PUBG Mobile Ranking System Explained


PUBG Mobile Ranking System Explained

Short Introduction of Ranked Games

Competitive ranks have been a fixture in most online games since their origin in the tournament scene. In the early days of video game tournaments, an approximation of a rank was devised to determine where each player is slotted where. This entails hours of gameplay in relation to the skill level of the player. Higher hours of gameplay mean a higher understanding of the game. 

In games like PUBG Mobile, the same kind of measurement applies. Players who are familiar with Battle Royale survival games and shooters will have an advantage over those who are not familiar with either genre of the video game. This article will explain the ranking system of PUBG Mobile and provide pointers on the expectations of each rank. But first, we have to explain why ranked games are important.

Why is Ranking Important, Anyway?

Ranked games are important because it determines the skill level of the player in relation to the hours spent playing. However, there are external factors that affect the player’s gameplay. For example, motivation. Some players play ranked games to climb up the ranks and be one of the best players in the world. While there are some players that, like me, would just play to know which rank they currently stand in. The motivation to rank up is not there, but the idea that I know where I stand in terms of ranking may incentivize me to play even further. Another aspect of the importance of ranked games is the idea that it makes the player a better version of themselves. By learning and adapting to different strategies, players competing for rank often find themselves problem-solving on the spot by recognizing the patterns of other players and taking risks.

A Little Bit About Matchmaking

Within the ranked ecosystem lies a mechanic that determines the player’s matchmaking rank (MMR), which has some complicated calculations. To simplify this, let’s take my own account as an example.

I currently stand at Bronze I with 10 rank rating (RR) left before I reach Silver V. This means that after one game, there is a 50% chance for me to get the 10 RR or lose until at least another 10 RR. For me to get a chance at getting the remaining 10 RR to rank up, I must be in a match against either a) players who rank the same as I am, b) players who rank slightly above me (like Silver IV), or c) players who rank way above me (up to any of the Platinum tiers). I can get some RR from eliminating those who are below the highest-ranking player in the match and survive until the top 10. But to maximize RR distribution, getting to eliminate the best player in the match, the highest ranking player, and being the only survivor will add at least 50 RR to my current rank.

Now, ideally, players will want to focus on getting eliminations to get into the top 10. However, this is not an effective or efficient strategy to employ. This will be explained later.

PUBG Mobile Ranks

PUBG Mobile Ranks

PUBG Mobile currently has eight ranks, and 6 of these ranks are divided into tiers, while the remaining 2 ranks are for the top players of PUBG Mobile. The rank is as follows, from lowest to highest:

  • Bronze

Bronze V

Bronze IV

Bronze III

Bronze II

Bronze I

  • Silver

Silver V

Silver IV

Silver III

Silver II

Silver I

  • Gold

Gold V

Gold IV

Gold III

Gold II

Gold I

  • Platinum

Platinum V

Platinum IV

Platinum III

Platinum II

Platinum I

  • Diamond

Diamond V

Diamond IV

Diamond III

Diamond II

Diamond I

  • Crown

Crown V

Crown IV

Crown III

Crown II

Crown I

  • Ace
  • Conqueror

Ace and Conqueror ranks only differ in placement since Conquerors are essentially the top 500 Ace players in each server. Otherwise, both ranks are in the same queue. As for the rank progression of Bronze to Crown players, as seen on the list above, the lowest numbered tier within the rank is the highest in that rank. This means that a Bronze I player is better than a Bronze IV player. Rank is different when you play solo, duos, or squads. Your rank in solo will not affect your rank in the other modes and vice versa.

To check your rank, just tap the “Season” tab at the bottom of the screen, and your current rank will be displayed along with how many RR left to reach certain ranks.

Rank Rewards

PUBG Mobile Rank Rewards

Reaching certain ranks give rewards to players that are exclusive in the season. In low ranks (Bronze III to Silver I), the rewards are Supply Crate Vouchers and Season Tokens. Starting Gold V, Apparel will be rewarded alongside Supply Crate Vouchers and Season Tokens. Platinum V will reward players with glasses. Diamond V gives players a weapon skin. Crown V gives players a Rank Protection Card good for one use. While Ace and Conqueror ranks give out a mask, emblem, and frame, respectively.

Rank Reset

Rank resets happen every after a season is over, determined by the duration of the Royale Pass. Those who finished the season in Bronze or Silver will retain their rank the next season. The following list shows the rank reset for the other ranks:

Finish Season In… Rank Resets To…
Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, Gold V Gold V
Platinum IV, Platinum V, Gold I Gold IV
Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III Gold III
Diamond III, Diamond IV, Diamond V Gold II
Diamond I, Diamond II Gold I
Crown IV, Crown V Platinum V
Crown II, Crown III Platinum IV
Crown I Platinum III
Ace 1, Ace 2, Ace 3, Ace 4, Ace 5 Platinum II
Conqueror, Ace 6 Platinum I


Tips to Rank Up

There are some clear, no-brainer ways to rank up in PUBG Mobile. Eliminating players helps; however, remember that PUBG Mobile is a survival game. Finding ways to survive and getting at least a Top 10 finish can drastically improve your rank. Here is a non-authoritative list of tips on what you can do to survive and rank up:

  1. Eliminating enemies is good, but do not only focus on getting frags.
  2. Heal up or at least have a high life bar (above 70%) by the end of the match. Healing adds to RR because it shows how conscious players are about surviving.
  3. Be aware of your weapon’s firing mechanism. The M16 has single and burst modes. The SCAR-L has full-auto, burst, and single modes. In tight situations, being absent-minded about the firing mode of your loadout may cost your survival.
  4. Always scavenge the backpack of the enemies you eliminated. They may give out ammo, armor, and health.
  5. Sprint but not in a straight line. There are insanely good marksmen in the game who can snipe their enemies from an optimum angle. This is where the sprint-lock is helpful. The advantage of having a sprint-lock (flick the virtual joystick up to sprint indefinitely) is players can sprint long distances while making different patterns in case there is a threat of a sniper. I always run in a zig-zag pattern in Erangel, where there is a wide field and some high-rise structures in sight.


So there we go. A little guide on PUBG Mobile’s ranking system. What is your current rank, and what rank do you want to reach in the long term? I’m doing it one tier at a time to work on my game and how I want to improve on some aspects, such as knowing when to use the various stamina and health potions, learning how to use melee weapons, and optimizing my movement so I can be where enemies do not expect me to be. Working out on game plans on each map and taking risks is how players improve in the long run.

We hope this guide will help you on your journey to becoming the best player you can be, and I hope that you get to win Chicken Dinners consistently. See you in the battlegrounds.

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