New MLBB x King of Fighters Event Gives Valir, Masha, and Paquito a New Look!


MLBB x KOF 97 ENIf we’ve learned anything from the past MLBB x King of Fighters collaborations, it’s that fighting becomes a lot more enjoyable when done in style. Looking at the previous MLBB x KOF skins makes us want to grind it in the ranked queue and smoke everyone. The skins were also assigned to some of MLBB’s strongest heroes—Chou as Iori Yagami, Guinevere as Athena Asamiya, and Gusion as K—and players couldn’t get enough of the collab. Luckily, Moonton is bringing three new skins to expand the KOF skin line.

MLBB x KOF '97 Event Page

MLBB x KOF ‘97 Event Mechanics

From April 24 to May 31, 2024, MLBB players can draw 3 dashing new skins that will spice up their skirmishes in the Land of Dawn. The “Kyo Kusanagi” skin for Valir, “Mai Shiranui” skin for Masha, and “Terry Bogard” skin for Paquito will be up for grabs in the limited-time KOF ‘97 Bingo draw event, where players can use Diamonds or Bingo Tokens to make 1x and 10x pulls. As always, the first 1x pull of the day and the first 10x pull of the event grant you a 50% and 30% discount, respectively, so take advantage of that.

Each 10 draws will unlock a random block in your 3×3 KOF Bingo Card, and completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line rewards you with one random unowned KOF ‘97 collab skin. Good luck! 

MLBB x KOF ‘96 Skins

MLBB Valir “Kyo Kusanagi” Skin

Valir’s flashy combos get an upgrade with Kyo Kusanagi’s pyrotechnics. 

MLBB Masha “Mai Shiranui” Skin

Masha learns the art of Ninjutsu and follows Mai Shiranui’s ways.

MLBB Paquito “Terry Bogard” Skin

Terry Bogard’s ruthless flurries will push you to make more creative Paquito combos and mix-ups. 

Are the MLBB x KOF ‘97 skins worth it?

Playing as your favourite King of Fighters ‘97 characters and watching their flashy custom animations in the Land of Dawn is just the first of the many treats you get by participating in the limited-time draw event. These skins also come with unique idle animations and running animations that bring more life to these beloved characters. You can also win fresh new KO effects, recall effects, and battle emotes to complete the experience. If you’re a fan of this ultra-popular fighting game from the 90s or a Valir, Masha, or Paquito main, trying your luck at the MLBB x KOF ‘97 draw event is worth your Diamonds.

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