Free Fire Esports Roadmap 2023: All the key updates


Free Fire Esports Roadmap 2023

Garena has revealed the Free Fire Esports roadmap 2023, featuring updates to its worldwide Esports tournament structure. In addition to the flagship Free Fire World Series (FFWS) in November, fans and players can look forward to the first Free Fire SEA Invitationals (FFSI), which will begin in May.

Exciting news for gamers! Garena released their highly anticipated Free Fire Esports Plan for 2023, complete with significant changes that will shape the future of the World Series. With Free Fire Esports’ soaring popularity in recent years, fans will want to take advantage of the details. Stay current on all things Free Fire Esports, and dive into Garena’s latest roadmap for the upcoming 2023 Esports Competitions. Get ready for some epic battles and unforgettable moments!

Roadmap for Free Fire Esports 2023

Roadmap Free FireImage from Free Fire official Facebook Page.

  • Feb – Apr & Aug – Oct: Local Pro Leagues
  • May: FFSI SEA Invitational (Only for Asian Teams)
  • Nov:  Free Fire World Series (Major Regions including BR and LATAM)

FFSI, a new multiregional competition meant to focus on rivalries between chosen competitive areas, will be launched by Free Fire Esports this year. The FFSI, which will take place over three weekends in May, will aim to welcome 18 teams from the MCPS (Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka), Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, MEA, Taiwan, and Pakistan. The classic FFWS will also return in November in the second half of the year! 

Tournament Format

Free Fire’s international Esports tournaments will have a new format with a Group Stage and Grand Finals. In the Group Stage, 18 teams will compete over two weekends to secure 12 slots in the Grand Finals. The teams will be split into 3 groups of 6, with 2 groups playing 6 games each match day. The top 12 teams, based on points, will proceed to the Grand Finals, which will take place over 3 days with 18 matches. The final ranking will be determined by the total points accumulated by the 12 teams in the Grand Finals.


To level up the competition, new changes have been introduced that will demand more incredible team skills, versatility, and consistency. Fans can now enjoy a more extended tournament period to fully support their favorite teams and players as they compete against different opponents. Prepare for an immersive experience with exciting matches as the top Free Fire teams fight to stay on top!

Get ready to witness some of the best gaming battles of the year! With the release of the Free Fire Esports Roadmap for 2023, Garena has set the stage for an unforgettable season. Ensure you’re in the loop on all the latest updates and by visiting Garena Free Fire’s official social media pages.

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