Genshin Impact 3.0: New region, characters, weapons, and more


Genshin Impact 3.0 “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings” is now available, bringing players closer to the Nation of Wisdom. Join the adventure and seek out the region of Sumeru to have a lead on Dendro Archon Kusanali’s sibling. Forest rangers Tighnari, Collei, and Dori, are finally introduced as playable characters. 

Genshin Impact 3.0 was released on the following dates and time regions: Los Angeles: 8 pm PT (Aug 23), New York: 11 pm ET (Aug 23), London: 4 am BST (Aug 24), Paris: 5 am CEST (Aug 24).

What’s New

New Region – Sumeru

Sumeru is a Dendro-based region with an earthly theme. Players can find several Statues of Seven across the region and will come across different areas such as Avidya Forest, Lokapala Jungle, Ardravi Valley, Ashavan Realm, Vissudha Field, and Vanarana. Sumeru prominently features the Dendro Elemental symbol featuring bright green leaves surrounding its core.

Sumeru Genshin Impact

Since the launch of Genshin Impact, players can access elements like Pyro, Anemo, Electro, Cryo, Geo, and Hydro, but never the greenery and earth-based element Dendro. This element is highlighted by the new characters introduced in this latest version.

New Forest Rangers Characters Arrive


Genshin Impact Tighnari

  • “The Verdant Strider”
  • 5-star character 
  • The First character to use Dendro
  • Avidya Forest Watcher
  • Weapon: Bow 


Genshin Impact Collei

  • “Sprout of Rebirth”
  • 4-star character
  • Also uses the Dendro element
  • Avidya Forest Ranger Trainee
  • Weapon: Bow


  • 4-star character
  • “Treasure of the Dream Merchant”
  • Uses Electro element as vision
  • Weapon: Claymore

New Weapons

Hunter’s Path

  • 5-star Bow
  • Hit an opponent with a charged attack, this will gain you Tireless Hunt Effect. 
  • Once you gain this effect, it will let you gain an increase of 160% in Charged Attack DMG. However, this charged attack effect will be removed after 10s. 
  • Tireless Hunt effect has 12s CD.

Hunters Path_End of the Line

End of the Line

  • 4-star Bow
  • Using Elemental Skill with this weapon triggers Flowrider effect
  • This enables to deal 80% ATK 
  • Flowrider effect has 15s CD 

New Forgeable Weapons

Genshin Impact Forgeable Weapons

Sapwood Blade
  • 4-star Sword
  • A Leaf of Consciousness around the character is created for 10s after it has been triggered 
  • This leaf will grant 60 Elemetal Mystery the character for 12s
Forest Regalia
  • 4-star Claymore
  • A Leaf of Consciousness around the character is created for 10s after it has been triggered 
  • This leaf will grant 60 Elemetal Mystery the character for 12s 
  • 4-star Polearm
  • A Leaf of Revival will be created around the character for 10s max.
  • Leaf will grant the character 16% ATK for 12s.
Fruit of Fulfillment 
  • 4-star Catalyst
  • Wax and Wane effect will let the player gain 24 Elemental Mystery simultaneously losing 5% ATK
  • It can stack five times maximum for every 0.3s
  • You lose a stack every 6s as Elemental Reaction remains untriggered.
King’s Squire
  • 4-star Bow
  • Unleash Elemental Skills and Burst to gain Teaching of the Forest effect that will increase Elemental Mystery by 60 for 12s
  • Once Teaching of the Forest effects have gone off, it deals 100% ATK to a nearby opponent

New Enemies

Genshin Impact 3.0 brings new foes that players are yet to face. Some are familiar, while some differ by their variants and unique features.

Genshin Impact Electro Regisvine

Electro Regisvine 

This giant vine monster conducts high-voltage electricity, which condenses to either Waxing Stamen or Waning Stamen through its special Electro organ. These stamens are simultaneously present that have the potential to attract and contact one another unleashing powerful electrical explosion. Location: Lokapala Jungle.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom

This monster lurks in the heart of the woods. This fungal beast will gather Activation when hit by Electro attacks and Catalyze reactions and will enter an Activated state where it can discharge more lethal attacks. Location: Vissudha Field.

Ruin Drake: Earthguard and Ruin Drake: Skywatch

These creatures are known as war machines that copy the look of beings, also known as Vishaps. Ruin Drakes release a dangerous torrent of energy capable of increasing their Elemental RES against the Elemental DMG it sustained. 

Dendro Specter is also one of the enemies to watch out for in Version 3.0.

New Event: Graven Innocence

This event invites players to summon the character “Sprout of Rebirth” – Collie (Dendro) by completing the quest “The Unappreciated Carving.” Find assistants for Acara Crafts and collect toy-making inspirations to earn Primogems, Crown of Insight, Character Level-Up Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials, event-exclusive Furnishings, etc.

Genshin Impact Graven Innocence

New Main Stories: Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I and Act II, and Tighnari’s Story Quest

To unlock the Acts of Archon Quest Chapter III, players should rank 35 or above. Complete first the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act IV “Requiem of the Echoing Depths,” to unlock this chapter and complete each act before moving on to the next act. 

Overall, update to Genshin Impact 3.0 on your mobile phone or PC; to explore the new region, try out the new characters, battle new enemies, and more! Plus, the exclusive features and the new Sumeru Region will surely bring excitement for all adventurers! For more Genshin Impact-related content, click here.



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