From Pixel to Perfection: MLBB Heroes’ Stunning Evolution of Style


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has become one of the biggest and most popular mobile games in the world, and the design of its heroes plays a significant role in its success. The characters in MLBB are not just mere avatars, but they have their unique backstories, personalities, and of course, appearance. In the early days of MLBB, the characters’ designs were quite simple and pixelated. The game’s developers had to work with limited resources and technology, and the characters’ designs reflected that. Over time, as technology advanced, the characters’ designs became more intricate and detailed, with a greater emphasis on their unique personalities and stories. As each character’s story evolved and are revamped throughout the years, so did their appearance and style. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and take a look at some of the most iconic MLBB heroes’ style transformations.


New Layla MLBB

Old Layla MLBB

At the top of our list is, of course, one of the game’s well-known mascots, Layla. In the earlier versions of MLBB, Layla’s design was very different from the steampunk-inspired look she has now. Her original design was actually a bit more futuristic, with a sleek and simple black coat with neon lights running down the sides. Instead of her signature goggles, Layla sported a visor with a single lens and a neon-coloured Malefic Cannon. One notable detail is her blue hair, which is still tied in a pigtail. Players are familiar with how often Layla has been revamped by Moonton, but perhaps the most drastic change to her look is her first redesign which is very similar to the Layla that we know today.


New Alice MLBBOld Alice MLBB

Alice’s design has always been a fan favourite, but her original look was a far cry from the elegant and gothic appearance she has now. In the early versions of MLBB, Alice sported blue hair, pale skin, and a more revealing outfit. While her demonic features in her costume and look pretty much remain the same, her outfit looked more like a dominatrix’s attire with a lot of leather straps and chains. She also has a headress with a big purple gem at the center. But as the game progressed, Moonton gave Alice a more refined and sophisticated look. Her hair was changed to white, her outfit became more modest yet still gothic, and her wings became larger and more detailed. They removed her headress and replaced it with twisting horns growing out of her head. Her appearance now reflects her role as the Queen of Blood Magic, with a regal and intimidating aura.


New Alucard MLBBOld Alucard MLBB

Alucard is known for his sleek and noble appearance but still looks formidable and deadly with his silver-coloured demonic right hand. His first look, however, is more akin to that of Dante from the Devil May Cry series, with his white hair and red coat. The original Alucard’s hand looked more like it was made of demon flesh rather than the silver metal we see today. As the game evolved, Moonton gave Alucard a more polished and refined appearance. His hair was shortened and made blonde, and his coat was changed to a regal blue design with leather straps and silver embellishments. His demonic hand was made to look more like a weapon than a mutation. Alucard’s appearance now reflects his role as an Arbiter of Light and demon hunter while still maintaining his deadly and demonic nature.


New Bane MLBBOld Bane MLBB

The first three characters in this list underwent changes that focused more on their outfit and some minor features like skin colour and hair. Bane, however, went through a complete transformation in terms of appearance. In fact, you could even say he’s an entirely different character altogether. Bane’s first design made him look like an undead pirate captain of a ghostly ship, similar to the European legend of the Flying Dutchman. His skull-like appearance and his white beard made him seem like a menacing villain straight out of a horror movie. However, Moonton decided to give Bane a new look that was more in line with his theme as a notorious pirate of the Frozen Seas and the archenemy of the warrior Franco.

According to Bane’s lore, he was once a human pirate who suffered a devastating defeat at sea that led to his death. His lifeless body sunk to the bottom of the sea after the battle. His final resting place was inside an underwater ruin where the relic known as the Aurora Heart resides. The relic in question resurrected Bane, which is why he looks skeletal in appearance. However, the developers decided to expand Bane’s backstory and have him fight a giant octopus right after his reawakening. The battle activated the Aurora Heart, fusing Bane and the giant octopus, which is the reason why the Bane we know now looks like a fearsome octopus sea monster wearing a pirate captain’s outfit. 


New Chou MLBBOld Chou MLBB

Long-time Chou mains will probably know that Chou was originally inspired by Bruce Lee as they are both gifted martial artists. What new players don’t know is that Chou actually has a striking resemblance with Bruce Lee when he was first introduced in the game. In his original design, he wore Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuit with black stripes from the 1978 movie Game of Death. However, as the game progressed, Moonton decided to give Chou a more original design that still pays homage to Bruce Lee but with a design that can stand on its own. Chou’s current look features a more modern look with his white hair, and he still retains his martial arts theme and black jumpsuit with his gloves and shoes resembling that of a professional fighter. 


New Belerick MLBBOld Belerick MLBB

Belerick is a much more recent addition than the previously mentioned heroes in the list, who’ve been in the game from the start. When Belerick was introduced in 2018, he looked like an ancient tree creature with a beetle-like form. He walks on all fours and has purple thorns coming out of his back while a glowing sprout hangs at the top of his head.

After a year, Moonton revamped Belerick’s look to make him more humanoid while still retaining his tree-like features. His new look features a more fierce and intimidating, and he looks like a bipedal guardian of the forest with majestic wooden horns resembling an ornate battle helm. His new design has more defined edges, with his limbs sporting thorny vines and his face covered with leaves just like a beard, giving him a more ancient appearance. This is consistent with his character’s personality as a gentle giant who can turn into a fierce protector when needed. Overall, Belerick’s design showcases his connection with nature, making him a unique and visually appealing hero in the game.


Old Freya MLBBOld Freya MLBB

Freya is a Valkyrie-inspired hero in Mobile Legends, known for her strength and prowess in battle. When she was first introduced in the game, her features did not look very Valkyrie-like. While she sported golden armour and weapons, she had blue hair and a blue skirt that made her look more like a character from the anime Saint Seiya, which features knights in shiny gold and silver armour. Naturally, Moonton redeveloped Freya’s skills, and her look to make her more fitting of her Valkyrie inspiration. Her new design features a more traditional Valkyrie design, with blonde hair, a winged helmet, and silver and gold armour with some blue highlights. Her sword is also more defined and intricate, making it look more like a weapon wielded by a powerful warrior. Freya’s design not only highlights her strength but also her beauty, making her a popular hero among players. 

Final Thoughts

MLBB never fails to surprise and impress us with new heroes that are not only unique in their skills but also in their designs. In time, more and more heroes will continue to evolve and improve, and we can’t wait to see what Moonton has in store for us. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a hero inspired by mythology or culture like no other, adding even more diversity to the game. It’s no wonder why Mobile Legends has such a huge fan base, and we can’t wait to see what new heroes will be added next.

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