Beginner’s Guide to Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal Combat Rating

Diablo Immortal features a robust statistics system derived from tabletop games. One of the aspects that players should take note of is their character’s Combat Rating (CR). But what exactly is CR, and how does it affect actual gameplay? Should we take CR for granted? In this article, we will look at what CR is, its effects, how to increase CR, and how to check your character’s CR in-game.

What is Combat Rating (CR)?

Players familiar with Diablo will instantly remember their character’s stats and build. This is because those stats directly affect their progression in the game. If certain items raise particular attributes like Strength or Intelligence matters in the player’s character build. However, to truly progress in-game, the character’s CR should also be checked.

CR shows the overall power level of the character. It is the equivalent of the overall experience the character has gained throughout the game. The lower the CR, the less it has experience. It also affects combat performance and even gameplay. For combat performance, having a higher CR than your opponent means you have the upper hand, dealing more damage and receiving less. This means that if the character has a low CR than the dungeon boss, the challenge will be harder for the character. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the CR of the character.

However, for player-versus-player matches, CR effects are capped at 10% (both damage increase and damage reduction).

CR also determines how players and their character build(s) fare in the game’s six difficulties. The table below indicates the difficulty and corresponding CR to clear quests in that difficulty.

Difficulty Minimum Combat Rating (CR) Requirement
Normal No minimum CR requirement
Hell I CR 520
Hell II CR 1220
Hell III CR 2120
Hell IV CR 3250
Hell V CR 5025


There are also raid bosses with specific CR requirements to be fulfilled before entering.

How to Increase Combat Rating

To increase CR, the usual route of leveling up and equipping stronger items is what all Diablo Immortal players are familiar with. But there are other ways to increase CR in-game. For instance, equipping better gems (including Legendary Gems to increase Resonance), defeating bosses and upgrading the Helliquary, and upgrading the Legacy of the Horadrim by leveling it up every day.

How to Check Combat Rating In-Game

To check your character’s Combat Rating in-game, just follow these steps.

  1. Click or tap the character icon on the top-left of the screen (Figure 1)
    Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Figure 1
  2. Click or tap the left icon in the prompt that pops up after you click/tap the character icon (Figure 2)
    Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Figure 2
  3. Click/tap “Attributes” (Figure 3)
    Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Figure 3
  4. Click/tap “More Attributes” (Figure 4)
    Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Figure 4
  5. The first item that will show up will be the Combat Rating (Figure 5)
    Diablo Immortal Combat Rating Figure 5

Because the CR is listed as a “Secondary Attribute,” it does not mean we should take it for granted. The CR is as important as the primary attributes to progress in the game. This mechanic actually makes Diablo Immortal a really fun game to play because you get to see and feel your character build get stronger and stronger, which means you can take on more challenging quests.

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