MLBB: Be a Master Roamer with these Roaming Blessings


MLBB-Roam-Items-In multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, strong team strategies are required to win. One crucial element of team strategy is having a well-equipped roaming legend that can traverse the map quickly and support team members in need. 

Several roaming blessings are available for Roamers, each with its unique set of buffs. In this article, we’ll look at these blessings to help you decide which one to pick before your next game. 

Roaming blessings and the best heroes to use them on

Mobile Legends Roaming Blessings

Conceal (Active)

Conceals nearby allied heroes (including self) and grants 24%-60% extra Movement Speed for 5 seconds or until they deal or take damage. This is especially good on Legends that rely on large AOE skills and expert positioning to initiate team fights, like Tigreal, Atlas, and Minotaur. Use it before ganks and surprise your opponents from the shadows.

Encourage (Passive)

Grants nearby allied heroes (including self) 12-30 extra Physical Attack and Magic Power and 15% extra Attack Speed. The Encourage blessing works best on roamers who don’t have good initiating skills. Legends like Estes and Mathilda can focus on buffing teammates with high attack speed, like Karrie, Miya, and Kimmy. 

Favor (Passive)

Every 10 seconds, the next healing or shield skill restores an extra 300-750 HP for the allied hero with the lowest HP (including self) within five units. Skills that only take effect on yourself cannot trigger this effect. 

Healers like Rafaela and Estes are the best Legends to use this blessing as it greatly increases their support capabilities. Shielders like Angela and Lolita can also trigger this effect. 

Dire Hit (Passive)

Every 30 seconds, the next attack against enemy heroes below 35% HP deals 7%-18% of their Max HP as extra Hybrid Damage (half Magic and half Physical). With its damage-boosting capabilities, Dire Hit is of great help to roaming Legends that already have decent damage potentials, like Natalia, Mathilda, and Grock. 

Tips for effective roaming

  • Focus on the enemy team’s carries – ambush the damage dealers like marksmen and mages frequently to ensure a gold deficit and prevent them from building their core items. 
  • Coordinate with your team – roamers often have good initiating skills but lack the damage to secure kills. Communicating with your damage dealers can help your team guarantee kills. 
  • Make the most of your lane visits – capitalize on successful ganks by helping teammates push towers and gain map control whenever possible. 
  • Use the terrain to your advantage – bushes and walls are the roamer’s best friends. Use it to attack from unexpected places and to set up escape routes for when things go south. 

The roamer is vital as the backbone of team coordination and strategic gameplay. Having map awareness, effective communication, and the right equipment and Roaming blessings are all essential as they can elevate your team’s chances of victory, whether you choose to roam as an agile assassin or a crowd-controlling mage. 

Remember, your impact as a roamer can turn the tides of battle and lead your team to glorious triumphs. If you want to become the linchpin of your team’s success on the Land of Dawn, check out our Mobile Legends guides, and top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds only at Codashop to enjoy a fast and secure gaming experience. 



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