Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Build Guide


Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Guide

Embark on a dark and dangerous journey through the world of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal and master the arcane power of the Wizard class. This guide will take you through the skills, runes, and strategies you need to unleash devastating spells and defeat the minions of Hell. Become the ultimate spell-casting force with this Diablo Immortal Wizard class guide!

Diablo Immortal Wizard Profile

Best Wizard Class Guide for PVE


In PVP, prioritizing Intelligence, Vitality, and Critical Hit Chance can significantly increase your Wizard’s damage output and survivability.


Diablo Immortal Wizard Skills

To optimize a Firestorm Battlemage build in Diablo Immortal, focus on upgrading Magic Missile to Ice Missile. This spell enables you to deliver a powerful long-range attack that can damage enemies and has a chance to freeze them in place, giving you time to launch more devastating attacks. At level three, use Lightning Nova and Magic Missile in tandem. At level 18, add Teleport to your arsenal to help you escape from powerful foes. When you reach level 20, add Arcane Wind to your skills for effective crowd control and damage. At level 28, experiment with Disintegrate for greater variety in your attacks. When you hit level 41, you can unleash the destructive power of Meteor to obliterate your enemies. Combining Meteor with Teleport and Arcane Wind is particularly lethal. While it’s worth trying out other spells, using these skills has consistently yielded the best results for the Firestorm Battlemage build.

Gear Set

Using the right gear can significantly improve your Wizard’s abilities, so it’s recommended to equip the following items:

  • Lyan’s Resonant Wisdom (Head)
  • Shoulders of the Cataclysm (Shoulders)
  • Starcaller’s Drapery (Chest)
  • Riftdancer’s Stride (Legs)
  • Windshaper (Main Hand Weapon)
  • The Siphon (Off Hand Weapon)

Additionally, for rings, amulets, and other gear, try to obtain the Issatar Imbued set (the same as the Monk). Equipping this set will enhance many of your spells and increase your overall damage output.


While legendary gems can take some time to obtain, here’s a quick guide on the best normal gems for Wizards in Diablo Immortal:

  • Choose Tourmaline over Ruby for Red Gems, as a damage buff is more beneficial than a life buff.
  • Select Sapphire over Aquamarine for Blue Gems, as an armor penetration buff is preferable to an armor buff.
  • Opt for Topaz over Citrine for Yellow Gems, although both offer less-than-ideal stat boosts.

Best Wizard Class Guide for PVP

If you want to create a PVP-focused Wizard build in Diablo Immortal, it’s recommended to make some adjustments to the Firestorm Battlemage build mentioned earlier. Instead, opt for a standard Battlemage loadout.

Follow a similar path but replace Arcane Wind with Scorch to deal more targeted damage. Additionally, use Ice Armor to help defend against more buffed character classes in the game.

Unlock your full potential as a Diablo Immortal Wizard with this guide! Maximize your damage, improve your survivability, and quickly rule the battlefield. It’s time to put your skills to the test and take your Wizard gameplay to the next level. Take action and start your journey toward becoming the ultimate Wizard today!

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