PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Map Guide


Over the years, PUBG Mobile has added tons of new content, making it challenging for returning or new players to jump back in. 

In this guide, we’ll break down each of the game’s four battle royale maps, revealing the best drop locations and some additional tips to ensure that you have an unforgettable PUBG Mobile experience. Trust us; you’ll be dropping in with confidence in no time!

Map Overview

Erangel PUBGM

Erangel is the inaugural map in PUBG that has been the battleground for players since the game’s inception. Erangel’s map measures 8×8 and features several city areas separated by expansive, open land. Erangel’s southern section is an isolated island, which includes a military base connected to the mainland by two tiny bridges. If you don’t initially land at the military base, or if the circle doesn’t force you there, it’s advisable to steer clear of that area for the duration of the game.

Recommended places to land:

  • Quarry is a flat region with a few isolated structures in the southwest side of the mainland, about north of Primotsk. There’s enough stuff to get you started, especially if you get a rare drop now and again, and unless the safe zone is in the far northeast, you won’t have to travel far to reach safety in time. Nonetheless, be aware of other players landing here, as the flat landscape makes leaping out into the open dangerous.
  • When you wish to start your battle with as much mayhem as possible, you drop off  at the Military Base on thesouthern island connected solely by two bridges. The large base is home to some fantastic riches, but other players in the game are fully aware of this. As you arrive in the base, the early game becomes a race to the most incredible weaponry, so if you want high action from the start, you’ll love it here.
  • School, which is in the middle of the map, is another high-volume place when a match first starts, but unlike the Military Base, it is practically dead center on the map. You can arm yourself and take down a few adversaries while never leaving the protected zone. If you can keep the other players from dropping here with you, you’ll be in good shape in the late game, regardless of where the circle is.

Miramar PUBGM

Miramar is a desolate area located in the desert; thus, there is little flora to shield you from long-range artillery. Of course, there are towns, such as Los Leones and Pecado, but the land outside of those towns is flat and barren. You’ll have a wonderful time if you can find a sniper rifle or other long-range weapon; otherwise, keep to buildings and only move when you’re out of the safe zone.

Recommended places to land:

  • Water Treatment is located approximately north of the center of the map. It’s a modest place with enough loot to get you started. You’ll only have two or three opponents landing here, less than in areas like Los Leones, so early-game clashes should be doable. Additionally, because you’re so near the center of the globe, you can estimate how far you’ll have to go to reach the first safe zone, if you still need to, and prepare accordingly.
  • A few circular solitary houses overlooking the town are located directly southeast of El Azahar, situated on the map’s northeastern area. There’s enough loot to get you started, and most people that land in this location will head directly for El Azahar, so you might be able to acquire some loot and flee before anybody notices you.
  • The outskirts of Los Leones provide enough loot to outfit oneself well before venturing into the city core for some early firefights. Those who wish to start slowly should avoid this section entirely, but if you desire early action, we won’t advocate jumping into the city’s core. Instead, look for opportunities on the outside area.

Sanhok PUBGM

Sanhok, in contrast to Miramar, is nothing but beautiful greens and hills running for kilometers. The enormous area means there will be plenty of space for even 100 people, and the uneven terrain will provide lots of opportunities for looting and engaging other players. The river that runs through the middle of the map and also cuts it in half provides some scary times when the safe zone is on one side of the bridge, and you’re on the other, so be aware of where you need to be and when. While playing Sanhok, we recommend landing on the larger island since you’ll be on the safer side of the map more frequently than not.

Recommended places to land:

  • Bhan is a peculiar wooden building in the heart of Sanhok’s largest island that holds a good quantity of loot. The layout of the landmark will need some hopping, so avoid putting yourself out in the open if possible, but keeping low and gathering any loot It has to give provides for a strong beginning plan.
  • Pai Nan is a seaside town with houses on both sides of the river, located in the lower part of the map. Landing on the northern side will put you on the main island and, presumably, on a smoother route to the first safe zone. However, because Pai Nan is divided into two halves, any opponents that arrive here will likely flee to the other side of the river, leaving you with all the loot.
  • Quarry, likewise located on the eastern part of the map, is a vast rocky region with plenty of loot to obtain. It’s one of the biggest landmarks on the map, but its treasure pool is smaller than one of the towns, so we don’t anticipate it to be very packed at any moment. More stuff for you, and if someone did join you there, there’s enough room to walk away from the attack and compose yourself.

Vekindi PUBGM

We’ve seen the arid desert and the lush greens; now it’s time to see the icy tundra. Vikendi is a snowy terrain smaller than Erangel but still has a lot of spots and areas of interest that provide valuable loot. If you need some room to work, the western portion of the map is more open than the rest, but be prepared for some fascinating fights immediately.

Recommended places to land:

  • Lumber Yard, located on the southeastern shore, provides plenty of loot while posing little risk. Because Vikendi has so many cities on such a short territory, other players flock to the towns to battle. Visiting the Lumber Yard first allows you to stock up on supplies before establishing a foothold in a neighboring town like Cantra, Peshkova, or the Cement Factory to the northwest.
  • Dino Park, located in the southwest corner of the map, provides equal advantages as Lumber Yard but with one additional benefit: it is closer to the center of the map. Load supplies here, then wait for foes to approach until the safe zone emerges and informs you where to proceed next. If you must remain in the secure zone, you can reinforce your position and wait for the upper hand on any hapless bystanders.
  • Mount Kreznic, positioned in the heart of the map, will undoubtedly be a hotspot in the early going. The land is here only if you’ve been playing the game for a long time because it’s a high-elevation location with plenty of loot, making it a great site to start a match. If you can hold your own and be the last one standing, go to Mount Kreznic and have a good time.

Karakin PUBGM

Karakin is an exciting map; instead of 100 players, 64 are drawn to this barren island off the coast of Northern Africa. It is PUBG’s fifth playable map and the second 2×2 km map. It is also the first to use Black Zones, which drive players out of particular regions and structures by randomly destroying them. There are also breachable walls and bullet penetration, providing tactical chances and additional dangers.

Recommended places to land:

  • Al Habar, unlike many other localities distributed around Karakin, has high-rise structures. The added height is advantageous for those seeking a tactical edge by claiming higher ground but the sheer volume of explorable space makes it an excellent hot drop spot. There is loot alongside you, below you, and usually above you. Because it is one of the biggest villages on the map, expect fierce pushback. Land on the high rooftops and go down to avoid colliding with other players around the various corners before you can obtain a useful weapon.
  • Al Hayik, This medium-sized town lacks the high elevation terrain required to be a worthy battleground, but the loot distributed around the ground level more than compensates. Al Hayik’s loot pool distinguishes it as a site that whole teams may rely on to swiftly outfit up. You won’t want to drop there in singles, but with a large crew capable of covering the ground, you can return with the supplies. If feasible, have one teammate occupy the tallest rooftop. The other players are thus free to acquire loot below, knowing that someone has the necessary high ground to watch the entire town.
  • Hadiqa Nemo is another hot drop zone for squads. Hadiqa Nemo is made up of a container yard and a few structures. The finest loot appears to spawn in the former area, but it’s crucial to have one or two teammates occupy the structures overlooking it – only to keep an eye on those sent in to get the items. If you’re alone, head to the roofs and observe the containers from a safe distance. You could just get some early kills and have the finest treasure pool ready.


Livik is all about rapid games and essentially comes in two versions: before the volcanic explosion and after the eruption, when it becomes known as Aftermath and is played in unrated. Livik and Aftermath have a maximum of 50 player lobbies. The map was recently updated with various unique mechanisms found exclusively in Livik, such as Ziplines, treasure maps leading to high-tier goodies, and secret spots. In the Soccer Field, you can even play a game of soccer. Score a goal and see what happens.

  • The waterfall is a fascinating location in Livik. The waterfall has three storeys, a space behind it, and it’s frequently pretty secluded, allowing you to deal with only a few other players and gear up towards the mid-game.
  • Iceborg isn’t very appealing, but the little mountaintop village is a wonderful place to stock up on loot, with many buildings and a massive church stocked with equipment. Getting to Iceborg is risky, as the zone is sometimes fairly far away from it.
  • Healing is something the Hot Springs have to give. You will heal while in the water, saving money on healing supplies. It may be a busy area, especially during the early brawls, but it’s a strong alternative with some excellent rewards.


Whether you’re a returning player or a newcomer, this guide has everything you need to dominate PUBG Mobile’s battle royale mode. You’ll be fully equipped for victory, from the best drop locations to essential tips. So, what are you waiting for? Jump back into the game and put your newfound knowledge to the test!

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