How to Improve Your Aiming Skills in VALORANT


VALORANT Aiming Skills

VALORANT is an exciting, competitive first-person shooter game requiring strategy, teamwork, and precision aiming skills. In this game, every second counts, and your ability to take down opponents can make the difference between victory and defeat. To become a top player in VALORANT, it is crucial to continually improve your aiming skills, as it is one of the critical factors that can give you an edge over your opponents. This guide will look at some practical tips and techniques to enhance your aiming abilities. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner to the game, these tips will help you sharpen your aim and take your gameplay to the next level.

VALORANT Aiming Tips

To improve your aiming skills in VALORANT, start by finding suitable sensitivity settings and practicing with the shooting range. Learn how to use different weapons, focus on crosshair placement, and use movement to your advantage. Staying calm and collected is essential, so avoid panicking or getting too excited. 

Customize Crosshair

Players can customize their crosshairs to their liking. While it may not seem important to the game, having the right crosshair can significantly improve your gameplay. Choosing the appropriate size and color for your crosshair is essential, as using a crosshair that blends in with the map can negatively impact your aiming accuracy. Therefore, it’s vital to carefully consider your crosshair settings to ensure that you can comfortably play the game. Also read: Different types of Crosshair Codes in VALORANT

Crosshair placement

Crosshair Placement VALORANT

Movement is essential, but it’s nothing without the precision of your crosshair. Good crosshair placement can make all the difference in quickly taking down enemies. To master this skill, you must be a map expert and anticipate where enemies will appear. By positioning your crosshair accordingly, you can shoot more accurately and confidently. With every successful frag, you’ll feel the thrill of victory, knowing that your expert crosshair skills have made you a force to be reckoned with in VALORANT.

Movement Fundamentals


In Tac-FPS games like VALORANT, mastering movement techniques can significantly enhance a player’s gameplay. 

  • Strafing and counter-strafing- These movements rely on the WASD layout, where pressing W moves the character forward, S moves backward, and A and D move the character left and right. Strafing has become a standard movement in shooters and Tac-FPS games, with counter-strafing being the more advanced technique that involves firing a shot and then quickly strafing in the opposite direction before firing again. Counter-strafing takes advantage of the weapon’s first-shot accuracy before the movement errors come into play.
  • Jiggle peek- is strafing to gather information in long sight lines. It helps bait out snipers. Turning on Minimap Vision Cones in Options will mark enemies with a red “?” when in your line of sight. 
  • Jump peek- is an advanced way of peeking that can bait out enemy snipers. It involves a jump version of a jiggle peek where the crosshair placement of the sniper is changed from horizontal to vertical. To confuse the enemy, jump peeking can be mixed up with jiggle peeking. To perform a jump peek, aim your crosshair to the direction you want to jump, hold W and D, jump, flick your crosshair in the opposite direction, and then press W and A to return to your hiding angle.
  • Slicing the pie – is a movement technique adapted from military practice that involves clearing all possible angles using jiggle peeking and crosshair placement. It is useful when dealing with angles that have an elevation change. This technique allows the player to clear an angle while keeping the previously cleared angle secure.
  • The “Ferrari” peek –  is an advanced technique combining wide swinging and run-and-gun mechanics. In VALORANT, it’s called the Poppin Swing. The key is knowing when to shoot for the peeker’s advantage. The technique disrupts the timing of the angle holder, especially in tight corners. Notable player Poppin is known for using this technique.
  • Crouch peeking – this technique is used to change the height of the peeker and mess up the crosshair placement of the opposing player. This can increase the chances of winning the duel, especially against high-skill players. It can be combined with other peeking techniques like jiggle peek or “Ferrari” peek. Notable player Dasnerth uses crouch peeking

Stutter stepping/Strafing


To counter this; players can use “counter strafing,” which involves quickly moving in the opposite direction of their initial movement to reset their crosshair and take an accurate shot. For example, players can press the “D” key after holding the “A” key to perform counter strafing. While this technique is challenging to master, it can significantly improve your gameplay and make your enemies question your skill.



In VALORANT, surprise attacks are everywhere, making flicking an essential skill. With lightning-fast reactions and muscle memory, flicking can become second nature with practice. To improve your flicks, try out the musical-beat clicker game OSU. With every flick, you can take down even the most unpredictable enemies and secure your place as a true champion of VALORANT.



Tracking your enemies’ movements is more than just following their path in the game – it’s a way to train your muscle memory for the perfect shot. By tracking an enemy’s movements, you can anticipate their next move and be ready to take down the next target that appears. This involves a combination of tracking and flicking, allowing your hand to memorize the movements of your previous targets. With enough practice, you’ll bag double and triple kills left and right.

Warming up in the Range

Warming up VALORANT

If you want to improve your strafing skills, there’s no better way to practice than by utilizing The Range. It will help you warm up before a game and put you in the right mindset to be focused and ready to dominate your opponents. It’s essential to warm up beforehand to keep your team from being dragged down in ranked games. By practicing in The Range, you’ll have a chance to perfect your skills and build muscle memory, giving you a competitive edge when you finally jump into a live match.

Utilize Deathmatch

Deathmatch VALORANT

Practice makes perfect, and Deathmatch mode is the ideal arena for it. You can set goals and targets without specific objectives, honing your skills on opponents you could face in the game. But make sure to focus on your weaknesses and areas for improvement, whether it’s your aim, accuracy, mobility, or ultimate usage. Even if you’re not planning to play competitively, practicing daily in this mode can help you improve quickly 


VALORANT is an intense, heart-pounding game that demands your full attention and focus. To come out on top, you need to bring your A-game, with sharp aiming skills and lightning-fast reflexes. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! to crush your enemies in VALORANT. No matter your skill level, these tips are designed to help you improve and stay on top of your game. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mouse and keyboard, jump into VALORANT, and let’s get aiming!

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