Diablo Immortal: What is a Warband?


Diablo Immortal Warband Camp

Diablo Immortal is a multiplayer game that focuses on doing raids and dungeon clearance as a team. While one can play the game as a solo adventurer, there are some instances where a party might be better. Among the many clans and parties to join in the game, one can join or create a smaller group of Warband. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of this party mechanic.

What is a Warband?

A Warband is essentially a smaller party of 8 players that has a campsite where the members gather to request help from fellow Warband members to clear dungeons or do raids, share loot, and basically have a good time. This is one of Diablo Immortal’s social aspects of the game.

Warband Diablo Immortal

How to Unlock the Warband Feature

To unlock the Warband feature, players must finish the Wortham tutorial quest. Upon exiting the Wortham chapel to start on the main adventure in the Sanctuary, a splash screen will appear informing players they have unlocked the main quests and the Warband feature.

How to Create a Warband

A Warband can be created or joined. For this section, we will focus on creating a Warband.

To create a Warband, tap or click the Menu screen and select Warband, then select Create a Warband

The next process is to give a name, objective(s), and active time(s) to the Warband. Naming a Warband is limited to 14 characters while giving objectives to the Warband sets the kind of help or activity the Warband will do. Active times represent when the Warband members should be active: morning, afternoon, and evening.

It’s an easy and streamlined process, so you and your friends can get into it quickly.

How To Unlock the Warband Camp

To unlock the Warband Camp, players must kill 10,000 monsters with at least one member from the Warband. There is no skill or level cap between the players as long as they finish the requirement. However, the members of the Warband should be officially in the group to form a party and go about this particular objective. This part is important because the fact that forming a party is required to unlock the Warband Camp, is already an indication of what can be done for this task. For example, one can party up and still go solo for this task. But, of course, that defeats the purpose of the whole idea of forming a party.

Regardless, the kills will register to those who participate in the task. So, if one Warband member killed one monster and the other members spread the remaining 9,999 kills among themselves, the task will be considered complete.

Warband Perks and Benefits

Establishing and maintaining activity in a Warband grants players rewards. For example, finishing the task of creating a Warband and establishing a Warband Camp gives Battle Pass XP.

Among the benefits of being in a Warband are:

  1. An intimate party you can form with friends to constantly play with. This can be enough to take on Warband-specific Rift Runs and defeat Helliquary bosses.
  2. A 5% increase in loot drop chance when fighting monsters. This is a nice boost to Warband members to encourage grinding together.
  3. Access to Warband Storage. Items inside the storage may be borrowed by Warband members for a temporary stat boost.
  4. Attribute bonuses on Helliquary fights assigned by the Warband leader. This is known as the Helliquary Roles, where certain roles will be given an appropriate attribute boost. For example, an Attacker role may be assigned an increased damage output.
  5. Obtain an Eternal Legendary Crest Voucher for completing a Helliquary raid every week. The Eternal Legendary Crest Voucher can be exchanged for an Eternal Legendary Crest from the Crest merchant for 1,600 Platinum.

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