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MLBB Magic Wheel (1)Updated on March 13, 2024

The new and improved Magic Wheel is here. We’ll look at the improved mechanics of the feature and give insights into its use, especially the Magic Core currency. Read more in this article.

The Magic Wheel is one of the ways you can spend Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) where you can get Legend skins and other in-game items like heroes, skins, and Fragments. This time, the Magic Wheel has been reworked, and we’re here to walk you through the changes and improvements in this new version of the Magic Wheel.

What is the Magic Wheel?

MLBB Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel is one of MLBB’s gacha systems where players spend Diamonds to get Crystals of Aurora (CoA) and draw from a wheel, similar to the Spin-A-Wheel concept. This new and improved Magic Wheel is optimized for a higher chance to obtain prizes like a permanent hero, skins, Recall Effects, Fragments and token items, Magic Dust, and Magic Core.

Magic Wheel Mechanics

To participate in the Magic Wheel, players must recharge Diamonds to get some Crystals of Aurora. This is the fastest way to get CoA in MLBB. You can also play some matches and open Chests. This method is slower and will take time before you can spin for the Magic Wheel. Once you reach 60 CoA, you can spend one draw in the Magic Wheel. 270 CoA will grant five draws.

Each spin will grant an item from the prize pool according to the following drop rates

Item Drop Rate
Permanent Hero, Skin, Recall Effects 2%
Fragments/Token Items 50%
Magic Dust 28%
Magic Core 20%

The new Magic Wheel may grant up to 200 Magic Cores for every 200 spins and the total spins will reset every Friday at 5 A.M. (Server Time). All unclaimed prizes will be sent via the in-game mail.

There is a Selection Chest randomly dropped in the five-draw, and this can be opened in the Inventory tab on the home screen to select a prize. 

Meanwhile, Magic Cores can be exchanged in the Magic Shop for Legend skins and Trail Effects.

What’s in store for you

MLBB Magic Wheel Shop

The new Magic Wheel converts your Magic Crystals (old currency) into Magic Cores in the ratio of 1:200. While Magic Points (another old currency) will be converted into Magic Cores in a 1:1 ratio. The converted currencies are claimable through the in-game mailbox. This makes spending the Magic Cores streamlined into a single currency within the Magic Wheel.

This version of the Magic Wheel includes exciting rewards that are sure to level up your MLBB games: 

  • Lucky Golden Egg Recall Effect
  • Ice Spike (a Hellfire Painted Skin)
  • Hellfire (an Irithel Hero Skin)
  • Vexana (permanent hero)
  • Selection Chest
  • Lucky Tickets
  • New Arrival Tokens
  • Rare Skin Fragment
  • Premium Skin Fragment
  • Hero Fragment
  • Magic Cores
  • Magic Dust

Now, don’t worry if luck isn’t on your side, because those Magic Cores you get can be used to redeem eye-catching Legend skins and Trail Effects on the Magic Shop! The Legend skins available here also come with unique animation and trail effects: 

  • Freya “Galactic Vanquisher” Legend skin
  • Gord “Conqueror” Legend skin
  • Lunox “Divine Goddess” Legend skin
  • Franco “King of Hell” Legend skin
  • Valir “Infernal Blaze” Legend skin
  • Miya “Modena Butterfly” Legend skin
  • Alucard “Obsidian Blade” Legend skin
  • Gusion “Cosmic Gleam” Legend skin
  • Saber “Codename – Storm” Legend skin

This version of the Magic Wheel will be enticing for MLBB players. The new mechanics, the streamlined currency, and the new rewards make it even more exciting to draw. How’s your luck with the optimized Magic Wheel? Let us know.

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