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Wild Rift TwitchAre you ready to get a glimpse of the darkest corners of Piltover? Twitch has arrived, and he’s here to show you what true chaos looks like. He’s the newest addition to the Wilf Rift roster, and with his sneaky tactics and deadly attacks, he’s sure to become a fan favourite. 

Twitch is a marksman, but he’s not your typical ranged attacker. If you want to dominate the battlefield with Twitch, you’ll need to master his unique playstyle that revolves around stealth and surprise attacks. In this Wild Rift champion guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Twitch, from his abilities to his item build and playstyle.

Champion Spotlight: The Plague Rat of Piltover

Twitch Hero Page WR

Twitch was nothing more than an ordinary rat roaming the sewers and the dark underbelly of Zaun, the undercity. All that changed when he was chemically altered and experimented upon by scientists, mutating him into the sneaky and vengeful connoisseur of filth that he is known today. Armed with his chem-powered crossbow, Twitch has vowed to terrorise humans, especially those living in Piltover, and show them just how filthy they are.

Understanding Twitch’s Abilities

Passive | Deadly Venom

Twitch’s offensive moves spread poisonous substances to opponents, dealing True Damage over a brief period of time, and can accumulate up to five times. Those Venom stacks grant bonus attack speed to Twitch as soon as they gain a full stack of the poison. This makes Twitch’s auto attacks twice as deadly as any other marksman. 

Skill 1| Ambush

In line with Twitch’s affinity for sneaking around and ambushing people, his first skill allows him to become invisible for a short period of time while also boosting his movement speed for a few seconds, which is further enhanced when Twitch is nearby enemy champions. As soon as Twitch reveals himself to his opponents, he doubles the stack of Venom he can apply, making it easier for him to gain full stacks and deal damage.

Skill 2| Venom Cask

To make matters even worse for Twitch’s enemies, he can also throw poison bottles, granting Venom stacks and slowing enemies down. When Twitch begins his assault after using Ambush, Venom Cask is the perfect follow-up. It can slow down his enemies, allowing him to attack them from a distance. The cast time it takes to use this ability decreases as Twitch’s attack speed increases.

Skill 3 | Contaminate

Contaminate is the cherry on top of Twitch’s kit, as it deals additional damage to enemies with Venom stacks. When enemies have reached the maximum limit of stacks, which is five, they will spread the damage to nearby targets and inflict them with the highest possible number of Deadly Venom stacks.

Ultimate | Spray and Pray

Twitch is also a formidable force when it comes to taking out multiple enemies at once. His ultimate allows him to gain damage boost and additional range with his attacks. It also transforms Twitch’s auto attacks into piercing bolts that can hit multiple enemies in a line. If combined with his other abilities, Twitch can deal massive damage to an entire team and turn the tide of a fight in his favour. This ability is particularly effective in narrow corridors or chokepoints where enemies are grouped together. 

Wild Rift Best Item Build for Twitch

Twitch Loadout WR

Twitch is a champion who performs best when he has items that increase his attack damage and speed. Due to the nature of his passive and his Venom stacks, attack speed items make it easier for him to accumulate his passive ability faster. To start, Stormrazor is a good item for Twitch as it provides both attack damage and speed in the game’s early stages. Another essential item for Twitch is Runaan’s Hurricane and Wind’s Fury. When combined, those two items work quite well with Twitch’s Deadly Venom ability.

As for the runes, it’s practically the same principle. Focus on either damage, attack speed, or movement speed, and you’ll be on the right track. Some recommended runes are:

  • Lethal Tempo
  • Hunter-Vampirism
  • Hunter-Titan
  • Nimbus Cloak

You can also go for Triumph or Nullifying Orb for better survivability during team fights. Hunter-Vampirism gives him Physical Vamp during the early laning phase, which is when Twitch is at his weakest. This helps him sustain himself in the lane and avoid being poked out by enemy champions. 

For spells, Flash is a must-have for any champion, especially for Twitch, who needs to go in and out of fights quickly. It’s just a simple yet effective escape and engage tool. For his second spell, Exhaust is a great option to have as it helps him slow down enemy champions and reduce their damage output, making him harder to kill and giving him more time to deal damage. Ghost is also a good option for Twitch, as it helps him chase down enemies or escape from dangerous situations. Overall, it’s important to choose spells that complement your playstyle and help you achieve your goals in the game.

Hero Playstyle

Twitch is quite an effective marksman, making him a perfect ADC unit for the Dragon Lane. He utilises poison and sneak attacks to subdue enemies, and his stealth allows him to ambush enemies and catch them off-guard. While Twitch can easily dominate opponents during the laning phase with the right support, he’s actually one of the few ADCs that can be effectively used to roam around the map and gank other lanes. His stealth allows him to move around undetected, and he can use his Venom Cask ability to slow down enemies and set up kills for his team.

Overall, Twitch’s playstyle is all about deception and surprise attacks. He’s not the easiest champion to master, but in the hands of a skilled player, he can be a deadly force on the battlefield.

Strategies for Dominating as Twitch

Twitch Poison WR

  1. Utilise Your Stealth: An effective ADC Twitch should play like an assassin. Use his stealth abilities to move around undetected and set up surprise attacks on enemies. Make sure to time your attacks carefully and coordinate with your team to maximise your impact.
  2. Poison is Your Friend: Twitch’s poison is his bread and butter. His passive ability, Deadly Venom, deals damage over time and stacks up to five times. Make sure to constantly apply poison to enemies, as it can be a powerful tool for harassing and whittling down opponents over time.
  3. Roam Around the Map: Twitch is one of the few ADCs that can roam effectively. While he performs pretty well in the bot lane, he can also be a potent ganker in other lanes. Use your stealth to roam around the map and surprise enemies while coordinating with your team. Try to pick off stragglers or low-health enemies for easy kills.
  4. Use the Right Combo: To maximise Twitch’s damage output, always start off with your ambush to open your attack. You can then follow it up with Venom Cask and some auto attacks. If you’re dealing with multiple enemies, open with Ambush and Venom Cask, then unleash your Ultimate. Dish out some auto attacks and finally use Contaminate to spread the poison and deal maximum damage.
  5. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings: Despite Twitch’s insane damage output, he is quite squishy and can be easily caught out if not careful. Keep an eye on the minimap and stay aware of any potential threats. Use your spells to escape dangerous situations, and always have an escape plan in mind.

Twitch is a unique and versatile champion in Wild Rift. His playstyle revolves around stealth and surprise attacks, making him a deadly force on the battlefield. While he may take some time to master, Twitch can be a valuable addition to any team composition with his ability to roam and set up kills. So if you’re looking for a new ADC to add to your arsenal, give Twitch a try and see if you can master the art of deception.

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