Wild Rift Top ADC Champions


In the exhilarating world of Wild Rift, ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champions reign supreme. As the backbone of any team, ADCs possess the power to deal devastating damage from a distance. ADC’s primary responsibility is to carry games and turn the tides of battle with their exceptional scaling and late-game dominance. Mastering ADC champions is essential for those seeking victory in Wild Rift.

This article lists the top ADC champions that will significantly enhance your chances of securing victory in the current meta. With these champions in your helo pool, you’ll have a higher chance to dominate in Wild Rift.

Top ADC Champions 


Wild Rift Vayne
Image credits: Riot Games

Vayne, the Night Hunter, is a highly regarded ADC in Wild Rift. Renowned for her agility and precision, she excels in dealing massive damage to single targets and can quickly burst enemies. Vayne’s abilities make her one of the most recommended ADC in Wild Rift. Her passive, Night Hunter, increases her speed of movement toward nearby enemy champions. Her ability to tumble gives bonus attack damage, so Vayne can swiftly navigate through fights while delivering devastating damage.


Wild Rift Tristana
Image credits: Riot Games

Tristana, the Yordle Gunner, is a formidable ADC in Wild Rift. Known for her explosive playstyle, she excels at dealing with rapid-fire damage and wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Tristana’s passive, Draw a Bead, is one of the main reasons she is a good choice as an ADC. It grants her an increased attack range as she levels up, allowing her to attack from a safer distance. This range boost gives her a significant advantage during laning and team fights.’


Wild Rift Varus
Image credits: Riot Games

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, is a powerful ADC in Wild Rift. With his ability to deal consistent damage and provide powerful crowd control, Varus is an excellent choice for players seeking a versatile and impactful marksman. His Piercing Arrow skill helps him to gain an advantage in the early game, helping him to deal damage to the enemies while securing the last hits with the minions. It also allows him to farm the minions faster. While his ultimate ability, Chain of Corruption, is a game-changing crowd control ability. He fires out a powerful chain that immobilizes the first enemy champion hit and then spreads to nearby enemies if they remain in range. This ability can turn the tide of team fights by effectively locking down key targets and allowing Varus and his team to follow up with devastating damage.


Wild Rift Kai'sa
Image credits: Riot Games

Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void, is a highly versatile and potent ADC in Wild Rift. With her adaptive playstyle, she excels in various situations. Her passive, Second Skin, allows her to stack Plasma for bonus damage. Her abilities, such as Icathian Rain and Void Seeker, provide excellent wave clear, poke, and crowd control. With her mobility from Supercharge and assassination potential from Killer Instinct, Kai’Sa becomes a deadly force in team fights. Her ability to build as an AP or AD carry adds to her adaptability, making her a formidable and unpredictable threat on the battlefield.


Wild Rift Ezreal
Image credits: Riot Games

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, is highly versatile and annoying to deal with ADC in Wild Rift known for his exceptional mobility and long-range poke. With his Rising Spell Force passive, he gains attack speed when landing abilities, amplifying his damage output. His Mystic Shot ability provides poke and applies on-hit effects, while Essence Flux grants attack speed to allies. Arcane Shift offers him unparalleled mobility, allowing for quick repositioning and escapes. With his global ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, Ezreal can deal damage across the map. These qualities make him a skill-based and strategic ADC, excelling in kiting enemies and dealing consistent damage from a safe distance.


Expanding your champion pool of ADC in Wild Rift is crucial for increasing your chances of winning games, particularly when your primary champion is banned. A diverse selection of champions allows you to adapt and thrive in different situations. To enhance your versatility, you should start practicing the following champions listed above, as you have observed, the champions listed above are unique to each other for you to have versatility in different occasions.


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