believe it or not, are not the only thing that matters when it comes to carrying games. It is your mentality and thinking that you display in your games. Despite making multiple blunders in a row, high-level players do not quickly back down, give up, or grieve the game. They usually spend more time in the game and find methods to get back into it.

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