Genshin Impact: What are Hangout Events?


Genshin Impact Hangout EventsFrom 6,000-year-old gods to forest rangers and genius detectives to sly intelligence agents and crazy rich Asians, it’s no secret that Genshin Impact is filled with fascinating characters that help pull Travellers deeper and deeper into the lore. And it’s not just because of our interactions with them during the main quests, but also the tiny details about them scattered across the world of Teyvat.

HoYoverse does a phenomenal job in fleshing out its characters, and if you’ve ever wondered what your mains do after their day jobs, you’ve got to try out Hangout Events!

Genshin Impact Hangout Events Gameplay

What are Hangout Events?

Hangout Events is a permanent feature first introduced in the Version 1.4 update. They are replayable story quests highlighting various Genshin Impact characters. These quests have multiple endings that reward players with achievements, Primogems, Adventure EXP, Hero’s Wit, and the character’s specialty dish.

Travellers can choose different dialogue options during the quests to influence how the story unfolds. Dialogue choices increase or decrease a Heartbeat Value, a meter that measures the mood of the character you’re hanging out with. If the meter fully empties, the quest will fail. Don’t fret, though, because you can use specific scenarios as checkpoints and don’t have to repeat quests from the beginning.

How to unlock Hangout Events

Hangout Events can be unlocked as early as Adventure Rank 26, but you must also finish pre-requisite quests to play them. You also need to have 2 Story Keys. A Story Key can be obtained after doing eight daily commissions, meaning you need to finish four days’ commissions to unlock one Hangout Event. Once you have the Story Keys, click the Hangout Events tab on the Story Quests screen to start your desired Hangout Event.

Genshin Impact Hangout Events Tab

All available Hangout Events

Currently, there are 18 quests featuring 4-star characters across all four regions:

  • Barbara – Act I: Wellspring of Healing
  • Beidou – Act I: When the Crux Shines Bright
  • Bennett – Act I: Fantastic Voyage
  • Chongyun – Act I: Signs of Evil
  • Diona – Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail
  • Faruzan – Act I: A Confounding Conundrum
  • Gorou – Act I: The Canine General’s Special Operations
  • Kaeya – Act I: Shenanigans and Sweet Wine
  • Kaveh – Act I: The Pendulum of Weal and Woe
  • Kuki Shinobu – Act I: The Gang’s Daily Deeds
  • Layla – Act I: Ever Silent Stars
  • Ningguang – Act I: The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest
  • Noelle – Act I: Chivalric Training, Act II: Knightly Exam Prep
  • Sayu – Act I: Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu
  • Shikanoin Heizou – Act I: Trap’ Em by Storm
  • Thoma – Act I: A Housekeeper’s Daily Chores
  • Yun Jin – Act I: A Song That Knows Grace

The quests also feature hidden achievements, so keep an eye out for hints and additional tasks! 

Besides giving us a break from the more serious and emotionally heavy main quests, Hangout Events also allow players to get to know Genshin Impact characters on a more personal level, supporting the game’s world-building and making the Traveller’s journey even more meaningful. Which characters do you want to see on their Hangout Event next?

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