MU Origin 3: 1st Anniversary!


MU Origin 3: 1st Anniversary! ENJOY SPECIAL REWARDS 🎉

Let’s celebrate the 1st anniversary, MU Origin 3 gives Codashoppers special rewards! 10% extra Golden Diamond Bonus, Top Spender Rewards, and other special prizes are waiting for you.

Top up on Codashop now!

Event Details:

Event (1) – Top up Divine Diamonds and get EXTRA 10% Gold Diamonds

*This doesn’t apply to a first-time purchase: when you top up Divine Diamonds for the first time, you’ll get Golden Diamonds in the same amount.

Event (2) – Top Spenders will get Special Prize
  1. The top 5 Spenders will receive a special prize.
  2. Special rewards will be sent to players via in-game mail 7 working days after the event ends.
    🎁 1st prize – 1 person – in-game prize worth 59.99US
    🎁 2nd prize – 2 people – in-game prize worth 39.99US
    🎁 3rd prize – 2 persons – in-game prize worth 14.99US
Event (3) – Top up and join the lucky draw
  1. Users who top up during the event period can get participation prize and join the lucky draw.
  2. Every 70 Divine Diamonds count as one entry to the lucky draw. The more the user tops up, the more chances the user will have.
  3. 10 lucky winners from each country will be chosen.
  4. The lucky Winner’s Prize will be sent to the user via in-game mail after the event ends within 7 work days.
  5. Once the user has been rewarded, the user cannot go into the next rounds of the lucky draw.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promo period will be from 19 July 2023, until 02 August 2023.
  2. This promo is only applicable to Codashop users in Singapore.
  3. There is no limit per user.
  4. This right cannot be transferred, withdrawn, or exchanged for cash, or other prizes.
  5. Codashop reserves the right to change or modify the terms & conditions of participation without prior notice.



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