Best Mobile Legends Heroes per role to help you rank up


MLBB Best Heroes Per Role

As the competition heats up in Mobile Legends, you will want to choose the best heroes to help you rank up. From agile assassins, deadly marksmen, and pesky mages, picking the most viable hero will be helpful to winning ranked games. Check out our best hero suggestions per role in MLBB.




Ling remains to be one of the most formidable assassins in MLBB. It’s not just the way he gracefully walks and stalks the walls to drop death blows; this assassin is still capable of singlehandedly carrying the team to victory. Even if he needs support to secure buffs in the early game, Ling does the reckoning from mid to late game, thanks to his increased damage.


Lancelot Floral Knight

There’s a reason why Lancelot remains in the upper tier of the most banned heroes in ranked matches. He is a precision killer with his chase/burst damage almost inescapable, especially for heroes with low mobility. His dashes have become more powerful, while his second skill makes him invulnerable against damage and crowd control. Practice your Lancelot skills, and enemies will tremble at your mercy.



MLBB Cecilion

Cecilion is an excellent pick for the mage role with his devastating skill set. By accumulating stacks (like Aldous), Cecilion grows deadlier, heading towards the late game. His insane damage can one-shot an enemy to death. He also gains mana by casting his skills. With long-range AOE skills and an ultimate with burst and speed up, Cecilion can have a field day eliminating enemies.


MLBB Xavier

Xavier is a unique mage who can shoot down enemies at the opposite end of the map. How cool is that! He shines in the mid-game once he gets a pair of his core items and can easily dominate in the late game. Xavier is almost a complete package with a skill set that includes AoE, slow, burst damage, and buff. Again, his ability to snipe enemies map-wide can be an excellent advantage for any team.



Roger Fiend Haunter

At this point, it seems as if Roger is eternally powerful. He can full-carry a team once he gets his items (and bearings) right. With extra movement speed, he can chase enemies and escape the clutches of death. He has a buff and can morph to deal more damage. Roger can segway and destroy turrets on his own. He also has a vast collection of skins! Seriously, what else can this hunter not do?


MLBB Aulus

Aulus, Warrior of Ferocity, may be small. But never underestimate his size because he is fast and is capable of wiping out an entire enemy team with every swing of his enormous weapon! His passive gives him the much-needed buff while his physical attack grows deadlier going into the match. And lest you forget, he wields the powerful War Axe.



MLBB Melissa

As a member of the Forsaken Light, Melissa is a new breed of hero specializing in Reap/Damage. She has excellent buff and debuff skills that make her extra crafty during team fights. Her companion, Cuddles, protects Melissa by creating a field that can knock back enemies. The Cursed Needle is a solid pick with strong late-game potential.


Wanwan TeenPop

Wanwan does not need any further introduction. Her ultimate, which can now be activated by hitting only three enemy weaknesses, can wipe out an entire enemy team. During the Crossbow of Tang, Wanwan remains invincible; pray that you survive during this onslaught because she is unstoppable. Be warned: when Wanwan starts jumping, know that she’s gunning for a savage.



MLBB Lolita

Lolita is one of the best counters against heroes with heavy damage like Natan and Gusion. The Steel Elf can protect allies from projectile attacks using her Second Skill, which provides a shield that no bullets can penetrate. Despite her small size, Lolita is a master of crowd control when she casts her ultimate with massive area CC to slow and smack enemies.


Grock Iceland Golem

Grock is the type of tank with the size and damage that sends enemies fleeing. The sight of this Fortress Titan charging while swinging his weapon is intimidating moreover frightening. His walls and extra movement speed give him a massive advantage in battle. Grock also received numerous buffs to remain workable in the meta. When near a wall, Grock grows deadlier and tankier.



MLBB Estes

We’ve seen the rise of Estes thanks to his inclusion in highly-competitive pro tournaments like MPL. The Moon Elf King inserts his dominance by sustaining allies in team fights with powerful healing. Estes’ skills are also relatively easy to use, but one needs to learn good positioning and understanding of the map to save allies effectively. Once he completes his item build, Estes will never stop healing. 


Rafaela Biomedic

Rafaela is incredible support who can contribute both on the offensive and the defensive side of things. Her second skill provides healing and increased movement speed for nearby allies – while her ultimate helps catch enemies. Rafaela’s first skill can slow down and reveal enemies hiding behind the bush. Need help to pull off the biggest escape? Call on the angel to get the job done. 

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