5 Times Genshin Impact Players Took it to the Next Level


Genshin Impact Next Level Play (1)

From saving Mondstadt from a corrupted Stormterror to spoiling sinister Fatui plots and freeing the Dendro Archon, there’s no denying that the Traveler has an unbreakable spirit and will. And it’s fascinating because Genshin Impact’s playerbase seems to mirror these qualities, doing impressive feats like soloing the game’s hardest content with 1 HP or spending gruelling hours just for a meme.

Of course, there are many ways to play and find enjoyment in the game. But today, we will talk about some of the most incredible feats done in Genshin Impact. Here are five times Genshin Impact players took it to the next level.

Genshin Ice Bridge

Inazuma Ice Bridge

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 brought the much-awaited Inazuma region and, with it, the Raiden Shogun’s Sakoku Decree, which isolated the region from the rest of Teyvat. Even though following the main quest will eventually take every player to the Land of Eternity, several Travellers still decided to challenge the Shogun’s rule in their own way: by ice-bridging their way into Inazuma.

If you don’t know, Cryo characters like Kaeya and Ayaka can form ice bridges with their abilities and traverse on top of the water. With this mechanic, a crew of four brave Travellers spent two hours casting Cryo abilities non-stop to try and enter Inazuma.

Apart from the islands being 3,700 in-game miles from Liyue, the Travellers also needed perfect coordination to manage their cooldowns and sustain themselves. The travel was mostly smooth, but that all changed when they saw the islands’ silhouette on the foggy horizon. In no time, they found themselves amidst the Shogun’s wrath, and they had to keep dodging the lightning bolts while trying to form a steady ice bridge. The team seemed to have found their tempo, and they were holding well for a long time, but in the end, they were teleported back to Liyue. As it turns out, the islands are not only protected by the Sakoku Decree, but also the devs. Thanks for the memes, though!

Genshin Impact Beidou

1 HP Beidou VS the world

Genshin Impact has a simple and fun combat system that gets more exciting and rewarding when you have Beidou. Beidou’s Elemental Skill, Tidecaller, allows the player to parry any attack within a short duration, giving them more survivability. This makes for awesome fight sequences and outplays. However, pulling it off takes immense skill, perfect timing, and a good sense of the enemy’s attack patterns.

One particular Beidou main named Wallenstein has mastered Tidecaller and uses its parry mechanic to perfection, making the toughest boss fights in the game look like a walk in the park. What’s more is that he calmly walks into these fights with only 1 HP. Talk about skill!

Genshin Impact Katheryne

Katheryne’s Day Out 

The term “resinless behaviour” is a Genshin Impact term used to describe useless or meaningless activities done by a Traveller to entertain themselves after using up all their resin. One Genshin Impact player, Cynn, took this phrase to heart and spent 30+ hours just for the laughs. 

There used to be a bug in the game wherein you could move Katheryne, the receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild, away from her booth. When he found out about the bug, he decided he’ll move Mondstadt Katheryne all the way to Liyue as a wishing ritual, hoping to get Mona. 

The only way to do this was to push Katheryne a few pixels forward with Zhongli’s Elemental Skill. The Elemental Skill has a 12-second cooldown. Imagine how tedious that was! The funny thing is he ended up pulling a Serpent Spine in the standard banner. 

Genshin Impact Dvalin

1-Shotting Stormterror

Genshin Impact is home to different types of players. There are the Serenitea Pot mains, the Genius Invokation TCG enthusiasts, and the hardcore explorers who can max out any region within hours. There are also the DPS (damage per screenshot) maniacs, which you often see every time HoYoverse releases a new character. 

These players push any unit past their limits and uncover their true potential. With the careful and methodical use of buffs, team rotations, and min-maxed stats, one player named Tony To achieved jaw-dropping damage numbers and an extremely fast Dvalin speed run. Dvalin even had half of his shield up in one of his runs, and the video looked like it was bugged because the entire run happened so fast.

Genshin Impact Traveller

No-Element Traveller 

The seven elements are a defining characteristic of Genshin Impact because it lets us interact fully with the world of Teyvat, and the combat system revolves around it. This is why it’s so hard to believe that one player managed to reach Adventure Rank 55 without activating any element on the Traveller.

Noblies is a Genshin Impact player who took an entirely different approach to the game, fighting his way through Teyvat with a physical damage-Traveller. He had to go to great lengths to maintain this status (and the meme), bypassing certain domains and glitching in and out of quest-locked areas. And since the Wishing System is still unlocked in his account, this means that he has yet to pull any character to help him in his journey. His only other characters are Collei and Xiangling, which you can unlock for free by completing the earlier levels of the Spiral Abyss. 


Travellers are some of the most dedicated players I’ve seen, and it is always amazing to see how much love they have for Genshin Impact. I’m curious about the next amazing feats we’ll see in the coming years! Go on your own journey through Teyvat, and remember to top up your Genesis Crystals only at Codashop for a fast and easy payment process. 



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