Diablo Immortal Necromancer Class Build Guide


Diablo Immortal Necromancer Class Guide

The Necromancer class is one of the six playable classes in Diablo Immortal. Necromancers are known as masters of the dark arts and for their unique magical traits that could summon the undead. They excel in mid-range combat, dealing high DPS with the ghastliest creatures of blood and bone. In this article, we’ll go through their abilities, the best builds, attributes, skills, gear sets, and gems so that you can stomp with your own undead army in no time.


When played correctly, Necromancers can solo some of the most challenging dungeons in the game, as their skill set offers a good mix of offensive and defensive abilities that can aid their summoned allies.

Primary Skills

Soulfire (unlocks at level 1) – throw a ball of Soulfire that explodes and deals damage on hit. Deals 25% damage to enemies nearby.

Ultimate: Hungering Soulfire – enhances Soulfire’s fire rate and enables it to seek enemies.

Bone Spear (unlocks at level 34) – shoot a piercing Bone Spear and pierce up to 2 additional enemies. Damage reduces by 50% for each additional enemy pierced.

Ultimate: Dread Skullscythe – enhances Bone Spear and lets you swing a massive scythe that deals damage and knocks back enemies.

Basic Skills

Command Skeletons (unlocks at level 1) – Passive: raises up to 4 skeletal champions every 8 seconds. Active: Commands your skeletal champions to charge toward a certain location. Increases their attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds.

Grim Scythe (unlocks at level 1) – swings a scythe that damages enemies in front of you. Enemies hit will generate a corpse. Has 2 charges.

Corpse Explosion (unlocks at level 3) – detonates all corpses in a targeted area. Enemies hit by simultaneous explosions take 40% reduced damage for each additional hit. 

Bone Spikes (unlocks at level 8) – summon bone spikes that erupt from the ground, stunning enemies for 2 seconds and dealing damage—charging longer increases range and damage.

Wraith Form (unlocks at level 15) – transforms into a wraith and gains 50% increased movement speed and invulnerability for 2 seconds. It disables you from performing any kind of attack.

Skeleton Mage (unlocks at level 20) – summon an immobile skeletal mage that throws bolts of Soulfire towards enemies.

Bone Wall (unlocks at level 28) – conjures a wall of bones that block movement and enemy projectiles. 

Corpse Lance (unlocks at level 38) – summons projectiles from nearby corpses that impale the target and random nearby enemies. Each corpse summons three lances, and additional hits to the same target deal 20% reduced damage.

Bone Armor (unlocks at level 41) – protects yourself and nearby allies with a shield of bones that absorb a set amount of damage.

Dark Curse (unlocks at level 44) – curses all enemies in the targeted area, dealing damage over 6 seconds, and reducing their vision.

Bone Spirits (unlocks at level 47) – unleash a continuous barrage of bone spirits that damage enemies. Slowly consumes energy. 

Command Golem (unlocks at level 50) – summon a bone golem that deals damage and stuns enemies for 2 seconds. The golem can be commanded to pounce on a specific location where it will deal damage and draw aggro. 

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Char Creation Page

Best Necromancer build

There are several ways to build your Necromancer. The Chain Reaction build exploits Corpse Explosion for massive AOE damage, while the PVP build prioritizes boosting personal damage and defence with the use of the following skills: 

  • Bone Wall
  • Bone Armor
  • Bone Spikes. 

Today, we’ll focus on the Summoner build because it’s undoubtedly the one where the class truly shines. As the name implies, the Summoner relies on an undead army to fight death with death itself. The skills we will use for this build are the following:  

  • Soulfire
  • Command Skeletons
  • Command Golem
  • Skeletal Mage
  • Dark Curse. 

The ideal skill rotation looks like this: first, you group the enemies by drawing aggro with Command Golem. Deploy your skeleton champions and mages next, and then deal additional damage yourself with Soulfire. You can use Dark Curse during Command Golem’s 12-second downtime to help your familiars keep the aggro for longer. For tougher dungeons, you can replace Dark Curse with Bone Armor for increased survivability. 

Attributes to focus on

To further increase your summons’ destructive capacity, you should hunt for gear that increases Intelligence (main attribute for spellcasting class). Necromancers also tend to be squishy, so packing in some gear with Vitality and Fortitude stats is a good way to break through some of the harder content. 

Best item set

As you enter the later stages of the game, you’d want to replace your equipment with much more powerful Legendary items. Choose items that augment your core abilities: 

  • Head – Visitant’s Sign: increases Command Golem duration by 20% and decreases cooldown by 10%.
  • Main hand weapon – Desolatoria: allows you to summon a molten golem when you use Command Golem.
  • Off-hand weapon – Welcome End: Skeletal Mage now summons a grim reaper.
  • Shoulders – Linger-mantle: increases Dark Curse’s duration by 30% and decreases cooldown by 10%.
  • Chest – Covet Nothing: Bone Armor now damages nearby enemies while also increasing the damage they take for a short period.
  • Legs – Guided by Maggots: replaces Dark Curse’s vision debuff with a team buff that increases your minions’ attack and movement speeds.

Best gear set

Once you reach max level 60, you can start farming set items to bring your combat rating to new heights. For Necromancers, the set of choice is none other than Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set, which complements your overall strength:

  • 2-piece bonus: increase your summons’ damage by 15%.
  • 4-piece bonus: each minion increases your Critical Hit Chance by 3%. Caps at 18%.
  • 6-piece bonus: each time a minion critically hits, all minions enter a frenzied state. The frenzied state lasts for 10 seconds and increases minions’ attack speed by 100%.

Best gems

Slotting the gems you get from Elder Rifts into your equipment gives your character another power spike in the Sanctuary. Look out for the following gems to receive various stat boosts: 

  • Blood-soaked Jade: increases your damage output by 8% and movement speed by 10%.
  • Freedom and Devotion: increases the duration of your summons by 8%.
  • Echoing Shade: your attacks have a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone that gains some of your abilities. Shadow clones last for 8 seconds.
  • Frozen Heart: increases base attributes on all equipment by up to 5%.
  • Howler’s Call: primary attacks have a 10% chance of summoning a charging spirit wolf.
  • Seeping Bile: attacks have a 4% chance to poison enemies. Inflicts damage for 6 seconds.

Now, put that knowledge to good use and protect Sanctuary as a Necromancer! Don’t forget to top up your Eternal Orbs only on Codashop. We guarantee faster and more convenient top-ups so you can enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. 



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