Master the Art of Jungle Domination: Ultimate Wild Rift Lee Sin Guide


Wild Rift - Lee Sin

The role of a Jungler in Wild Rift is to navigate the jungle area, clearing camps for experience and gold while actively looking for opportunities to gank and assist teammates in their lanes. The Jungler is responsible for exerting pressure on the map, securing objectives like Dragon and Baron, and disrupting the enemy team’s gameplay.

Lee Sin is a popular pick among players due to his versatility and high skill ceiling. As a mobile melee fighter, Lee Sin excels at early-game aggression and is known for his ability to make impactful plays. His kit offers strong mobility, crowd control, and high burst damage, allowing him to swiftly engage or disengage from fights. Additionally, Lee Sin’s unique mechanic, the “Insec kick,” where he uses his ultimate ability to kick an enemy into his team, has become iconic and is often a game-changer when executed successfully. These factors contribute to Lee Sin’s popularity as a high-risk, high-reward champion in the Jungler role.

Who is Lee Sin?

Lee sin

Lee Sin is an agile AD jungler known for his exceptional mobility. He excels in the early game with fast jungle clear and strong 1v1 potential against enemy junglers. His early ganks are potent, allowing you to create opportunities to gain an advantage in your lanes. 

Lee Sin’s Skills/Abilities

Flurry Passive: Lee Sin’s skills provide him with a temporary increase in Attack Speed for a couple of attacks in a brief period. Utilizing the Flurry passive to its fullest extent during jungle clearing is crucial. You can maintain good health and expedite clearing the jungle by doing so. Additionally, after casting an ability, the initial attack replenishes energy, while the subsequent attack restores half of that quantity.

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (Q): Lee Sin shoots a sonic wave that deals damage to the first enemy hit. If the ability hits an enemy, Lee Sin can recast it within a few seconds to dash to the enemy, dealing bonus damage based on the target’s missing health.

Safeguard/Iron Will (W): Safeguard shields Lee Sin and grants him lifesteal for a few seconds. When activated again, Lee Sin dashes to a friendly target, providing them with a shield as well.

Tempest/Cripple (E): Tempest deals damage to nearby enemies and reveals them briefly. If an enemy champion is hit, Lee Sin’s attack speed is increased. Cripple, the second activation of this ability, slows the movement and attack speed of enemies hit by Tempest.

Dragon’s Rage (R): Lee Sin delivers a powerful roundhouse kick to an enemy champion, dealing damage and knocking them back. If the kicked enemy collides with other enemies, they take additional damage and are knocked up.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Early Game Dominance: Lee Sin is exceptionally strong in the early stages of the game, where his high damage and mobility allow him to secure kills and establish an advantage for his team.
  2. Mobility and Playmaking Potential: With multiple dashes and crowd control abilities, Lee Sin has exceptional mobility and can make flashy plays. This enables him to initiate fights, peel for teammates, or catch out-of-position enemies.
  3. Versatility: Lee Sin’s kit provides flexibility in adapting to different situations. He can engage or disengage fights, provide utility through shields, and reveal enemies for his team.


  1. High Skill Cap: Lee Sin’s effectiveness heavily relies on the player’s mechanics and decision-making. Mastering his intricate combos and utilizing his abilities to their full potential requires practice and experience.
  2. Falls off in Late Game: As the game progresses and enemies become tankier, Lee Sin’s damage output decreases. He transitions into more of a utility role, relying on his crowd control and peel rather than raw damage.

How to Win with Lee Sin?

Early Game

Lee Sin excels at clearing the jungle quickly and can be aggressive when contesting scuttle crabs. It’s advisable to start at Red Brambleback due to Lee Sin’s lack of mana and minimal health loss during clearing. Utilize Lee Sin’s passive, Flurry, effectively by using an ability followed by two auto attacks to gain attack speed and energy restoration. Each of Lee Sin’s basic abilities can be activated twice, so it’s recommended to alternate between abilities and auto attacks in a similar pattern.

Mid/Late Game

Lee Sin’s performance tends to decline in the late game due to reduced damage output and limited crowd control for team fights. To maximize impact, focus on landing a Dragon’s Rage kick on a crucial enemy, displacing them towards your team. As a jungler, it’s essential to track the spawn times of Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron, as securing these objectives provides significant advantages. During team fights, prioritize avoiding getting caught out, maintain consistent auto-attacks, and utilize abilities effectively to deal damage.

If you prefer an aggressive jungle playstyle and a champion capable of leveraging an early advantage to carry the team, Lee Sin is the ideal choice. He possesses high mobility, enabling him to traverse multiple walls and execute impressive plays. Feel free to share your remarkable Lee Sin gameplay moments in the comments section below!

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