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In the exhilarating world of League of Legends: Wild Rift, few champions command the battlefield like Volibear. With thunderous might and indomitable strength, the Relentless Storm can potentially turn the tides of any game in your favor. As you delve into the realms of the Wild Rift, prepare to unleash the true power of Volibear and dominate your opponents like never before. 

This champion guide will equip you with strategies and insights to harness Volibear’s raw power, propelling you toward victory and establishing your dominance in the league. 

Brace yourself for an electrifying adventure as we unveil the secrets to becoming a true force to be reckoned with, climbing the ranks, and leaving a path of destruction in your wake. Get ready to unleash the storm and reign supreme with Volibear!

Understanding Volibear’s Abilities

Volibear, the thunderous champion of Wild Rift, possesses unique abilities that synergize to create a formidable kit. Understanding these abilities is critical to harnessing the true power of this fearsome warrior.

Innate Passive | The Relentless Storm

At the core of Volibear’s kit lies his innate passive ability, The Relentless Storm. With each basic attack or ability connecting with an enemy, Volibear gains a stack lasting 6 seconds. Accumulating up to 5 stacks empowers him with Lightning Claws, granting his normal attacks the ability to chain up to 4 subsequent targets. This passive enhances his damage output and rewards continuous engagement in battle, making Volibear a relentless force to be reckoned with.

Thundering Smash

One of Volibear’s primary offensive tools is Thundering Smash. When activated, the Relentless Storm enters a ghosted state, and gains increased movement speed for a short duration. The movement speed bonus is further amplified when facing an enemy champion. This ability culminates in a powerful strike, as Volibear’s next basic attack becomes empowered, inflicting physical damage and stunning the target for 1 second. Thundering Smash is a devastating initiation tool and a reliable way to lock down key targets.

Frenzied Maul

Volibear’s Frenzied Maul inflicts significant damage and marks the target as Wounded for 8 seconds. Wounded enemies suffer an additional 50% damage from Frenzied Maul while also providing Volibear with healing. This ability showcases Volibear’s ability to deal substantial damage and highlights his resilience as a bruiser, making him a formidable threat in prolonged engagements.

Sky Splitter

In the arsenal of Volibear’s abilities is Sky Splitter. By summoning a lightning bolt, the Relentless Storm strikes the ground in a circular area after a brief delay, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies caught within the radius. This ability can be utilized for zoning enemies or weakening them before engaging in a fight. Additionally, Volibear gains a shield if he remains within the area of effect, granting him added survivability during trades.


Finally, Volibear’s ultimate ability, Stormbringer, unleashes his true might. With a mighty leap, Volibear lands in a circular area, dealing physical damage and causing enemies to be slowed for a short duration. Notably, Stormbringer grants Volibear crowd control immunity during its execution and disables enemy turrets upon impact. When combined with Sky Splitter, casting it beforehand and landing on the area with Stormbringer, Volibear can devastate multiple enemies while maintaining a significant advantage in team fights or tower dives.

Building an Effective Volibear

When optimizing Volibear’s itemization in Wild Rift, finding the right balance between damage and being a tank is crucial. By incorporating AD and tank items, Volibear can unleash devastating damage while maintaining the durability needed to survive intense battles. Let’s explore some recommended item builds to help you unlock Volibear’s full potential on the Rift.

  1. Brawler Bear: This build enhances the Relentless Storm’s resilience, transforming him into a formidable frontline tank. It revolves around standard defense items such as health, magic resist, armor, and tenacity. By stacking these defensive stats, Volibear becomes a formidable force capable of soaking up enemy damage and disrupting their plans. Sterak’s Gage, for example, provides an extra shield when Volibear’s health drops, further increasing his survivability.
  2. The Immortal Bear: Volibear’s versatile skillset deals with physical and magical damage, making this hybrid build particularly beneficial. The core item in this build is Riftmaker, which grants Volibear omnivamp for sustained healing, which means any physical, magic or true damage will heal Volibear for a certain amount, and this effect stacks. Combined with Iceborn Gauntlet and Dead Man’s Plate, the Relentless Storm gains the tools to close the gap between enemies and himself quickly. Spirit Visage, known for its increased healing, and Amaranth Twinguard’s defensive stats synergize seamlessly with Riftmaker’s sustain, ensuring Volibear’s endurance throughout prolonged battles.

When considering the itemization options for Volibear, it’s essential to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each build. The Brawler Bear build excels at providing Volibear with exceptional tank build, allowing him to withstand enemy assaults and create opportunities for his team. However, this build may sacrifice some damage potential compared to other alternatives.

On the other hand, The Immortal Bear build emphasizes sustain and damage output, turning Volibear into an unstoppable force during extended engagements. With Riftmaker, Iceborn Gauntlet, and Dead Man’s Plate, Volibear can stick to his targets, deal consistent damage, and outlast his opponents. This build shines when facing squishy targets or engaging in duels against foes lacking sustained damage.

Mastering Volibear’s Playstyle

To become a true master of Volibear in Wild Rift, it’s crucial to understand his role within the team and adapt to different positions. Here are essential tips to help you excel in various aspects of the game.

  1. Understanding Volibear’s Role:

Volibear is a versatile Fighter/Tank champion who engages and disrupts the enemy team. In team fights, your primary objective is to initiate and create chaos, zoning out enemy carries while protecting your team. Your durability and crowd control make you a formidable meat shield, absorbing damage and stunning vital targets.

  1. Laning Strategies:

  2. Top Lane: Prioritize farming minions and capitalize on Volibear’s early game strength. Look for opportunities to engage the enemy laner by using Thundering Smash for increased movement speed, Sky Splitter for a slow effect, and following up with Frenzied Maul for burst damage. Remember to weave in auto-attacks between abilities to maximize your overall damage output.
  3. Jungle: As a jungler, focus on efficient camp clearing and exerting map-wide pressure. Farm diligently to reach level 4 and unlock all your abilities. Volibear’s engaging kit makes him a potent ganker. Coordinate with your laners to execute successful ganks, utilizing Thundering Smash to close the gap and Frenzied Maul to deal substantial damage. Additionally, prioritize securing objectives such as Dragon and Rift Herald to give your team advantages.
  4. Late-Game Team Fight Tactics:

Volibear remains a formidable presence in late-game team fights. Utilize your Stormbringer ability to initiate engagements, leaping into the enemy team and disrupting their formation. Your primary focus should be on zoning out enemy carries, shielding your team’s damage dealers, and absorbing as much damage as possible. Seize opportunities to stun enemies with Frenzied Maul and other abilities, exerting control over high-priority targets and swinging team fights in your favor.

Synergies and Counters

When forming team compositions, certain champions synergize exceptionally well with Volibear. Let’s explore champions that complement Volibear’s playstyle and those who present challenges to him.


  1. Vi: Volibear greatly benefits from Vi’s Vault Breaker when he is ganking his lane. The knock-up and gap-closing ability provide valuable assistance during ganks. With Vi’s Cease and Desist immobilizing enemies, Volibear can easily catch up using Thundering Smash. Additionally, Vi’s armor reduction amplifies their ganking potential.
  2. Nautilus: Volibear and Nautilus make for a formidable duo. Nautilus’ crowd control abilities, particularly Dredge Line, allow for effective gap closing and set up opportunities for Volibear. Their combined presence can quickly turn engagements in their favor.


  1. Jax: Jax poses a significant threat to Volibear. His Counter Strike ability prevents Volibear from stunning him during the initial cast of Thundering Smash. Jax’s mobility, particularly with Leap Strike, allows him to close the gap or disengage from Volibear. When facing Jax, being appropriately mindful of his abilities and time engagements is crucial.
  2. Vayne: Vayne’s Silver Bolts can rapidly shred Volibear’s health, especially in the hands of skilled players. Ranged champions like Vayne in the top lane can kite Volibear effectively. To overcome this challenge, Volibear players should carefully consider engagements, utilize crowd control effectively, and close the gap swiftly to minimize Vayne’s advantage.

When playing alongside synergistic champions, coordinate your abilities and communicate effectively to maximize the impact of these combinations. Utilize Vi’s crowd control alongside Volibear’s engagement tools, and capitalize on Nautilus’ setups to secure kills.

To counter champions like Jax and Vayne, understanding their strengths is vital. Respect Jax’s Counter-Strike and adjust engagement timing to avoid being stunned. Against Vayne, effective crowd control usage can limit her mobility, while closing the gap quickly helps minimize her damage output.


This guide covered key aspects of mastering the Relentless Storm, Volibear in Wild Rift. We discussed his abilities, item builds, playstyle, and synergies/counters.

Now armed with this knowledge, apply the strategies and tips to your gameplay. Unleash Volibear’s power, coordinate with synergistic champions and adapt your strategies to overcome counters.

Master Volibear’s thunderous might, dominate your opponents and climb the ranks in Wild Rift. Good luck on your journey!


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