Mobile Legends Lane Freezing and Lane Cutting: All you need to know


MLBB Lane Freezing

Many Mobile Legends game strategies have been emerging that players opt to use and sometimes counter to achieve team victory. A pair of these strategies is lane freezing and lane cutting. Some may already be familiar, but many players are still unaware of them. So, what are lane freezing and lane cutting? Read this guide to learn more about these strategies.

What is Lane Freezing?

Lane freezing is a trick where you get to stack a wave of minions to attack your opponent’s base and destroy their turrets without the aid of any heroes. A usual wave of minions usually doesn’t get to destroy the opponent’s turrets. However, lane freezing helps you to do that without having to destroy it by yourself. This is usually done in the early phase of the game and even during the late game, where minions get to upgrade to bigger and stronger sizes.

Lane freezing is done to destroy your opponent’s turret and give a big push towards their base and inhibit farming of opponents, movement of gold, and exp. Aldous is not a fan of lane freezing; it is usually done when Aldous is on the other side of the battlefield. Practice lane freezing, or consider it part of your strategy, so you do not have to ban Aldous on Epic rank games or higher. 

Here is how you can do it:

If you have a strong early-game hero:

  • Try to avoid attacking minions, instead poke your enemies.
  • They will be forced to back off and will be out of reach from minions.
  • Position yourself between the minions and the enemy hero to threaten them from attacking for exp or gold from ally minions.
  • Avoid getting hit by the opponent’s minions as this will enable your ally minions to pass through, giving a free way for your opponent to attack your ally minions. 

If you don’t have a strong early game hero:

  • Bait your enemy to attack you and ally minions.
  • Position yourself between the opponent’s minions and at the edge of your team’s turret range so the minions will be frozen in their position.
  • This leaves your enemy no other choice but to try going nearby the turret to gain exp and gold by poking minions.
  • Use this opportunity to poke the enemy as they try to get closer.

Some heroes are great at lane freezing for respective lanes in the map, they are: 

  • Gold Lane: Beatrix, Claude, Wanwan
  • EXP Lane: Dyrroth, Thamuz, Benedetta

*Mid Lane heroes are required to switch lanes from time to time

MLBB Esmeralda Light EnvoyImage credit: Moonton

What is Lane Cutting?

Lane cutting is another trick where you attack the minions past behind the enemies’ turret, preventing them from pushing towards your base to attack your ally minions. It usually requires attack speed and precision on where you will be standing since once you perform lane cutting, you are prone to turret attacks which can be costly. Ensure that you are out of range of the turret and your opponent’s minions are within your range. 

Advantages of Lane Cutting

  • Enables your team to gain gold and EXP faster.
  • Inhibits your opponent from lane freezing opportunities.
  • Enables better lane clearing and secures the lane while letting your EXP laner roam to other lanes.

Best heroes for Lane Cutting: 

  • Esmeralda
  • Uranus
  • Dyrroth
  • Jawhead
  • Argus


  • Makes heroes prone to ambush, especially when done alone.
  • Risk of getting attacked by turrets.
  • Requires attack speed, and quick escape just in case enemies attempt an ambush.



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