What Type of Free Fire Player Are You?


Free Fire Player Type

In every game, there are a lot of people that you will meet and play with. You sometimes get to make friends because you like how they play, for instance, in a battle royale game like Free Fire. Even more, they also want what kind of player you are. That said, let’s talk about the different types of players in Free Fire. Which one are you? 

Silent Camper

The Silent Campers are the ones that you must watch out for. They are the deadliest type you will encounter during the game. Once they have landed, the first thing they do is to loot as much as they can and then quickly get out of the picture and look for a spot to camp out. Campers are called campers for a reason; they do not move unless they are forced to go to the safe zone. They are like a deadly sniper silently waiting for other players to be on their radar. Once they catch you, they will accurately target you for the kill. They usually use snipers for high accuracy. 

Passive Looter

Passive Looters in Free Fire are like campers, but they do not specifically attack unless they are shot at. They instead loot the entire game and avoid fights. They scour and take as much as possible, getting the best items and leaving none for other players. They are the perfect walking supply boxes to sustain their squad if they manage to get to the end zones. Some players choose this style as it feels rewarding to just loot their way out towards getting the booyah. 

Third-Party Specialists

The third-party specialists are the only type of player that is more frightening than campers. This kind of player is like a camper, but they wait for two teams to clash within their radar. Once the opportunity is right in front of them, they wait for one side which is either critically wounded or has won the clash and is now healing. They come out of their hiding spot and attack these players. They take advantage of the vulnerability of other players to eliminate them, usually as a team. Their tactics are still unmatched in a Free Fire match. 

Aggressive Rusher

May it be an opponent or your teammate, we all have encountered players who will rush their way out once they have landed to loot for items they can use to attack other players immediately. Aggressive Rushers take advantage of armorless enemies who are yet to loot. These players are an easy target as they have nothing to use to fight back except to go for a fistfight. It takes so many skills to master this tactic, but it does not go according to plan most of the time, leaving the team wiped out.

It may be all fun and games until other players find your gaming style rude or something offensive that they report you. You may be whatever player type you want, but keep the game fun and friendly battle royale game for everyone. Of course, we would like more players to play Free Fire, and being a great teammate would highly encourage the gaming community.

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