Luocha the Traveller: Honkai Star Rail Build Guide


Honkai Star Rail Luocha (1)
The mysterious traveller finally takes centre stage in the second banner for Honkai: Star Rail version 1.1. After the explosive debut of Silver Wolf and her banner, we’re now getting a long-awaited new Abundance character in the form of Luocha. This travelling merchant seems to hold many secrets and possesses a unique set of skills that make him a valuable ally on the battlefield. In this guide, we will explore Luocha’s abilities, playstyle, and recommended builds to help you make the most of this enigmatic character.

Who is Luocha?

Very little is known about Luocha apart from that brief encounter we had with him during the Astral Express Crew’s arrival in the Xianzhou Luofu. Simply known as a travelling merchant, Luocha is seen travelling with an eerie-looking coffin that he keeps close to himself. We later discover that he has some amazing healing abilities and seems to be always at the rescue when people are in danger. According to Luocha’s lore, he is a travelling merchant registered at the Xianzhou Yuque, which is another ship within the larger Xianzhou Alliance. He seems to be on a mission to visit the Luofu when Dan Heng crossed paths with him during the Stellaron Crisis. Other than that, everything about him seems to be shrouded in secrecy.

Luocha’s Abilities and Playstyle

Luocha Ult HSR

Luocha is a character that follows the Abundance Path along with Natasha and Bailu. This makes the total number of healers in the game up to 3, giving players more options for healing support. Unlike Bailu and Natasha, however, Luocha’s playstyle is a bit different and will require a different approach to building him and his role in your team.

At its very core, Luocha is quite a powerful healer. But what separates him from others is how his healing scales with his attack stats. Bailu and Natasha are considered damage sponges with a huge health pool due to their healing scaling off of your character’s HP. The more HP they have, the more damage they can absorb and the bigger heals they can provide to the team. Luocha, on the other hand, focuses more on his attack stats. The higher his attack, the more potent his healing abilities become. This introduces a unique playstyle for Luocha where players will need to prioritise attack stats over other stats like HP or defence. Let’s break down Luocha’s kit to further understand how his skills complement his playstyle.

Luocha Health Field HSR

Thorns of the Abyss (Basic ATK): Luocha stabs a single enemy with his rapier, dealing Imaginary DMG.

Prayer of Abyss Flower (Skill): Luocha uses his healing abilities to restore a target ally’s HP equal to 40%–70% of Luocha’s ATK plus 200–1025. Using this skill grants Luocha one stack of Abyss Flower. Also, whenever an ally’s health falls to 50% or below, Luocha will automatically cast this skill and heal the targeted ally without consuming any Skill Points. The effect has a cooldown and can only be triggered again after two turns.

Death Wish (Ultimate): Luocha activates his coffin sending an ethereal stream of energy dealing Imaginary DMG to all enemies. Luocha also removes 1 buff from all enemies as well as gains one stack of Abyss Flower.

Cycle of Life (Talent): After gaining two stacks of Abyss Flower, Luocha consumes all of them and casts a Field that lasts for two turns. Whenever a teammate attacks an enemy on the battlefield, the attacking teammate’s HP will be restored. The amount of restoration is determined by a calculation involving 12%-21% of Luocha’s ATK plus a fixed value between 60 to 307.5.

Mercy of a Fool (Technique): Luocha casts the technique onto himself. Upon entering combat, Luocha immediately deploys his healing Field.

Eidolons and Trace Priority

Luocha Character Intro HSR

Luocha is pretty solid, even with zero Eidolons active. You can go as far as E4 to make him a more rounded support unit, as he can buff and debuff enemies once you’ve unlocked up to four Eidolons. But if you have the Stellar Jades, then an E6 Luocha would be the perfect choice, as he can provide strong buffs, healing, and debuffs to your team.

When it comes to Trace priority, his Talent and Skill should be at the top of your list, as he depends on those two Traces a lot to be effective in battle. Next would be his Ultimate and his Basic ATK. If you’re concerned mostly about Luocha’s healing, then you don’t have to invest a lot in his Basic ATK.

Building Luocha: Light Cones and Relics

Light Cones

Luocha Light Cone HSR

As an ATK-based healer, Luocha benefits from Light Cones and relics that increase his attack and healing abilities. His best-in-slot weapon is, of course, his 5-star signature Light Cone, Echoes of the Coffin. This grants him an additional 24% ATK, which directly affects his healing. He also gains bonus energy for each different enemy Luocha hits with his attacks. Finally, when Luocha uses his ultimate, he also grants a bonus of 12 SPD to all his allies for one turn. If you’re an F2P player, then here are some other Abundance Light Cones that you may have in your inventory that works well with Luocha:

4-Star Light Cones

  • Shared Feeling – Bonus Healing and Team Energy
  • Post-Op Conversion – Bonus Healing and Skill Point
  • Quid Pro Quo – Team Bonus Energy
  • Perfect Timing – Effect RES and Healing

3-Star Light Cones

  • Multiplication – Advance Luocha’s Turn When Using a Basic ATK
  • Cornucopia – Boost Outgoing Healing on Skill and Ultimate


Luocha Relics HSR

When it comes to relics, your priority should be to focus on those that enhance your damage output and increase your healing abilities. You should prioritise ATK and SPD when building a full support Luocha so you can take advantage of better healing and faster energy regeneration. The more SPD he has, the faster he can attack or use skills that support the entire team. Now, going full ATK stats can also be a good idea, but Luocha already heals a lot of HP and buffing up his healing too much could be overkill. You might as well invest in other stats like SPD and Energy Regeneration so he can use his Ult and skills much faster to help the team.

In the case of Natasha and Bailu, they can use their Ultimates (burst healing the entire team) even if it’s not their turn, which acts as an emergency lifesaver if your enemy is bombarding you with attacks. Luocha doesn’t have that since his Ultimate damages the enemy instead of outright healing the team. He relies heavily on his Skill and his Talent. This means that Luocha’s healing is best utilised during his turn, making SPD a priority for him. So when building your gear, here are some recommended stats that you should prioritise:

  • Body – Outgoing Healing / ATK
  • Boots – SPD / ATK
  • Sphere – ATK / HP / Imaginary Damage Boost
  • Link Rope – Energy Regen / ATK

As for Relic sets, you can choose any of these sets as long as you prioritise the right stats and substats:

  • ATK/SPD Build = 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  • Pure Healing Build = 4-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud
  • Balanced Build = Get 2 pieces of each set above and choose the pieces with the best stats.

Finally, for your Planar Ornaments, you can choose between Fleet of the Ageless or Space Healing Station. Both sets grant additional ATK, so just choose one that best fits your entire build.

Team Comp Recommendations

Luocha Team HSR

Characters in the Abundance path are very flexible, and they can generally be placed in any team composition that needs survivability. Luocha is no different. He works well with any team since he’s a skill-point positive unit that offers great utility and support. But if you want to specialise, then a full Imaginary Mono team with Luocha, Yukong, Welt, and Silver Wolf can be quite a strong combination. You can also go with a Quantum-Imaginary team with Luocha, Yukong, Seele, and Silver Wolf, which is quite a formidable team that can destroy almost anything in its path.

If you have a Clara, then a Luocha-Clara duo can be pretty unstoppable. Having those two is more than enough to bring down enemies due to Clara’s Revenge mechanic. Every time she gets attacked, she counters with a follow-up using Svarog. Once Luocha’s Field is up, this creates a positive loop of damage and healing, making it difficult for the enemy to break through. It’s also quite a flexible team since you can pretty much slot in any support as long as you have Clara and Luocha at the core.


Luocha is a well-rounded support unit that brings a unique playstyle to the team. His healing abilities scale with his attack stats, making him a potent attack healer when built correctly. Overall, Luocha adds more options for healing support in the game and can be a valuable addition to any team. Experiment with different combinations and see which one works best for your playstyle and the challenges you’re facing.

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