Super Support! League of Legends Champion Guide: Milio


League of Legends Milio Guide

League of Legends typically follows a pattern when adding new champions to its roster. They tend to prioritize champions with multiple utilities, passive abilities, and additional perks that can increase the Champion’s damage output or reduce the damage they receive.

Then, Riot introduced Milio.

He is a Support Champion who prioritizes enhancing his team’s damage output through his abilities while simultaneously shielding and healing them, with a decent peel potential. If you enjoy playing as a Support, Milio could be your next go-to champion due to its user-friendliness. Let’s explore Milio, The Gentle Flame.

Milio Abilities

Passive: Fired Up!

Milio’s Passive grants an enchantment to himself and nearby allies’ basic attacks and abilities, lasting for four seconds. This causes their next basic attack or ability to inflict Magic Damage equal to 15% to 35% of their AD (based on the level of the ally or Milio), and leave a burn that deals 25 to 80 Magic Damage (based on Milio’s level) plus 20% of his AP over a duration of 1.5 seconds.

Q: Ultra Mega Fire Kick

After a 0.25-second charge, Milio launches a fireball towards a target, which upon hitting an enemy (be it a Champion, a Minion, or a Jungle Monster), will knock them back and stun them for one second.

The fireball then ricochets forward in the direction it was aimed, exploding upon landing and dealing 90 to 270 Magic Damage (depending on the ability’s level) along with 90% AP Magic Damage to all units within a certain radius. Additionally, the explosion applies a slow of 40% to 60%, plus 5% per 100 AP that Milio has.

W: Cozy Campfire

Milio can deploy a fuemigo, his fiery companion, to a specific location or on an ally for six seconds. The fuemigo will then follow the closest ally champion (including Milio). Champions within the fuemigo’s area of effect will receive a boost to their base attack range by 10-20% and receive healing of 2.8-6 plus 0.6% of Milio’s AP (based on the ability’s level). To direct the fuemigo to a specific ally champion, you need to target them before recasting the ability.

E: Warm Hugs

When Milio or an ally champion is covered in flames, they are granted a shield that ranges from 60 to 140 plus 25% of Milio’s AP, as well as a bonus Movement Speed of 15 to 25% (depending on the ability’s level) for 2.5 seconds. This ability has two charges, and its effects can be stacked.

R: Breath Of Life

When Milio activates this ability, he erupts in flames, healing himself and any ally champions within the area for 150 to 350 health plus 30% of Milio’s ability power (AP) (depending on the ability’s level).

In addition to the healing effect, any ally champions inside the area will also receive a cleanse that can remove any crowd control effects except for airborne effects like knockbacks. This ability also grants the affected ally champions 65% Tenacity for 3 seconds, making them more resistant to future crowd control effects.

Note: To optimize Milio’s shield capabilities, it’s recommended to level up his E ability first, followed by W, and then Q. This will ensure that you can provide the best shields to your team as quickly as possible.

Summoner Spells

Given Milio’s versatile moveset that offers various utilities, he can synergize with any Summoner Spell you prefer. As a result, your choice of Spells should depend on your ADC’s playstyle and the game’s needs. To help you select the ideal Spells, below are some factors to consider.


Having Flash is essential for Milio, as it is for almost every champion in the game. Unless you are playing a highly mobile champion, Flash is necessary to avoid getting caught in team fights or to secure a kill against an opponent. Therefore, always make sure to equip Flash when playing Milio.


If your ADC is using Ignite, it is recommended to take Heal to provide additional sustain for both you and your ADC during battles.


When playing against a support champion with strong healing abilities like Soraka, it’s advisable to choose Ignite as your Summoner Spell. Ignite will apply a burn effect that reduces the effectiveness of all healing received by 50%.


Taking Exhaust is recommended if you’re up against a highly mobile ADC or if the enemy ADC deals significant damage that isn’t True Damage, as the Exhaust will reduce their damage output.


To ensure that you can always assist your team in escaping from dangerous situations, it’s advisable to choose Cleanse when facing teams with significant crowd control (CC) threats.

Best Support Build for Milio


  • Shurelya’s Battlesong
  • Moonstone Renewer
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Core Items

  • Spellthief’s Edge
  • Ardent Censer
  • Redemption
  • Chemtech Putrifier

Situation Items

  • Staff of Flowing Water

Best Runes for Milio

League of Legends Milio
Image credit: Riot Games / League of Legends


  • Summon Aery is the optimal Keystone for Milio. This rune allows Aery to deal damage to enemies every time Milio hits them with a basic attack, ability, or item effect, based on his AD and AP.

Primary Runes

  • Manaflow Band: This rune provides extra Mana, which is useful for Milio as his abilities have high costs and his base Mana is low.
  • Transcendence: With this rune, the cooldowns of Milio’s abilities are significantly reduced, allowing for frequent shielding and healing of allies.
  • Scorch: This rune ignites Milio’s targets with his Q, dealing additional Magic Damage.

Secondary Runes

  • Bone Plating: This rune is perfect for reducing the damage received from opponents. As a Support, you can benefit from it by being able to stay with your ADC for a longer time.
  • Revitalize: This rune works well with Summon Aery as it enhances the power of your shields. Additionally, any heals or shields you apply to allies with less than 40% of their maximum HP will receive extra healing or shielding.

How to Play Milio

Early Game:

Sticking to your ADC is crucial in the early game as Milio isn’t a tanky support and can’t roam as much as Leona or Nautilus. Level up your E first to shield your ADC and allow them to trade damage safely. Avoid taking hits as much as possible and use your Q to knock back enemy junglers during ganks. Use your R to counter CC and boost your ADC’s movement speed with E.


When your ADC starts to visit other lanes, you can do the same. Your objective is to help your ADC become more powerful quickly by preventing them from getting killed.

Late Game:

You can leave your ADC in the late game but only when they aren’t vulnerable. Remember, Milio is not effective alone, so always be with a Champion you know you can assist well.

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